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In our online Headshop you'll find all the necessities to enjoy your cannabis smoking products to the fullest. Whether you are looking for good rolling papers, a pipe or a bong that is easy to use and looks stylish in your closet, or whether you want to experience the great high you get from smoking with a bong. All kinds of products and supplies to make your high possible, you will find in the Sirius online Headshop.

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Gorilla Bag

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Clipper lighter Sirius

7 colours
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Smoking cannabis and hashish starts at the Headshop

Browse through our range of cannabis products, with which you can enjoy ganja the oldskool way. Order top quality stoner products quickly and easily in our Headshop. Do you smoke joints and are you curious how to use a weed pipe or bong for cannabis and hash? 

Luxury products from the best online Headshop for an intense stoner experience

What kind of stoner are you? A true cannabis connoisseur values the way he uses top quality cannabis. The right extra thin rolling papers, ecological rolling papers or extra wide rolling papers, make the difference for the perfect joint. All of this is found in the best online Headshop of the Netherlands: Sirius! But you can also choose the best cannabis pipe from our online Headshop range.

Which pipe from the Headshop do you choose: wood, metal, glass or stone? 

Would you like to buy a pipe from our online Headshop? Taste the difference between pipes made from rosewood, olive or pear. 

Besides wooden pipes you can also choose metal pipes from our online Headshop, like these small one-hitters. Or how about glass pipes, beautifully handmade? 

There are also special ActiTube pipes, for a smooth smoking experience. Or opt for a stone pipe, such as a chillum.

If you order a pipe from our online Headshop, you will also receive free sieves and an extra surprise!

Well prepared with products from our online Headshop

Every high begins with the preparation of your smoking materials. The essentials: rolling papers, tips, a good grinder, a lighter and your smoking stash of course. Do you smoke with a bong? Then it's important that these tools are easy to use. Other useful tools you can find in our online Headshop are a scale, so you can dose your smoke perfectly, and a good, airtight container to keep your smoke fresh.

Best Headshop products every stoner needs

A Headshop offers everything you need to enjoy cannabis. From joint twisting, tobacco substitutes to beautiful pipes to enhance the pleasure of smoking.

Cheap grinders and cheap Headshop bongs

Are you broke but still want to enjoy cannabis? Getting stoned for cheap is best done in our Headshop. Buy cheap cannabis seeds online, grow your own weed and save a fortune! In our online Headshop you will find cheap bongs and water pipes for the novice stoner. You can also buy a grinder, lighter and rolling papers online for just a few euros. Going to a party or festival? Then buy a cheap bong that can take a beating, to enjoy with friends.

The best Headshop gifts

You can please your stoner friend with the finest Headshop gifts. How about a luxurious honeycomb bong, a beautiful wooden pipe or different kinds of Smoking papers? For the cannabis enthusiast, cannabis surprises from the Headshop are a gift from heaven. You can also please yourself with the cool stoner gadgets from our Headshop. Think of ActiTube carbon filters that remove harmful substances from the smoke of your joint, or tobacco substitutes from Knaster with hemp and passion flower.

Looking for a suitable gift for stoners? Check out our online Headshop for inspiration and buy that one beautiful bong, nice lighter or cool grinder. Success guaranteed.

A glass bong from our online Headshop for cannabis and hash

A solid glass bong comes in all shapes and sizes. Will you choose a honeycomb diffuser bong, or a bong with an extra cooling chamber for silky smooth smoke?

Headshop essentials for the best smoking experience

A perfect joint can be made with the best grinder, papers, tips and of course a fine lighter! Think of papers like Smoking black, thinnest and eco. At the Sirius Headshop you'll also find the very best Clipper lighters available (with a psychedelic mushroom print!).You  can also buy the best 4-piece aluminum grinders in our online Headshop. With these you can cut your cannabis buds into a nice crumb structure with which you can fill your joint, pipe or bong. 

Accurate precision scales to weigh your stash in our online Headshop

Would you like to weigh your stash correctly to two decimal places using a Headshop precision scale? Then you're at the right address at Sirius. We sell the best scales for weighing drugs like cannabis, MDMA and magic mushrooms. 
We also sell the best precision scales to weigh a microdose of magic truffles and magic mushrooms.

Stash boxes for storing weed, hash and concentrates

What is the best way to store your weed and hash? In the online Headshop you'll find everything you need to keep your stash odor-free in stash boxes and special storage boxes. This way, your cannabis buds, hash and cannabis concentrates can be kept for the longest time in a stash can, storage box and odor-proof container.

Quality & design - The best online Headshop 

In the Sirius online Headshop, quality comes first. Nothing is more annoying than a blunt grinder or a crumbly one. A grinder needs good quality so that it grinds perfectly, can be kept clean and lasts a long time! In our purchasing process, we only choose articles that really help you, so you can enjoy your smokables without worries. Besides excellent quality, we make sure the products have a handy and beautiful design. The pipes, bongs, water pipes and grinders available in our online Headshop therefore all have a beautiful and innovative design.

Information and tailored Headshop advice: visit our physical Headshop

Would you like to pick your Headshop products in real life, with a choice from an even larger assortment? This is of course also possible. Come and visit us in our physical Headshop. Our expert staff will help you choose the perfect bong, the best weed pipe and the most beautiful stoner accessory. Sirius can be found in Roermond and Maastricht.

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