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Whether you surf, hike, ski, enjoy music festivals with friends the JYARZ Classic with TripleLock™ protection will be your favorite and beloved cannabis carrying companion. 

JYARZ features:

3x odor blocking system, unique to Jyarz

Glass-lined - we think glass is the most beautiful material in the world

Eco-consciousness that will make you feel good inside

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Our Environmental Mission: JYARZ helping Gyres 

Gyres are swirling ocean currents where plastic ocean trash is swirling around, breaking down and its being consumed by marine life who confuse it for plankton.

JYARZ is fighting ocean plastic trash in three ways:

First, JYARZ are made from recycled milk jug plastic, which reduces waste by upcycling plastic that would otherwise be trash.

Second, JYARZ are modular by design. The glass and gaskets on the inside can be easily cleaned and replaced. Keep the outer shell for a lifetime and replace the "core" components and you have a fresh new container!

Third, 1% of sales are donated to ocean plastic research organizations, like, which are researching and publicizing the perils of ocean plastic.

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