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Since the truffles are fresh, they have a limited shelf life.
If you want to microdose for a longer period of time, it is advisable to grow your own mushrooms using a [growkit].
In a simple way] you can harvest up to four times.
Make sure you have a suitable [scales] so you can weigh your micro amount exactly!


There are many different types of antidepressants and the effects in combination with truffles/magical mushrooms can vary. Always consult a doctor first. In some cases, combining psychedelics and drugs that work on the brain can even be very dangerous. In other cases (SSRI), the effect of psychedelics is blocked, so you will not / hardly feel any effects. In combination with [MAOIs] (Monoamine Oxidase inhibitors) the effect and duration of the trip can increase enormously and this can result in undesirable effects.
In addition, truffles and magic mushrooms have a great influence on your mood. If you are depressed and on medication, it is not recommended anyway.


Truffles are a fresh product and should be kept cool.
To guarantee their freshness, it is not possible to send them over long distances.
There are also certain laws and regulations involved.



Any nationality may legally buy our products in our stores in [Maastricht and Roermond].


This depends on several factors. It has to do with your tolerance, body weight, or whether you ate just in advance.
Are you a beginner? Choose [one of these] truffles to take your first step into the psychedelic world. Always start with a low dose and get to know yourself.


Don't eat for a few hours before you start tripping.
Chew long and well on the truffles, so that all active ingredients can be absorbed in the body.
[Cocoa] can help to strengthen the effect of the trip.
Leave at least 2 weeks (preferably longer) between trips. This way you break down the tolerance your body has built up.



Setting: A quiet environment is important. We do not advise you to take truffles at a party, especially not as a beginner. Too much input can lead to an excess of stimuli and this is not ideal.
In a quiet environment you can get the most out of your trip. Nature is always good.
Set: the right mindset is also very important. Trip on a day when you feel good anyway. Your state of mind largely determines the kind of trip you will experience.


We recommend the [Space Shuttles]. In general people experience a lot of laughing and less visual hallucinations than with our other truffles.


Always keep them in the fridge. The back of the box shows the expiry date, which is four weeks. White mould formation is normal and perfectly edible (just like with different types of cheese). When the truffles smell very acidic (smell of vinegar), look slimy, they are no longer suitable for consumption.


This is a cool pack and guarantees the freshness of the truffles as they travel by post. Not for consumption!


Our truffles are a fresh product and not vacuum packed. This would prevent them from breathing.


They are sent in a stealth box, without printing.

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