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Freshbox Magic Truffles: Which one do you choose?
In this blog item
In this blog item Ask yourself the right questionExperienced Psychonaut?What is the right Magic Truffle Dose?

Freshbox Magic Truffles: Which one do you choose?

You're staring at the Magic Truffle Menu in front of you. What to choose! Which one do you want the most? The strongest? Or the one with the best picture? Or the one your best friend loves so much? Don't panic, with this handy overview it's a lot easier to navigate between Sirius' Magic Truffle assortment.

Attention: Always keep Set and Setting in mind. This largely determines the experience of your trip. Set: What mindset do you have? What happened recently, how do you feel today? Setting: Where and with whom do you trip? 

Sclerotia, Magic Truffles, also called Philosepher's Stones, are underground reserves of magic mushrooms. When the conditions for the mushrooms are not optimal, for example due to (forest) fire, these 'tubers' stay in the earth for years and produce fruiting bodies again when the environment improves. This guarantees the survival of the mushroom species. Like magic mushrooms they contain the psychoactive substances psilocybin and to a lesser extent psilocin.
The Freshbox line of Sirius offers you fresh Magic Truffles. They are not vacuum packed, this means they can 'breathe' and 'live'. Keep Magic Truffles in the fridge if you want to keep them. They'll stay well for a long time.

Ask yourself the right question

Imagine what you would like to learn from the trip. Do you want to have fun with your best friend, or are you looking for certain insights into yourself or the bigger picture?
Knowing why you want to trip makes it a lot easier to choose the species and also the dosage.

Experienced Psychonaut?

Check with yourself and think of previous trip experiences. How did they turn out, what did you like? What would've improved the experience? What do you need?
Also be sure to check with your trip partner, what's his or her experience?
If you trip together, adjust the dose to the person with the least experience!

What is the right Magic Truffle Dose?

10 grams is considered a 'standard dose'. With this amount you normally experience the full effects of psilocybin and it is a recommended amount for most experienced psychedelic users. However, every body is different, and as with so many things, it is good to carefully test your tolerance. For a first time, it may be wise to take less than a full dose of 10 grams. Would you like to experience the visual effects, changing world view and different view of yourself? Then 10 grams is the right dose for you.
15 grams is meant for the psychonaut with experience, who likes to go one step further and experience the trip even more intensely. It is also possible that you, for certain reasons, have a higher tolerance for psilocybin. Also then 15 grams is suitable.

Tip for beginners: Share a 15-gram box in for a milder experience and test your response.

Space Shuttles and Dolphins Delight

Both truffles are ideal for the novice tripper. Or if you prefer a somewhat mellow experience. Space Shuttles are generally ideal for socializing. Probably with these truffles you will experience slightly less visual effects and you will be less overwhelmed. Dolphins Delight give you a nice flowing energy and are ideal for a walk.

Solo tripping

Golden Teacher is the truffle of choice when you go tripping alone (for the first time). The philosophical side of the truffle makes it easy for you to enter into a dialogue with yourself, and to look at different aspects of your life in an open-minded way. What goes well? What would you like to see better? How can you work with yourself to get to the place you want to be? When you trip with a friend, surprising conversations can arise, during or often also after the trip experience. The other person can hold up a mirror to you, as it were, so you can look at yourself in a different way. Very interesting, but sometimes confronting, be aware!

Contact with the Universe

The Cosmic Connectors lift the tip of the veil and introduce you to the mysteries of the Universe. The mind-cracking questions "Why are we here?" and "Who am I?" and so on... are suddenly fun and exciting to think about.

Special Editions

Purple Rain, White Diamonds, Royal Beluga, are varieties for the experienced psychonaut because they introduce you to the trip world in a more intense way. In order to reflect the intensity of the trip as well as possible, a number of points have been given to certain criteria:

- Funny/Laughing: This refers to the emotional effect. For example, the Purple Rain is slightly more hilarious than the Royal Beluga or White Diamonds.

- Body High/Energy: Here the last two types score a bit higher. A lot of physical energy, where it can be a lot of fun to move your body on spacy music.

- Hallucinations/Visual: Here is what most people go for: the change in the appearance of everyday life. All three of them score 100% here. So prepare yourself for a world of difference!

- Auditive Hallucinations: this does'nt mean you are going to hear things that are not there, but it does mean in your favourite song, for example, you will hear the different instruments much more clearly and perhaps even a triangle that you have never noticed before. Especially for musicians/music lovers this is blissful!

The best of Mother Nature

Mothers Finest is the truffle of choice for many Sirius customers, but beware, she is also seen as the most intense of them all! Only suitable if you are experienced.

New in the Sirius Assortment

Mystery Mix Green, Mystery Mix Orange and Mystery Mix Purple. Have you tried all the previous types? Then choose one of these three intense mixes of different truffles! You can expect a surprising trip. Mystery Mix Purple is seen as the strongest variety.


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