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Microdosing Paul Stamets Stack formula

FreshUp Microdosing Paul Stamets Stack formulaFreshUp Microdosing Paul Stamets Stack formulaFreshUp Microdosing Paul Stamets Stack formulaFreshUp Microdosing Paul Stamets Stack formulaFreshUp Microdosing Paul Stamets Stack formulaFreshUp Microdosing Paul Stamets Stack formula

Start your microdosing adventure with the Paul Stamets Stack Formula, consisting of Lion's Mane + psilocybin + Niacin, and a handy toolkit. The combination of the three elements of the formula combine to create a synergistic effect that helps the brain to renew and improve itself.

1 x FreshUp Starter Kit, 1 x FreshUp Microdosing Truffles, 1 x Mushrooms 4 Life Lion's Mane Organic Mushroom Capsules Bio, 1 x Proviform Niacin 100 mg
Shelf life
It is better to keep fresh magic truffles in the fridge until you consume them. There is a "best before" date on the bottom of the boxes, but if you keep them refrigerated, they will often last much longer than that date. If you keep them for a long time, or you keep them outside the fridge (which we really don't recommend, also because of hygiene), then the smell of apple vinegar or the obvious softness of the truffles is a sign that they are no longer good and you should therefore not consume them anymore. By the way: in the case of the brand Freshbox, the truffles are still alive. To let them keep their optimal potency, they are not sliced and vacuum packed, and therefore not killed, as most other brands do with their truffles. Living truffles continue to fulfil their function for which they exist in nature: produce new mycelium. You can recognise this when a layer of "white wool" becomes visible. This is not a fungus and not a sign that they are no longer good; on the contrary, this is a sign that they are alive and kicking! If you rattle the box, the layer disappears again. We wish you all wonderful experiences with the magic truffles from Freshbox!
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More about Microdosing Paul Stamets Stack formula

Due to shipping delays from our supplier, we temporarily replaced the Mushrooms 4 Life Lion's Mane Organic Mushroom Capsules Bio with Nutrikraft's Lion's Mane Organic Bio Capsules. However, the effect of these capsules are the same, so there is no need to worry if you receive this product in your Paul Stamets Stack Formula order.

According to Paul Stamets, the ultimate brain elixir consists of psilocybin, combined with the medicinal mushroom Lion's Mane, also known as wigweed (Hericium erinaceus). Added to this is niacin, or vitamin B3, for extra good absorption of the active ingredients. Regarding reports of many users worldwide, this natural nootropic is a powerful tool to improve your brain functions, counteract neurodegeneration and most importantly break old patterns.

For all instructions on the formula go to our in-depth blog post: Microdosing with psilocybin according to the Stamets Stack Formula.

Caution: a common symptom of taking niancin is the 'niacin flush' (with a dose above 50 mg). One of the workings of niacin is the removal of blood vessels and this can cause the skin to become temporarily red. So niancin can cause reddening of the face, arms and chest, a burning, prickling and/or itching sensation, and sometimes a headache. This phenomenon lasts between 10 and 60 minutes and is harmless.


1 x FreshUp Starterkit normal price: € 19,95
1 x FreshUp Microdoseren truffels normal price: € 15,00
1 x Mushrooms 4 Life Lion's Mane Organische Paddenstoel Capsules Bio normal price: € 22,95
1 x Proviform Niacine 100 mg normal price: € 9,95
     Total normal price: € 67,85
     Sirius Special Offer Price: € 59,95

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