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Cannabis seeds for sale

Do you want to start growing your own cannabis? Dive into our assortment and find cannabis seeds for sale from top quality brands, including Barney's Farm, Royal Queen Seeds, Sensi Seeds and Paradise Seeds.

Benefit from our germination guarantee: if your seeds from Sirius Seedshop don't sprout, we'll replace them, ensuring your venture into cannabis cultivation is successful and satisfying. Choose quality and security with Sirius.

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Barney's Farm

Runtz Auto

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Barney's Farm

Banana Punch

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Barney's Farm

Lemon Tree

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Barney's Farm

Blue Sunset Sherbert

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Royal Queen Seeds

Royal CBDV Auto

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Where to buy cannabis seeds?

Smoking or using a vaporizer to vape your own home-grown weed is possible when you buy cannabis seeds of high quality online. You can also visit one of our physical smartshops for personal advice if you’re looking for the best weed products that match your wishes.

Sirius Smartshop provides you with an extensive range of high-quality cannabis seeds. We work together with pioneers in the field of cannabis seed breeding.

Buy cannabis seeds from Barney's Farm, the best marijuana seeds for sale with innovative genetics and rock-solid sativa and indica strains. This Dutch cannabis brand is a favorite among cannabis connoisseurs. Favorites among our customers include Amnesia Haze Auto and Biscotti Mintz. Many strains from Barney's Farm have won awards, Bad Azz Kush, for example. 

Royal Queen Seeds is also a favorite cannabis seed brand for many of our customers.
Royal Queen Seeds is known for providing an excellent choice from a wide range of indica and sativa cannabis strains, both feminized and autoflowering.

Sirius’ online Seedshop offers much more than these two brands, so if you’re looking where to buy cannabis seeds from another brand, you’ll probably find it in the Seedshop.

Where to buy feminized cannabis seeds online?

Do you want to know where to buy feminized cannabis seeds? Actually, almost all marijuana seeds are feminized. This means that you are always guaranteed to buy cannabis seeds that will become female plants. This way, you can be sure that there are no male plants in between. This will give you the highest quality weed with better yields. 

Another advantage when you buy feminized cannabis seeds online, is that you have a huge selection of different cannabis strains. Are you looking for a sativa, indica, or CBD cannabis strain? There is plenty of choice in the range of Sirius' Seedshop for every grower, beginner or advanced!

Where to buy autoflowers?

Do you absolutely want to cultivate cannabis plants as an autoflower? At Sirius there are marijuana seeds for sale from classics such as Amnesia Haze, Kush, Skunk and Diesel.

There are, however, also autoflower cannabis seeds for sale in our Seedshop with exotic names such as Tropical Cocktail Autoflower from Grower's Choice. Try them out!

Easy cannabis varieties for beginners

Did you just start learning about growing your own weed? For people with less experience, it’s a good idea to start with easy cannabis seeds for beginners.

If you buy cannabis seeds for the first time, you might want to go for autoflowering seeds. Examples of good marijuana seeds for beginners are Easy Bud or Fast Eddy.

When you buy autoflower seeds, you only have to deal with a short growth and flowering cycle. This allows you to harvest weed faster, making it a better choice for beginners.

Of course, our autoflowering marijuana seeds are also feminized and therefore guarantee relatively large yields. It is important to know that autoflowers remain smaller than photoperiod feminized cannabis plants. This can be a disadvantage, but also an advantage if, for example, you only have a small garden available or want to put a marijuana plant on your balcony.

What’s the difference between indica and sativa cannabis seeds?

There’s debate on the differences between the effects of indica and sativa weed.  There are other differences between indica and sativa, which are listed below.

In general, Indica weed tends to be the most sedative, painkilling and mellow. Very good for an evening on the couch. 

Sativa, on the other hand, provides more of a psychedelic effect, where you might get creative, and love to philosophize with friends. Just to be sure, those are very general differences, every cannabis variety has its own unique effects.

  • In general, indica cannabis seeds will produce plants that are smaller, bushy, and have broader leaves. Indica cannabis originates from India. 
  • Sativa cannabis, on the other hand,  is in general taller, with more narrow leaves. Sativa cannabis originates from tropical environments like Thailand and Vietnam. 
  • In terms of aroma, there are differences between sativa and indica strains. If you like more sweet and rich aroma’s, it’s in general better to buy indica cannabis seeds. If you prefer earthy, ‘skunk’ and fuel-like aroma’s, go for sativa.

How to germinate cannabis seeds?

There are different methods for germinating cannabis seeds. The easiest and most effective way is to use a germination set. Easy Start is a great cannabis seed germination product. This way you can almost be certain to have success germinating your seeds.

Other ways of germinating cannabis seeds include using a coffee filter, or just putting them directly in the soil. However, these methods are more risky.

Best cannabis seeds for creating your own cannabis strain

Are you ready to buy regular marijuana seeds and clone cannabis plants? Regular marijuana seeds are interesting for cannabis growers with experience who like to experiment with breeding. They are non-feminized marijuana seeds, so you can get both male and female plants. It requires more knowledge and information to buy and grow them. It was no different until the 1990s, the old-school way of cannabis cultivation was the norm back then.

Only in the last few decades have feminized cannabis seeds been created by treating cannabis plants with colloidal silver or exposing the plants to certain stress factors, so that they only generate the best cannabis seeds that are female.

Buy cheap cannabis seeds online

At Sirius you can easily and quickly buy cheap marijuana seeds online, which will be delivered to your home in discreet packaging. We deliver cheap cannabis seeds throughout Europe! Which are the best cannabis seed brands depends on what you want to achieve.

Would you like to start with indoor cultivation? Then, when you buy marijuana seeds, you must also have an indoor growing room, including a grow lamp, a grow tent and a ventilation system. You can buy all these things in Sirius’ online Growshop. The advantage of growing indoors is that you can grow all year round, are not dependent on the weather and have more control over the growing process.

Buy cannabis seeds, a germination kit and cannabis breeding nutrition, and you can already get started!

Best cannabis seeds for indoor or outdoor cultivation

Sirius has everything you need to quickly start your own cannabis growing process for both indoor and outdoor cannabis cultivation. Sirius promotes organic cannabis cultivation, so without chemical pesticides or synthetic food. At Sirius, apart from the best cannabis seeds, you can buy organic plant food that does not harm nature and can even contribute to a healthy soil and naturally healthy cannabis plants!

Read our blog and encyclopedia for more information about cannabis

Buy marijuana seeds with the right advice. In our online blog en encyclopedia you will find plenty of information about cannabis-related topics such as reviews about the best autoflowers, information when you buy cannabis seeds for indoor cultivation, the mechanism of action of THC and CBD and much more. You will also find a clear explanation about the differences between sativa and indica weed, what hybrids are and what you can expect from CBD weed.

With our Seedshop you’re one step closer to home-grown cannabis. When you want to buy the best marijuana seeds and need information, you can visit our Blog and Encyclopedia about cannabis.

If you’re looking for cannabis seeds for sale and need personal advice, we recommend that you contact our customer service by calling us or sending us an email.

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