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Here you will find the latest relevant news on topics related to healthy food supplements, such as CBD, cannabis seeds and cannabis growing, magic mushrooms, magic truffles and other mind altering substances, microdosing, vaporizers and other interesting smart shop related topics. Return regularly, because we regularly publish interesting and nice new articles.
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27-11-2022 8 minutes Blog psychoactive plants Shamanic medicine: All about differences between a cigarette and Rapé More and more normal we are beginning to find shamanic rituals. In the West, more and more people are being introduced to the magical world of shamani [..] 24-11-2022 7 minutes Blog magic mushrooms Test your magic mushrooms: Discover the Psilocybin Concentration Test Kit A brand new smartshop product for sale at Sirius Smartshop. Now it is finally possible to measure how potent your homegrown magic mushrooms are, or pu [..] 22-11-2022 9 minutes Blog user reports The best Smartshop products for Autumn and Winter 2022 Summer has come to an end, and here in the Netherlands, it gets dark and cold pretty quickly. This can be an annoying time because we are not used to [..] 09-11-2022 8 minutes Blog microdosing Microdosing with Magic Truffles and Lion's Mane: Frequently Asked Questions Yay, another blog article about microdosing with magic truffles! This subject is very close to my heart and I find it important to inform our customer [..] 01-11-2022 7 minutes Blog organic cannabis growing How do you store Buds and other Cannabis Products? I love tasty cannabis. Nothing joys me more than a perfectly aromatic flower of cannabis. Perhaps this is more important to me than how high I get fro [..] 31-10-2022 7 minutes Blog cannabis Which Bong do you choose? Glass Bong, Acryl, with Percolator and how to use them Using a bong always feels like a party to many stoners. It is a powerful experience where you can get a large dose of delicious cannabis in one hit. O [..] 19-10-2022 7 minutes Blog cannabis Different ways to use Cannabis Every stoner has their own preference. Did you know there are many ways you can enjoy cannabis? Maybe you swear by microdosing cannabis in the morning [..] 17-10-2022 8 minutes Blog health Hemp Protein and CBD Oil: these Health Products I use every day In our modern age, living a healthy lifestyle has become somewhat more difficult, because of faulty advertising and greedy cooperations. In most of pr [..] 04-10-2022 9 minutes Blog smart products My Favorite Open Up Products – Natural Substances for a variety of usages If you ever looked through our smartshop assortment, you probably noticed that we offer a lot of products form the brand ‘Open Up’. Open U [..] 29-09-2022 8 minutes Blog psychoactive plants All about cocoa: psychoactive stimulant and alternative to mdma We dive into the magical world of cocoa and learn all about this psychoactive stimulant. Most people regularly eat chocolate - cocoa or otherwise. Cur [..] 25-09-2022 8 minutes Blog psychoactive plants Effects of Syrian Rue: interesting psychedelic trip drug and MAO inhibitor Some smartshop products, such as magic truffles and magic mushroom grow kits, are flying over the counter like hotcakes. Other psychoactive substances [..] 23-09-2022 8 minutes Blog magic mushrooms PsiloQ Test Kit Review – Test the Potency of your Magic Mushrooms Did you ever ask yourself: "How much psilocybin is exactly contained in my magic mushrooms / truffles?" Until now, there was no way for you [..] 20-09-2022 7 minutes Blog cbd The tastiest CBD Tea: relaxing effects of hemp tea Relaxing in the evening with a delicious CBD tea is a healthy way to release stress and get ready for a good night's sleep. At Sirius Smartshop yo [..] 18-09-2022 9 minutes Blog vaporizers Smartest Vaporizer for Weed: DynaVap VapCap 'M' 2021 review For quite some time now I have been having fun with my last purchased vaporizer. It has been to many festivals, concerts and other outings. I would li [..] 07-09-2022 9 minutes Blog smart products Caffeine and other natural nootropics: have you tried these smartdrugs yet? Caffeine is the smartdrug of choice for most of us. Your first sip of coffee in the morning and the day can start off right. Full of energy, or maybe [..]
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