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Here you will find the latest relevant news on topics related to healthy food supplements, such as CBD, cannabis seeds and cannabis growing, magic mushrooms, magic truffles and other mind altering substances, microdosing, vaporizers and other interesting smart shop related topics. Return regularly, because we regularly publish interesting and nice new articles.
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18-06-2022 8 minutes Blog organic cannabis growing Growing two rounds of autoflowers in one summer If due to circumstances you are a little late or maybe you are just starting to get interested in growing a cannabis plant, then an autoflowering cann [..] 28-05-2022 8 minutes Blog psychedelics Salvia Divinorum Trip: This You Need to Know Salvia divinorum, the magical plant with hallucinogenic effects, is known among many a psychonaut. But have you learned about its history and properti [..] 23-05-2022 7 minutes Blog cannabis New Barney’s Farm Cannabis Seeds - Review If you are a real cannabis connoisseur, and a fan of growing your own cannabis plants as well, then your mouth should start to water after hearing nam [..] 15-05-2022 8 minutes Blog cbd From Skin Oil to Lip Balm: all Skin Care Products with CBD listed Lathering your body with a nice cream or gentle oil is an indulgence you can treat yourself with. Go for natural skin care products with CBD oil and f [..] 08-05-2022 8 minutes Blog cbd Why CBD Oil? 8 reasons to use CBD Products There are several reasons why people use CBD oil. Many customers of Sirius are not yet familiar with how it works. To provide them with more informati [..] 24-04-2022 7 minutes Blog smart products What is Blue Lotus? Questions about this psychoactive flower answered Blue lotus is a beautiful flower with psychoactive properties and interesting effects. Blue lotus is also called Egyptian water lily or Nymphaea caeru [..] 18-04-2022 8 minutes Blog cannabis Celebrate 420 with Sirius and get 20% discount on your online order Also this year, Sirius celebrates 420: the celebration of cannabis activism and ode to the cannabis plant. Order from our Seedshop, Headshop, Vaporize [..] 10-04-2022 7 minutes Blog magic mushrooms Growing Magic Mushrooms in 7 simple Steps – Mushroom Growkit Manual Below you find a short but detailed 7-step-manual for growing psilocybin containing magic mushrooms with a stealthbox grow kit. If you are too lazy to [..] 05-04-2022 8 minutes Blog psychoactive plants Do natural sedatives like Valerian and CBD help you relax better? Are you suffering from stress? There are several ways to use natural herbs to experience a calm state where you can unwind. It is very healthy for you [..] 18-03-2022 10 minutes Blog organic cannabis growing Germinating cannabis seeds for outdoor cultivation: which method works best? Spring is already upon us and a new outdoor growing season may begin in a few weeks. At this time it is still a bit early to start germinating cannabi [..] 17-03-2022 8 minutes Blog organic cannabis growing What are the best Sativa and Indica cannabis strains to grow this spring 2022? Time to write a blog about the very best cannabis strains to grow this spring of 2022. Buy cannabis seeds and grow the best quality weed for the entir [..] 14-03-2022 8 minutes Blog cannabis Munchies because of weed, what does that really mean? Getting the munchies from cannabis, has it happened to you yet? The munchies is a phenomenon that many stoners experience from time to time and can be [..] 10-03-2022 7 minutes Blog psychoactive plants Introduction to the Pharmaceutics of Psychedelics – Scientific Information for interested Psychonauts – Part 2 In my last blog, I gave an introduction to the science of pharmacology, neurotransmitters, and the way drugs work. Let’s finally talk about what [..] 08-03-2022 5 minutes Blog smart products Introduction to the Pharmaceutics of Psychedelics – Scientific Information for interested Psychonauts – Part 1 To achieve a full understanding of psychedelics and drugs, one can not only pop pills and go on trips; no, you also have to gain some knowledge in bas [..] 26-02-2022 8 minutes Blog psychedelics History of Psychedelics – From Primate Chimpanzees eating Shrooms to Modern Research in the 21st Century The History of Psychedelics – A story that starts before the first Homo Sapiens wandered the earth, a story that includes ancient indigenous civ [..]
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