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Frequently asked questions about our smartshops

What is a smartshop?

In a smartshop you will find everything related to smart products (such as supplements and herbs), mind-altering and stimulating drugs, magic truffles, mushroom grow kits and psilocybe cubensis spore syringes. In addition, you can also visit our smartshops for your CBD products and health supplements. In our smartshop you will also find a large assortment of seeds for your own cannabis plant and we have the supplies you need to achieve a successful harvest. Finally, at Sirius you will also find all the tools you need for your smoke session: grinders, glass bongs, all kinds of vaporizers, rolling papers and tips.

Many proucts that you can buy in smartshops directly or indirectly reduce the damage that illegal drugs can cause. For example, you can buy test kits to test the purity of XTC, to find out if there are other substances in your pill than MDMA. We also sell dietary supplements containing certain vitamins and amino acids, which are specifically designed to reduce the side effects of certain illegal drugs.

And last but not least, in a smartshop you get extensive advice and information about the use of substances. We will talk to you and give you appropriate advice, with safety always as the most important starting point. We call this harm reduction. This also means that we can advise you not to use a certain drug at that moment. We consider this function of ours as a smartshop very important!

Are the products in the smartshop legal?

The products you can buy in a smartshop are mainly natural and all legal in the Netherlands.

Do you also have physical stores?

Yes, we do! Visit our Sirius Smartshop in Maastricht, Venlo or Roermond.

Do you sell all products from your webshop in the stores as well?

We sell all products in our webshop as well as in our physical stores. We do our best to keep our stores well stocked, but it can happen that products are sold out on the day you visit us. You can always give us a call before coming over.

Our store in Roermond can be reached by phone at: +31-475332011 (check opening hours here).

Our store in Maastricht can be reached by phone at: +31-433510504 (check opening hours here).

Our store in Venlo can be reached by phone at: +31-773030461 (check opening hours here).

Which languages do you support at customer service?

When you call our customer service, you will speak to one of our colleagues who speaks Dutch, English and German.

If you speak another language and find it difficult to translate your question or comment into the above options, we recommend you to send us an email. We can then consult someone who does speak your language, because at our headquarters we also have French, Polish and Italian speaking colleagues! Or we can use an online translating tool (bless the Internet). Either way, we'll work it out together!

Frequently asked questions about ordering and delivery

Do you send magic truffles to all countries in the EU?

Find out if we send magic truffles to your address. You can do this by setting your country on our website (desktop: top right, mobile: in the main menu) and then adding the product to your shopping cart. If you can checkout your order, we will deliver the products to your address!

If magic truffles or grow kits are not legally sold in your country, then unfortunately you can not have the product delivered to your address. In our physical stores in Roermond, Venlo and Maastricht - and many other smartshops in the Netherlands - all nationalities are welcome, so you can always also pick up your magic truffles or grow kits there.

Why do you ship with UPS?

Previous experience has shown that UPS offers the best service in Europe: shipments are delivered quickly, reliably and can be tracked easily. This is often not the case with other carriers, especially with international shipments involving multiple carriers. Please contact us if you think we can send your order cheaper and you would accept the disadvantages (missing tracking for example). We may be able to agree on an alternative, in which case we will refund any excess shipping charges.

Why can't I order a product in your webshop that is currently available in my country?

We do our best to comply with the laws and regulations in the various European countries, and want to avoid the risk of possible prosecution as much as possible. Therefore, if in doubt, we sometimes block a country for a particular product. If you are sure that the product in question is legal in your blocked country, please contact us.

What are your delivery times?

We choose the best and cheapest solution for your order. Within the Netherlands this is usually PostNL. PostNL deliveries take place on Monday to Saturday and on weekdays also in the evening. View all information for deliveries within the Netherlands.

The best and cheapest solution for shipping to other EU countries is usually UPS Standard service. UPS delivers Monday through Friday during business hours. See all information for EU deliveries.

What are your shipping rates?

That depends on where you want your order to be delivered to. Click here for an overview of all shipping rates.

What happens to my package if I am not at home when it is delivered?

Normally UPS/PostNL will try to deliver it again the next working day. If your package is failed to be delivered then it will be sent to a Pick-Up Point or Access Point. Here your package will be kept for 5 days to be picked up by you.

To keep our Magic Truffles fresh, we send them out cooled (with a coolpack). It is important that you can accept the package at the first delivery attempt, otherwise the truffles will have to spend an extra night outside the fridge.

What do you mean by a discreet package?

All our webshop orders are delivered to you in a white or brown cardboard box or envelope, without extensive company information on the outside. So you don't have to worry about recognizability, your neighbors have no idea what is being delivered to you ?

Can I track my package online?

Yes, you can track your package at all times once we start processing it. You would initially be able to track this in your My Sirius account on our website. In addition, you will receive the tracking information from PostNL/UPS by email. How to track your package using this information is described in that email.

Frequently asked questions about payment

What payment methods do you accept in the webshop?

You can use the following payment methods in our webshop: iDeal, Giropay, Bancontact, Cryptocurrency, Bank transfer, Cash by mail.

Which payment methods do you accept in the physical stores?

In our physical stores in Roermond, Venlo and Maastricht you can pay in different ways. You can pay by PIN or cash. In addition, we also accept payment by credit card in our physical stores (this is not possible online in our webshop).

Frequently asked questions about discounts

Do you also give student discounts?

On presentation of a valid student card, you will receive a 10% discount* on selected products from our range. You can recognize whether a product qualifies for the student discount by the study hat next to the price. The discount will automatically be deducted from your shopping cart during ordering.

On products that are not eligible for the Student discount, you will receive Spacemiles**

* As long as you are a student and have a valid student card and number.

** The rules for saving Spacemiles apply.

What are Spacemiles?

At Sirius you save for Spacemiles! This is a unique savings system. For every full € 5,- of order value, you receive one Spacemile. You need 20 Spacemiles for a full card. A full card equals €25,- credit that you can spend freely in our Spacemileshop. View all information about Spacemiles.

Are there any other general discounts?

On and in our physical stores you will regularly find discounts. We often have 1+1 and 2+1 actions, or products are heavily discounted. Discover the current offers separately in each shop via the filter 'Offers', check our Offers overview, or receive the latest promotions via Instagram and Facebook!

Do you have any discount codes?

Did you receive a voucher or email with a discount code? Then enter it in the appropriate field when completing your order, before paying. Your discount will immediately be deducted.

Can discounts also be combined?

How our discounts work in combination can be found on this page.

Frequently asked questions about the My Sirius account

Why do I need to create an account to order?

In our physical stores, a minimum age of 18 applies and identification may be requested. In addition, our store employees decide in a personal conversation whether certain products are suitable for you. This is to avoid unnecessary risks and for your own safety. In our online shop there is unfortunately no personal contact and we ask you to fill in a few details so that we can contact you in case of doubt.

I would prefer to remain anonymous, can I still order in the webshop?

Yes, even if you want to remain anonymous you can order in our shop without an account.

It is, of course, advisable to create an account in order to continuously save Spacemiles. The information you provide will be handled with the utmost care and discretion.

Can I repeat my previous order?

Yes, certainly! In your personal account under "Repeat order" you will find the products you ordered in the past. Click on the desired product to add it to your shopping cart again. Easy peasy! ✌

Frequently asked questions about magic truffles and mushroom grow kits

Are magic truffles legal? And what about magic mushrooms?

Yes, magic truffles are legal in the Netherlands. It is also 100% legal in the Netherlands to buy grow kits, with which you can grow your own psilocybin-containing mushrooms. The actual mushroom (also called "paddo" in the Netherlands and Belgium) may no longer be sold.

If magic truffles or grow kits are not legally allowed to be sold in another country, then unfortunately you cannot have the product delivered to that country. In our physical stores in Roermond, Venlo and Maastricht - and many other smartshops in the Netherlands - all nationalities are welcome, so there you can always pick up your favorite magic truffles and grow kits yourself.

How long can you store truffles?

Always keep magic truffles in the refrigerator. On the back of the box you find the expiration date, which is four weeks. White mold is normal and perfectly edible (as with several types of cheese). When the truffles smell very sour (smell of vinegar) or have a slimy appearance, they are no longer suitable for consumption.

If there is a lot of condensation in the container, what you can do is shake the container every now and then and possibly even put it upside down in the fridge.

Nothing is happening with my mushroom grow kit, can you help?

Our writers have written an extensive article with useful tips and tricks on everything related to the growth process of magic mushrooms. Check out the article and hopefully you'll find your answer(s)!

If you still have another question, don't hesitate to contact our customer service.

What is the difference between magic truffles and magic mushrooms?

Ah, the age-old question! Our team wrote an extensive article about this as well. Hint: Mushrooms grow above ground and truffles grow within the soil!

How do I know if my magic truffles are still good?

If truffles are no longer edible, you can already tell by looking at their packaging. But beware: Truffles can look bad, while they are still good to eat.

As soon as colored hairs (orange, blue, green) grow on the truffles, the truffles look soft or slimy and/or smell like apple cider vinegar, they are no longer good.

If a white fluffy layer appears over them, or the truffles have blue/green spots, we recommend contacting us via email and attaching a photo of the truffles.

Can I combine magic truffles with other drugs?

We do not recommend combining magic truffles with stimulants or alcohol. A truffle trip is in itself quite an experience for many people. Combining them with other drugs can intensify the trip unwisely or even disturb it completely, leaving nothing of the effects. Trust us that you will have an interesting time with just your truffles!

Are truffles suitable for microdosing?

Yes, absolutely. We have selected a special magic truffle strain for this purpose: FreshUp microdosing. These truffles are of all species the most stable and therefore suitable for microdosing. 1 gram FreshUp magic truffles contains exactly the recommended amount (1-2 mg) of psylocibine for microdosing.

Are you going to start microdosing for the first time? Then also check out this blog: "Microdosing with psilocybin according to the Stamets Stack Formula".

Can I combine magic truffles with antidepressants?

There are many different types of antidepressants and the effects when combined with truffles/magic mushrooms can vary. Always consult with a physician first. In some cases, combining psychedelics and medications that work on the brain can actually be very dangerous. In other cases (SSRI) the effect of psychedelics is blocked so you won't/nearly will trip. In combination with MAO-inhibitors (Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors) the effect and duration of the trip can actually increase enormously and this can result in undesirable effects.

Truffles and magic mushrooms have a great influence on your state of mind. Judge for yourself if you are doing the right thing at this moment. If in doubt, you can always ask our customer service for advice.

Do you ship truffles to foreign countries?

Find out if we send magic truffles to your address. You can do this by selecting your country on our website (desktop: top right, mobile: in the main menu) and then add the truffles to your shopping cart. If you can checkout your order, we will deliver the truffles to your address!

If magic truffles or grow kits are not legally allowed to be sold in your country, then unfortunately you cannot have the product delivered to your address. We also do not send packages outside of Europe.

Can I buy truffles in your physical stores as a foreigner?

Every nationality (from 18 years) can legally buy our products in our stores in Maastricht, Venlo and Roermond. We will give you the best advice. See you soon!

What is the perfect dose for tripping?

This depends on several factors. It has to do with your tolerance, body weight, whether you have eaten immediately beforehand and whether you have experience with psychedelics. Check out the handy decision aid here: "Freshbox Magic Truffles: Which one do you choose?".

A few tips:

What is the best Set and Setting for tripping?

Setting: A quiet environment is important. We do not recommend taking truffles at a party, especially as a beginner. Too much input can lead to an overload of stimuli and this is not ideal. In a quiet environment you can get the most out of your trip. Tip: Nature is always good!

Set: The right mindset (your own attitude) is also very important. Trip on a day you feel good anyway. Your state of mind largely determines the kind of trip you will experience, always keep this in mind.

Also interesting: "How do I prepare for a trip on Magic Mushrooms?" 

What is the white gel pack that comes with the truffles?

This is a cool pack and guarantees the freshness of the truffles while they make their journey by mail. Not for consumption!

Are the truffles vacuum packed?

Our truffles are a fresh product and therefore not vacuum packed. This would prevent them from breathing.

Are the truffles discreetly packaged for shipment?

They are shipped in a stealth box, with no printing. So you don't have to worry about the outside of the mail package.

Is your question not listed here? Then please contact our customer service. We will be happy to help you!

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