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San Pedro

1. San Pedro 2. Scientific name3. Family4. Native to5. Active substance(s)6. Effect7. Usage8. Dosage

This is a tall, branched cactus, with white-and-red flowers and hairy fruits. The dark green branches have 6 to 8 ribs. Trichocereus Peruvianus is a variety that contains slightly more mescaline than normal San Pedro, but not as much as Peyote. But San Pedros grow much faster than Peyotes, which are terribly slow growers.

Scientific name

Trichocereus Pachanoi.



Native to

South America.

Active substance(s)

Mescaline, among many other alkaloids.


Mescaline is a powerful hallucinogen, one trip can last 12-16 hours. It produces colourful kaleidoscopic visions, and often hallucinations of other senses (hearing, feeling), during philosophical, religious, psychological and/or even out-of-body experiences.


The top of the San Pedro has to be cut off at least 10 centimetres above the earths surface, so the cactus can grow a new branch. Get rid of the needles and cut out the inner spine, so the soft part can be eaten or crushed and boiled in water for several hours to make a strong tea. Most of the mescaline is concentrated directly under the skin, which can be chewed on.


About 500 grams of fresh cactus.(350 grams of Trichocereus Peruvianus).

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