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A stimulating amino acid, which increases neural activity, and thus improves concentration, memory and learning abilities.
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Bionix Guru Power

100% Natural Guru NRG B

BIONIX GURU POWER will give you an immediate mega energy boost, whenever you need it: at work, in college, when driving or for a long night out. Shortly after ingestion you will feel the powerful effect of BIONIX GURU POWER.

€ 3,95


Fly like a bird, thunder like a train, feel like a rocket! K

Kryptonite is a psychedelic smartdrug. The large dose of energy is combined with a floating feeling, a bit like walking on clouds. The ingredients of Kryptonite are completely natural. The psychedelic effect comes from the added Hawaiian Baby Woodrose, a climbing plant from India. The seeds of Hawaiian Baby Woodrose contain LSA. This substance is related to LSD, although the effects are less intense.

€ 8,00

Bionix Cocao Power

100% Natural Chock'n NRG B

Almost everybody knows that chocolate can lift you up again when you are down. BIONIX COCAO POWER contains such a high concentrated cocao extract that it really gives you a very pleasant buzz.

€ 3,95

Bionix Panax Power

100% Natural Panax NRG B

BIONIX PANAX POWER will make your body and mind feel fit and in shape, so you can keep on going for as long as you need. It contains an extremely concentrated extract of the Asian Ginseng root. This has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries, because it has numerous health improving properties.

€ 3,95

Bionix Brazilian Power

100% Natural Brazilian NRG B

When you are tired but still have to perform for a long time, BIONIX BRAZILIAN POWER is the best solution. This BIONIX variety contains an especially by and for Sirius> Products selected and produced Guarana extract. Unlike your usual cup of coffee, Guarana has a graduate and very long lasting effect.

€ 3,95


Exploding Happiness N

Like no other, NXT PHASE PURPLE gets you in that all euphoric mood you are looking for. It provides a natural precursor of serotonin, a substance in the central nervous system that gives a feeling of ’exploding happiness’. Combined with the energizing ingredients that are the basis of all NXT PHASE varieties, this is the ultimate party-pill.

€ 10,00

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