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17-10-2022 8 minutes Blog health Hemp Protein and CBD Oil: these Health Products I use every day In our modern age, living a healthy lifestyle has become somewhat more difficult, because of faulty advertising and greedy cooperations. In most of pr [..] 20-09-2021 8 minutes Blog health Can you treat depression with a turmeric supplement? The wide range of turmeric supplements is flying around you like leaves in Autumn. You can find them in every drugstore and the level of quality varie [..] 16-09-2021 8 minutes Blog health Having a hard time relaxing? Here are 8 tips to become zen Stress can take many forms. Maybe you implode when you are tense. Or maybe you cram a lot of cookies down your throat as a coping mechanism. Or you st [..] 03-09-2021 9 minutes Blog health Are you taking antibiotics? Protect your gut flora with probiotics and more natural tips Unfortunately, I'm on antibiotics! It feels a bit like failure, as my pampered digestive system is now drastically turned upside down. As you can [..] 07-06-2021 8 minutes Blog health Question for psychonauts: Is veganism the future? I could contain this blog in one sentence: Yes, veganism is the future. It would not be surprising if modern man, X number of years from now, looks ba [..] 17-05-2021 8 minutes Blog health Living Nutrition: Fermented ingredients for optimal health Cordyceps, Lion's Mane, rhodiola, maca, turmeric... all of these exciting ingredients and more are found in the products of Living Nutrition. When [..] 10-05-2021 8 minutes Blog health Vitamin D supplement as additional protection against coronavirus It sounds too good to be true: take vitamin D and you are better protected against the coronavirus? Scientists from various countries are sounding the [..] 08-03-2021 8 minutes Blog health Get to your ideal weight with Intermittent Fasting and Paleo Lifestyle The Internet is full of diet programs and tips for losing weight. Meanwhile, in the many windows of drugstores you can find all kinds of supplements, [..] 26-10-2020 10 minutes Blog health Alcohol: How do I recover from a hangover? When I write about alcohol, I usually have a negative attitude. It never ceases to amaze me how 'normal' people find it to drink. How weird yo [..] 20-10-2020 7 minutes Blog health Picking medicinal mushrooms with Paul Stamets The power of mushrooms On the internet jokes are sometimes made about mycologist Paul Stamets. This smiling man, with beard and glasses, is a pione [..] 21-09-2020 7 minutes Blog health Mood Doctor as a Natural Antidepressant Every year, 546,500 people in the Netherlands suffer from depression. Getting out of it is certainly possible, but help from outside is often needed. [..] 09-09-2020 7 minutes Blog health What's Palo Santo? What would it be like to be able to smell like a dog? If I take my four-legged friend for a walk in the area, it starts as soon as I close the door be [..] 17-08-2020 7 minutes Blog health Gut Flora: Living Nutrition for a healthy body Bacteria are everywhere, in and on your body, your clothes, your pets, the roots of plants ... Although many people still get shivers at the thought, [..] 24-06-2020 8 minutes Blog health Tips against sleeping problems Luckily, I'm a regular sleeper. As long as I go to bed on time and get up early, I am in a rhythm in which I find rest. Once in a while I lie awak [..] 28-05-2020 7 minutes Blog health Kombucha Fermentation: Good for you! In recent years a lot of trends have emerged from all sorts of different places. It is nice to see how people can taste these 'new' habits and [..]
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