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Hawaiian Baby Woodrose

This is not a rose, but a woody climbing plant with silvery leaves, violet flowers and large seeds. Contains the same active substances as Morning Glory.
Scientific name:

Argyreia Nervosa.



Native to:


Active substance(s):

Lysergic Acid Amides (LSA).


LSA are related to LSD, and have similar hallucinogenic effects, though much milder than LSD.


Seeds should be powdered (peppermill) and soaked in (cold) water for 6-12 hours. Then the liquid can be filtered and drunk.


5 to 10 seeds.

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SPACE TRIPS is a powerful trippy herbal xtc. SPACE TRIPS gives you a fun trip for 4-6 hours. All colours will become brighter, and it will make you laugh. The most important active ingredient in SPACE TRIPS is Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seed Extract, which contains LSA.

One package contains 4 capsules = 2 doses. 

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Hawaiian Baby Woodrose

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Hawaiian Baby Woodrose (Argyrea nervosa), is a perennial tropical creeper with large heart-shaped leaves and white trumpet-shaped flowers. The seed capsules hold large hairy seeds, which naturally contain ergoline alkaloids, such as ergometrine and ergine (LSA), and can have a similar effect to LSD when ingested. You can also sow them and enjoy the flowers, it usually takes 1.5 to two years before a plant begins to flower.  They look amazing in your garden or on the balcony or even on a sunny spot in the house. The Hawaiian Baby Woodrose can't withstand frost, so be sure to put it inside in winter.

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