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Sirius: Online smart shop is the online smart shop of the Dutch company Sirius. Here you will find Sirius Products, such as herbal and hallucinogenic extracts, mood supplements and sexual stimulants. In the Netherlands you can order magic truffles and mushroom growkits online at Sirius, and from many European countries you can buy cannabis seeds, CBD products, vaporizers and other supplies for your Sirius products. All Sirius Products are available in our online store and in our physical stores: the Sirius Smart Galleries. In addition, you will also find Sirius Products in other smartshops, in the Netherlands and abroad!

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Your online smart shop

Are you looking for a smart shop? Want to order online? And do you want to get your purchased products home delivered in a discrete package? Then Sirius is the online smart shop you are looking for. In our webshop you will find everything you need. Smart products, such as supplements, herbs, mind enhancing and sexual stimulants, CBD products, magic truffles, mushroom growkits and psilocybe cubensis spores. At Sirius you can conveniently buy everything you need for recreational and medicinal cannabis cultivation, starting from seeds. Finally, in our online smart shop you will find the tools to enjoy your products: grinders, glass bongs, all kinds of vaporizers, papers and tips.

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Service and attention

Of course, you can have a look around and discover our online smart shop. Take your time to have a look at all we have to offer. Of each product you will read exactly what you get and where you can order it. We deliver in several countries: the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Germany, and many other EU countries. Besides online you are always welcome to our stores in RoermondMaastricht and Venlo. Not able to go there but having some more questions? For example, something about your products before you get started? Then contact us or educate yourself in our encyclopedia. There you will find more information about the ingredients of our products, plants, vitamins, minerals, MAO inhibitors, psilocybe mushrooms, magic truffles, CBD, amino acids, neurotransmitters and other substances!


What is a smart shop?

In our online smart shop you can buy legal smartdrugs with a heart for nature. Dive into the world of psychoactive plants, natural energizers and aphrodisiac herbs. You can also buy natural sleeping pills and relaxing herbal mixes in a smart shop. Want to trip on magic mushrooms or magic truffles? A smart shop is the place for psychonauts looking for a legal and natural high with the best effects. 

Buy smartdrugs with the best effects

In our online smart shop you will find smartdrugs such as study pills, energizers, painkilling kratom and much more. You will also find natural psychedelics in our smart shop. In our smart shop you can order online Salvia, but also magic truffles and paddos'. Furthermore, we sell in our smart shop LSA seeds and psychedelic smartdrugs with LSD effects. 

Sirius Smartshop

Strongest magic truffels available in our smart shop

Freshbox magic truffels are known as high quality psilocybin truffles. The magic truffles are fresh and therefore retain their energy and vitality. Sirius smart shop sells a whole range of magic truffles of different strengths. This way you can choose a magic truffle species that is suitable for beginners. Do you have experience with tripping and are you looking for magic truffles with strong effects and hallucinations? Choose one of our strongest magic truffle strains and let our team advise you. 

For advice you can always contact us by phone during office hours. We are happy to help you in your search for the perfect magic truffle trip. 

Enjoy everything nature has to offer with the greatest respect! 

Order magic mushrooms online at Sirius smart shop

Sirius is a smart shop that also offers psychedelics like magic mushrooms online. Order magic mushrooms quickly and easily with a few mouse clicks. Magic mushrooms are 100% natural and contain no synthetic additives. You can order magic mushrooms in Sirius' Magic Mushroom Shop. The smart shop for all your natural psychedelics!

Starting with microdosing magic truffles starts at the smart shop.What do you need for microdosing with psychedelics? On the website of our online smart shop you will find everything you need to start microdosing with psilocybin yourself. Sirius smart shop offers microdosing magic truffles of the best quality. 


Sexually exciting smart shop capsules

Are you looking for erotic smart shop capsules to accompany sex? You can find them in our online smart shop. We sell only natural aphrodisiacs, aphrodisiac herbs and stimulating smartdrugs in the form of love chocolates, erotic herbal mixes and smartdrugs that improve your stamina. 

The Indians of the Amazon forest, among others, have been aware of the sexually arousing herbs found there for centuries. Experience the stimulating effects of Damiana and Muira Puama. Order these aphrodisiacs in our smart shop. Or opt for chocolate bonbons that intensify the pleasure of love. Love chocolates filled with extracts of aphrodisiacs. 

Ancient Egyptians were known for making steamy love using Blue Lotus, a popular smart shop aphrodisiac for sale at Sirius.

Smart shop nootropics with caffeine online shop

Buy natural brain-stimulating nootropics with herbal extracts of Bacopa monnieri. Concentration pills with caffeine for good focus and smartdrugs that help with studying. Perform better with smart shop products like IQ+ Brainbooster, Bionix and Open Up herbs. 

CBD astronauts

Best organic cannabis grow food you can find at Sirius smart shop

Sirius smart shop is committed to the best organic cannabis products, from organic grow food to the best cannabis seeds. In our growshop you will find the highest quality cannabis seeds from brands such as Barney's Farm, Green House Seeds and Sensi Seeds. Buy cannabis seeds in our online smart shop and grow your own organic cannabis plants. 

Want to buy CBD cannabis seeds? That's also possible in our smart shop

Visit our online smart shop for pain-free CBD cannabis seeds. In a smart shop you can not only buy the best cannabis seeds to get stoned or high. A smart shop also offers CBD cannabis seeds that can be powerful medicinally. Our smart shop offers you the cannabis strain that suits you best.

Can you buy CBD products online at Sirius smart shop?

Our smart shop has a wide range of CBD products. For example, our smart shop has a wide range of CBD oil, CBD capsules and other smart shop related hemp products. Sirius smart shop offers the strongest CBD oil for sleep problems and pain symptoms. Order CBD oil online in the online CBD shop of Sirius smart shop!

Since 1995, Sirius smart shop has been there for its customers. We help psychonauts prepare for a psychedelic journey with, offer cannabis connoisseurs organic grow food and provide you with smart shop products like natural painkillers, energy pills and aphrodisiacs. Are you satisfied with our approach? Then be sure to leave a review about our online smart shop.

Visit one of your actual smart shops

All our smart products can be found online in the smart shop. Products to help enjoy your herbs can be found in our headshop and vaporizershop. You get everything discretely delivered at home. Do you have questions or do you want to go to a physical smart shop? Come and enjoy our Smart Galleries. You can find us at Hamstraat 15 in Roermond and at the Oude Tweebergenpoort 7A in Maastricht and at the Kleine Beekstraat 5 in Venlo!

We also deliver our products to the many smart shops in Amsterdam as wholesale, but also to smart shops in the rest of the country. So it is possible that you'll see Sirius products in a smart shop in Eindhoven, or other big cities in The Netherlands.

Please check if our products are legal in your country, when you cross the border!

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FREE shipping in NL from € 20,- Delivery in EU within 1-3 working days* Always a free gift with your order
Worlds best assorted online smartshop Excellent
Based on 5.211 reviews
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