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Here you will find the latest relevant news on topics related to healthy food supplements, such as CBD, cannabis seeds and cannabis growing, magic mushrooms, magic truffles and other mind altering substances, microdosing, vaporizers and other interesting smart shop related topics. Return regularly, because we regularly publish interesting and nice new articles.
Fanstastic Fungi: Documentary with Paul Stamets 01-04-2020 For some time now, my interest in mushrooms and fungi has been piqued. It started with a few naive forest walks where I hoped to find Liberty Caps (Ps Read more CBD for pets 30-03-2020 Just like humans, higher animals (mammals) have an endocannabinoid system. This means that they are able to recognise substances from the hemp plant a Read more Microdosing: various psychedelics 25-03-2020 Therapeutic value What is especially clear and obvious in the studies of psychedelics, is their resemblance to serotonin. This chemical plays a rol Read more FAQ Medicinal Mushroom Supplements 20-03-2020 Mushrooms have the special property that they can offer both medicinal strength and can also be very dangerous. For this reason it is not recommended Read more Outdoor Cannabis Growing 18-03-2020 If you've never grown weed before, it's smart to read in and gather information to ensure the success of your first harvest. Of course you' Read more What is rapé? 13-03-2020 Rapé is a snuff that consists of finely ground tobacco leaves, combined with various plants, herbs, flowers and tree bark. There are many diffe Read more My cup of coffee (or tea) with CBD 10-03-2020 Coffee is a drink that became the number one popular drink in 1750, thus displacing beer from its place. (Around that time, coffee had finally become Read more Yummy! Spacecake! 04-03-2020 Eating your first portion of spacecake is usually a joyful event. It may have been the best piece of sweetness ever, with the high of your life on top Read more What's the best grinder? 26-02-2020 If you study a grinder well, you can marvel again at the ingenious brain of our species, man. It remains fascinating that we are able to invent and th Read more Are you ready for Salvia divinorum? 21-02-2020 This particular plant was until quite recently very rare and could only be found in the state of Oaxaca (Mexico). It was first described botanica Read more Smoking: My nicotine addiction 19-02-2020 Smoking tobacco is increasingly discouraged. Where you used to see just about every respectable figure with a cigarette, pipe or cigar between his lip Read more Cooking with Turmeric 14-02-2020 In Sri Lanka Zoë, founder of Wunder Workshop, got to know the spice turmeric. This brightly coloured turmeric was found in almost all the di Read more The psychedelic coming-out 14-02-2020 On the 20th of February there will be a lot of stories about (natural) psychedelics and weed popping up and making its way to the surface of social me Read more Freshbox Magic Truffles: Which one do you choose? 10-02-2020 You're staring at the Magic Truffle Menu in front of you. What to choose! Which one do you want the most? The strongest? Or the one with the best Read more Create your own Psychoactive Dream Garden 07-02-2020 Get a head start and don't wait for spring! If you start planting seeds now, you can expect stronger plants and before you know it you will have a Read more The sweetest gift for Valentine's Day 05-02-2020 Love, lust and chocolate Are you a chocolate lover? You won't be the only one, I'm sure your Valentine loves chocolate just as much! That&# Read more Be smart at a party 31-01-2020 Nightlife has many forms, but the basis is music, people and means to keep your energy up, to become more social, to relax, to expand your mind... Wh Read more Help with Study Stress 22-01-2020 As a student, you want everything to go smoothly, your grades to be great and your teachers (and especially you yourself) to be proud. But how do you Read more What is Psilohuasca? 24-12-2019 Safe use and the Law Recently, the Supreme Court decided to ban the use of Ayahuasca completely in the Netherlands. This sacred beverage originates Read more Mushroom Grow Kit Manual 27-11-2019 Grow your own mushrooms! Growing your own magic mushrooms is a process that doesn't take much effort and gives you a deeper connection with the Read more Making healthy choices 25-10-2019 Feel good in your own skin! In a society with so many choices, it is sometimes difficult to see the woods for the trees. Just do how everybody Read more How do I take care of my mescaline cactus? 13-09-2019 Tips and tricks for a healthy cactus! Would you like to become the loving parent of one of our beautiful cacti? Before you adopt one, here is an ov Read more Organic Cannabis Growing 03-07-2019 Why grow organic weed? How do you get as much yield as possible in the shortest possible time? This question has often been asked and has produced Read more CBD: a range of applications 20-05-2019 A lot of research has been done on cannabidiol, a compound found in the hemp plant. The therapeutic potential is being experienced by more and mo Read more Essentials for a Magical Truffle Spring Day 21-04-2019 A magic truffle trip is even better with spring in the air. The sun radiates warmth and energy, which merges with your trip and strengthens colours a Read more Vaporizer Temperature Cannabinoids 01-04-2019 Determining the right temperature is an art and can, when you have mastered it, optimize your vapour experience. Did you know that lighting a joint r Read more Microdosing: refresh your brain 27-03-2019 A healthy mind in a healthy body! Are you ready to create the best version of yourself? Microdosing turns out to be a tool to boost your mental healt Read more Germinating Cannabis Seeds: a quick start 10-03-2019 Everything your cannabis seeds need to become strong! When you have purchased your seeds and want to germinate, it is very important that you create Read more Magic Mushroom Growkit: Step By Step 06-07-2018 Do you want to grow your own mushrooms? This is not that difficult at all. With the Magicbox grow systems from you only need a clean working Read more Germinating Cannabis seeds: FAQ 04-06-2018 You can germinate your cannabis seeds in different ways. Of course you want to cultivate beautiful, healthy plants. This is possible by using the righ Read more

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