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Magic mushroom grow kits 100% mycelium 

With our legal magic mushroom grow kits you can easily grow beautiful magic mushrooms yourself. Our grow kits are 100% mycelium. This means that they are already fully grown, so they will quickly show "pins" and within two weeks you can harvest your first batch of fresh mushrooms. With us you can choose from a huge assortment of different grow kits, for example Magicbox Palenque, Equadorian and Super Gold, or one of no less than 12 different strains from our Stealthbox assortment, or the Copelandia grow kit, with which you can grow your own trusted old Hawaiians. Sirius grow kits: your easiest way to a colourful world.

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Looking for a way to enjoy the old familiar magic mushrooms?

This is possible, although since December 1, 2008 we are no longer allowed to sell magic mushrooms, we are allowed to sell the magic mushroom growkits, with which you can grow them yourself very easily. There are several Psilocybe cubensis strains available, in growboxes so you can easily grow your own magic mushrooms. See our detailed guide for more info on growing your own magic mushrooms.

Check out our Magicboxes and the very wide range of Stealthboxes in our Magictruffleshop.

Nice to know

Common names in the English language are: shrooms; magic mushrooms; sacred mushrooms; teonanácatl. Various terms have also been used by users for various forms of psilocybin and psilocin or mushrooms containing these hallucinogens: blue caps; boomers; booms; buttons; caps; champ; fungus; funguys; God's flesh; hombrecitos; las mujercitas; little smoke; Mexican mushroom; mushies; mushroom soup; mushroom tea; mushrooms; musk; pizza toppings; rooms; silly putty; simple Simun; zoomers (Martindale, 2007).

Translations of ‘hallucinogenic mushrooms’ in European languages include: 
Bulgarian — ‘магически гъби'; Czech — 'magické houby'; Danish — 'psilocybinsvampe', 'magiske svampe'; Estonian — 'hallutsinogeense toimega seened'; Greek — 'μαγικά μανιτάρια'; French — 'champignons hallucinogènes' or 'champis'; German — 'Psychoaktive Pilze' or 'Zauberpilze'; Hungarian — 'varázsgombák', 'hallucinogén gombák', 'pszilocibingombák'; Italian — 'funghi magici'; Latvian — ‘Halucinogēnās (maģiskās) sēnes'; Lithuanian — 'haliucinogeniniai grybai', 'magiškieji grybai'; Norwegian — 'fleinsopp'; Polish — 'magiczne grzybki', 'grzyby halucynogenne'; Portuguese — 'cogumelos mágicos', 'cogumelos psicadélicos'; Slovakian — 'magické huby'; Slovenian — 'čudeţne gobe'; Spanish — 'hongos alucinógenos', 'hongos lisérgicos', 'honguitos'; Romanian — 'ciuperci halucinogene'; Swedish — 'magiska svampar', 'psykedeliska svampar'.

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