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Hawaiians Copelandia Grow Kit

Copelandia Grow Kit

He has arrived! The Copelandia mushroom (Panaeolus Cyanescens) is a species of psychedelic magic mushroom, a.k.a. Hawaiian. Although small, the Copelandia mushroom contains very high amounts of psilocybin and psilocin. It is the second strongest magic mushroom on earth! The Ogre Boy Strain of the Copelandia mushroom was just recently isolated in the Netherlands. It is a versatile strain that is able to withstand temperature and humidity fluctuations. We are proud to present a user friendly grow kit that can be used by very experienced psychonauts everywhere. Enjoy and Trip Responsibly!

  • Easy to use
  • Potent Mushrooms
  • Visual Trip
  • Yields up to 50 grams fresh

The active substance in magic mushrooms is a plant alkaloid called psilocybin. Psilocybin is a tryptamine that is chemically similar to the human neurotransmitter DMT (dimethyltryptamine). DMT is one of the strongest visionary psychedelics, which occurs abundantly in nature (trees, grasses etc.) and is easily broken down by the body’s MAO enzymes, leaving no toxic byproducts behind.

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Contents: 1. 540 ml Grow box 2. Plastic humidity bag with holes for breathing 3. Information manual 4. Paper Clips. Not included and necessary: 1. Clean Spray Bottle for misting
Legal status

In the Netherlands, Smartshops are 100% legal companies and in the Netherlands, all products we sell that are intended for consumption are controlled under the Commodities Act and the supervision of The Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA). In the Netherlands magic mushroom grow kits are explicitly excluded from the so-called magic mushroom ban and are therefore 100% legal.

From a letter dated 13 September 2001 from Herbert Schaepe, secretary of the UN International Narcotics Control Commission, to the Dutch Ministry of Health: 
"Under international law there are currently no plants (natural material) containing psilocin and psilocybin under the control of the 1971 Convention on Psychotropic Substances". 

In most UN member states plants (natural material) containing psilocin and psilocybin are apparently legal. Within the E.U. there is the right to free movement of goods. However, countries with restrictive drug policies have changed their laws. We do not have the resources to check whether magic mushroom grow kits are legal or not in every EU Member State. We strongly advise you to first investigate and determine whether magic mushroom grow kits are legal in the country where you live and where you want to take or have the magic mushroom grow kits sent to. If you buy magic mushroom grow kits in our stores in the Netherlands and take them with you across the border, or buy magic mushroom grow kits online from us and have them sent to an E.U. country outside the Netherlands, you do this entirely at your own risk and you automatically safeguard Sirius from any form of legal liability.

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More about Hawaiians Copelandia Grow Kit

  • The Ogre Boy Strain prefers a lower humidity.
  • Indirect Sunlight from a window sill will increase yields.
  • Mushrooms do not like direct contact with water and will stop growing if misted.
  • The Ogre Boy mushrooms prefer a temperature range between 21-28 degrees Celsius with 23 -25 degrees being ideal.
  • Fresh air is important. Ogre boy mushrooms need air exchanges at least 1 time daily. Giving fresh air twice daily is ideal.
  • The grow kit will produce in 2-4 flushes up to 50 grams fresh Hawaiians in total.

Setting Up Your Copelandia Grow Kit

1. Wash hands well with disinfectant soap.
2. Remove contents from packaging.
3. Open grow kit and apply topsoil evenly onto the grow box.
4. Place the grow box inside the plastic humidity bag.
5. Lightly spray the sides of the plastic humidity bag and the grow box keeping the topsoil layer moist but not wet. (Depending on one’s climate and ambient humidity 3-4 light sprays on the kit’s top layer should be enough).
6. Replace the air inside the bag and close the humidity bag at the top with the paper clips.
7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 once or twice daily.
8. After up to 17 days mushrooms will form. At this point remove the grow kit from the bag and only sray the insides of the bag. Place the kit back inside the bag after spraying. (Ogre boy mushrooms do not like direct contact with water).
9. 5-7 days after mushrooms begin growing they will be ready to harvest. Harvest 36 hours after the first black spores begin to drop from the mushroom caps. Pick the mushrooms by pushing them over until the bottom of the stem snaps.


10. After the harvest fill the grow kit with water and put the lid back on the grow kit. This allows the kit to absorb water for the second harvest. Allow the kit to absorb water fro 12-24 hours. Then dump out the water and place the kit back inside the humidity bag for the next round of mushrooms. 
11. Give fresh air daily and spray only the sides of the bag until the second harvest is ready to pick.
12. Harvest mushrooms and repeat steps 10 and 11 until the kit stops producing mushrooms.

Use / Warning

The best way to use magic mushrooms, is to eat them, preferably on an empty stomach for full effect. This doesn't taste that well, and sometimes leaves a heavy feeling in the stomach, which can be a disturbing sensation while tripping. Although psilocybin is sensitive to heating, it's possible to make magic mushroom tea, which is more tasty and easy to digest than fresh or dried mushrooms. Boil some water, turn the heat down and add the (shredded) mushrooms. Let them boil softly for about 20 minutes. You can then add a little honey or flavoured tea and drink the tea. A better and easier method is to simply poor some very hot water on a portion of fine shredded mushrooms in a cup, let it soak for at least 15 minutes, and then add some (herbal) tea for flavour.

Hawaiian Copelandia mushrooms should only be used by very experienced psychonauts!
5 grams fresh / 0,5 grams dried for a medium trip, 7 grams fresh / 0,7 grams dried for a strong trip with lots of visuals, 10gr fresh / 1 grams dried for an out of this world experience.
NOTE! Never take more than 5 grams fresh or 0,5 grams dried Hawaiian Copelandia mushrooms when trying for the first time.

Magic mushrooms are not toys nor partydrugs, so they should be used consciously. Make sure you get proper information before consumption. Keep out of reach from children and pets. Do not use magic mushrooms when pregnant, in case of physical and/or mental problems, or when taking medication. Always consult a physician in case of doubt. Do not combine with alcohol or drugs. Attention: The substrate contains gluten. The mushrooms themselves contain traces of this. Not suitable for people with (severe) gluten intolerance. 


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Perfect customers experience

Perfect customers experience

By: Vlada | On: 17-02-2020
Excellent service as usual

Excellent service as usual. Cannot fault them, well packaged, fast delivery, and free gift with order.

By: Janner | On: 17-02-2020
This company provides excellent…

This company provides excellent service, along with excellent products.

By: Vincent | On: 17-02-2020
Super schnelle Lieferung zu günstigen…

Super schnelle Lieferung zu günstigen Preisen und sehr gute Qualität.

By: Hilde | On: 17-02-2020
Alles ok 👍

Alles ok 👍 zeer tevreden 😄

By: Sjaak Becu | On: 15-02-2020
das produckt ist gut und hilft um…

das produckt ist gut und hilft um weniger zigaretten zu rauchen, ist vieleicht auch gesuender. ich kann es nur empfehlen

By: u. blaeser | On: 15-02-2020
Excellent service

My order arrived on time and everything was in order. I even received a small gift which is a nice touch.

By: viliyo | On: 15-02-2020

Quick delivery, great kit, overall very happy with the order!

By: Miguel Santos | On: 15-02-2020
Keurig op tijd bezorgd met een…

Keurig op tijd bezorgd met een duidelijke omschrijving van het product.

By: Klaas Westra | On: 15-02-2020
Good product and free gift brilliant

Good product and free gift brilliant

By: Paul Maskill | On: 15-02-2020
Super schnelle Lieferung .sehr…

Super schnelle Lieferung .sehr zufrieden bis jetzt.

By: Michael Obertreis | On: 15-02-2020
Five stars service * * * * * INDEED!

The package arrived in time without any additional delay. Product in package is in excellent condition, well packed with paddings and now Im just anxiously looking forward for the 'end product' to finish ;-)

By: Nordic Shaman | On: 15-02-2020

Wonderful company to deal with. A good customer care team and a prompt delivery outfit. A***** rating.

By: David Chong | On: 15-02-2020
Toffe site snelle levering

Toffe site snelle levering

By: Yves Vanhees | On: 15-02-2020
Excellent products and service:)

Excellent products and service:)

By: C BRODIER | On: 14-02-2020
Alles is good 👌🏼

Alles is good 👌🏼

By: Mariusz Zieliński | On: 14-02-2020
Goed product

Goed product, snel verzonden!

By: klaasraak | On: 14-02-2020 is great shop one of the best… is great shop one of the best in Amsterdam maybe the best, definitely recommend them

By: Ricky Finn | On: 12-02-2020

Happy I am happy with the item - it is exaclty what it says will be and it was dispatched very quickly and discreetly. I haven't yet had the pleasure to test it. Unfortunately the courier service on my side failed me (UPS), so despite the quick reaction of Sirius, my parcel was still staying somewhere over the weekend. Moral of the story - don't use UPS - they can't read (full stop) simple instructions on where to leave parcels. I'm only left to try the product and if it's good, as obviously I'm hoping for, I will use Sirius again.

By: Kristina | On: 11-02-2020
alles ging prima...geen klacht

alles ging prima...geen klacht, heel tevreden !

By: Elena Godeanu | On: 11-02-2020
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