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In this category you will find an overview of our range of health extracts. An elixir of potent antioxidants, substances that can strengthen your immune system, active ingredients. All these products are manufactured with care so that none of the potency is lost. By combining advanced high-tech methods with historical knowledge, these products have a high effectiveness and great applicability for all kinds of stages in a healing process, or to ingest your daily portion extra health in liquid form. These highly concentrated elixirs have been obtained through a very precise extraction process and do not contain any unnatural additives, flavourings or preservatives. The ingredients for these extracts are obtained with love for nature.

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Make your body healthy

The Mushroomist has a range of three different liquids, each with their own unique properties. The medicinal mushrooms used for these elixirs have been known for centuries as enormously powerful medicines. Here in the West there is an increasing demand, as science shows that these medicinal mushrooms contain strong antioxidants, but also have neurological protective properties, just look at Lion's Mane. This mushroom is now widely used in research into people with Alzheimer's disease, for example. Several studies show that Lion's Mane plays a role in NGF (Nerve Growth Factor). This is necessary for the brain to function optimally.

Strengthening your immune system

The Reishi mushroom is also called 'The mushroom of immortality' and can give your body an enormous boost. Especially in case of illness and weakening it is very important to strengthen as much as possible. The unique properties of the Reishi mushroom offer the body support to recover and recover.

Carefully harvested

The extracts contain only healthy, carefully selected mushrooms. The Chaga mushroom grows in forests in Finland and is harvested there by The Mushroomist when they are ripe and their maximum potency can be fully exploited. These extracts are easy to take with the help of a pipette bottle.

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