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Here you will find the latest relevant news on topics related to healthy food supplements, such as CBD, cannabis seeds and cannabis growing, magic mushrooms, magic truffles and other mind altering substances, microdosing, vaporizers and other interesting smart shop related topics. Return regularly, because we regularly publish interesting and nice new articles.
Cannabis: How do I harvest my weed? 19-10-2020 "What do you think is the best time of year?” When I was asked this question as a child, I could easily answer: autumn of course! I went Read more Cannabis: My very first home-grown cannabis plant 14-10-2020 Go to the coffee shop or grow your own weed? When I smoked a joint for the first time in my life, it didn't take long before I was sold. The ps Read more Alcohol substitutes: Sirius Smart Drugs 13-10-2020 In my previous blog I wrote about the effects of alcohol. I wrote about the first drunk night of my life, the notorious hangover and what you can do t Read more Cannabis growing: Sea Of Green 05-10-2020 As a beginning cannabis grower you can be overwhelmed by the many ways you can take care of your plants. The process of choosing seeds, setting up a g Read more What are Magic Truffles and how do they differ from Shrooms? 30-09-2020 I am abroad and someone asks me what I do for a living. When I tell them that I work in the Netherlands for Sirius, a smartshop, an interesting conver Read more CBD, THC and other Cannabinoids 29-09-2020 The interesting world of cannabinoids is still under investigation by science. What is the effect of these different substances and what are their app Read more Mood Doctor as a Natural Antidepressant 21-09-2020 Do I have an anxiety disorder or am I depressed? Every year, 546,500 people in the Netherlands suffer from depression. Getting out of it is certain Read more History of Cannabis: The Netherlands and Legislation 15-09-2020 The legal status of cannabis is changing worldwide. In the US as well as in Europe and elsewhere, cannabis is increasingly regarded as a tolerated min Read more What's Palo Santo? 09-09-2020 What would it be like to be able to smell like a dog? If I take my four-legged friend for a walk in the area, it starts as soon as I close the door be Read more Enjoying cannabis together (in times of corona) 07-09-2020 Nowadays cannabis is more respected and appreciated in certain parts of the world. Interested parties include policymakers and companies. In the US, a Read more Psilocybin Therapy as an adjunct to Depression 01-09-2020 I sit at a table in a cafe and have a cup of coffee. Around me I see people I don't know, they talk to each other or look silently in front of me. Read more Trip Report: Lively dreaming with Calea zacatechichi 25-08-2020 Dreamherb, or Calea zacatechichi, is a plant used by Aztec shamans from Mexico to help them navigate the dream world. This plant has only recently cau Read more Relieve stress with CBD Oil 24-08-2020 Not so long ago, I threw myself off social media. An exciting experiment, which I wanted to start much earlier. However, it was more difficult than I Read more Gut Flora: Living Nutrition for a healthy body 17-08-2020 Bacteria are everywhere, in and on your body, your clothes, your pets, the roots of plants ... Although many people still get shivers at the thought, Read more Harvesting Cannabis and Magic Mushrooms with Full Moon 10-08-2020 About every 29th day the full moon is in the sky. Whether it spreads the reflected light brightly over the earth, or hides behind a thick cloud cover, Read more
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