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Here you will find the latest relevant news on topics related to healthy food supplements, such as CBD, cannabis seeds and cannabis growing, magic mushrooms, magic truffles and other mind altering substances, microdosing, vaporizers and other interesting smart shop related topics. Return regularly, because we regularly publish interesting and nice new articles.
During corona lockdown: We are open! 01-03-2021 Update: Sirius Click & Collect. Our customer service receives many questions about our safety measures during the corona lockdown announced in Read more Benefits of natural nootropics 01-03-2021 Studying becomes many times more fun when you feel like you are making progress. No matter how exciting a subject is, if you don't feel like the s Read more User Report: Bionix Cocoa Power 24-02-2021 For this trip report, I share my experience with a natural smartdrug based on a pure cocoa extract, supplemented with plant extracts of bitter orange, Read more Microdosing with cannabis: Finding the right dose and method 22-02-2021 Microdosing with psychedelics is gaining popularity. I myself have become interested in it as well. Although I love macro doses and have had many psyc Read more Microdosing with cannabis: All you need to know 18-02-2021 Microdosing with cannabis? When I first heard about it myself, I immediately thought 'no way, this is not for me'. This was in the period that Read more What is the best way to consume the mescaline cactus San Pedro? 16-02-2021 The other day someone told me about his trip with San Pedro, together with a friend. It was a life-changing experience in which he came very close to Read more Microdosing with psilocybin according to the Stamets Stack Formula 12-02-2021 Microdosing with psychedelics is a good exercise in subtlety, regularity and conscious awareness. Almost without thinking about it, certain patterns b Read more Beat your winter depression with Sirius tips! 07-02-2021 A stream of warm sun rays on your skin, lying in the soft grass and sitting outside around a campfire with friends late at night... These summer memor Read more Couch lock, munchies, blazed: how stoned do you get from cannabis? 05-02-2021 My love for cannabis is great. This love I have developed gradually and was not instilled in me. My parents are more 'alcohol-friendly' than & Read more Valentine's Day: celebrate Love with Sirius 01-02-2021 Wonderful, love! And exhausting. Especially in the beginning. Your life is completely turned upside down and everything is different. You experience e Read more XTC: what is it and how do you avoid the notorious hangover? 25-01-2021 Discussing drugs continues to be an interesting and often contradictory activity. How many times have I talked to a family member about the effects of Read more Shamanism: Trance with or without psychoactive substances 22-01-2021 Psychoactive substances are unfortunately still overly linked to the negative term "drugs", where it is interesting to note in this context, Read more Amanita Muscaria, Shamanism and Santa Claus 18-01-2021 I think I was about seven years old when I found out that Saint Nicholas doesn't exist. Around the sixth of December we had a visit from the good Read more Manual for using rapé 11-01-2021 In my previous blog I described my first experience with the sacred tobacco medicine rapé. Its origin lies in South America, especially th Read more Cannabis as (self) medication 05-01-2021 I am thankful that I am healthy and vital outside of migraine. Through my work I have often come into contact with people who use cannabis as a me Read more
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