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CBD Food

Prepare healthy and delicious dishes with CBD! This way you can expand your diet with our range of delicious CBD-rich products. There's choice for everyone: the sweet tooth (or small children) can enjoy the candy to which CBD has been added, while the vegetable lovers can prepare a delicious salad with hempseed oil. This way, you and your loved ones get essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals in a fun and tasty way.

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Proteins from hempseed

Did you know that the hemp plant is one of the oldest medicinal plants in the world? It has been used for all kinds of applications since time immemorial. One of them is as food. Hempseed contains highly digestible nutrients that can provide your body with healthy energy.

Unsaturated fatty acids

The fats found in hempseed are unsaturated fatty acids. Healthy fats are extremely important for keeping the cholesterol in balance. Most people mainly consume a lot of saturated fatty acids, which can be very harmful to their health. Supplement your diet with the essential fatty acids from hempseed.

Delicious raw chocolate

To treat yourself every now and then Lovechoc has developed a delicious raw chocolate bar with added CBD.

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