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Frequently asked questions

Useful answers

- Why do I need to create an account to order?

In our physical shops, a minimum age of 18 years is required and customers can be requested to provide proof of identity. In addition, our shop employees decide in a personal conversation whether certain products are suitable for the customer concerned. This is in order to avoid unnecessary risks, i. e. for the safety of the customer. In our online shop there is no personal contact and we ask you to fill in a few details so that we can contact you in case of doubt.

- Do you send magic truffles to all countries in the EU?

No. Psilocybe truffles (sclerotia) and growkits with mycelium that also contain psilocin and psilocybin are only legal in the Netherlands, and are therefore only sent to addresses within the Netherlands. Growkits with separate spore syringes can be sent abroad, and in our shops - and many other smartshops in the Netherlands - all nationalities are hearty welcome, so you can always come and get Freshbox truffles yourself.

- Why do you send with UPS?

Experience has shown that UPS offers the best service in Europe: shipments are delivered quickly and reliably, and are easy to track. This is often not the case with other carriers, especially in the case of international shipments involving several carriers. Please contact us if you think we can send your order cheaper and you accept the disadvantages of this. We may then be able to agree an alternative, and in that case we will refund overpaid shipping costs.

- Why can't I order a product that is sold in my country?

We are doing our best to comply as much as possible with the laws and regulations in the various European countries to avoid the risk of prosecution as much as possible. Therefore, if in doubt, we sometimes unjustifiably block a country for a certain product. If you are sure that the product in question is legal in your blocked country, please contact us.


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