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Magic truffles are a product of mother nature and contain the substance psilocybin. In higher doses this substance causes a trip. This experience is unique and can be experienced as very intense. Microdosing means, as the name suggests, a minimal amount of active ingredient to take. Because of this, nothing 'strange' should be observed, your day should be 'normal' and your consciousness should only experience a minor change, but in such a way that all daily tasks can be carried out without any problem.


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Why microdosing?

The reasons why people start microdosing are quite different. It ranges from a better focus on work, to combating negative thinking patterns, to simply wanting to experience what microdosing exactly means.

Safe and legal

It is extremely important to deal with reliable equipment. The FreshUp Microdosis Truffles from have been carefully selected. This type of truffle contains very consistent amounts of active ingredient. Always start one day without obligations. A normal dose is 1 gram of fresh sclerotia. To see how you react to it is recommended to start with 0.5 grams.

Which schedule do you follow?

Check out our blog for more information on how to start the microdose adventure. 


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