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20-02-2023 8 minutes Blog user reports My Experience with CBD Oil: Reducing Anxiety with Cannabidiol My personal experience with CBD, or cannabidiol. By discovering CBD products, I learned to better cope with fear of failure and was able to relax my b [..] 22-11-2022 9 minutes Blog user reports The best Smartshop products for Autumn and Winter 2022 Summer has come to an end, and here in the Netherlands, it gets dark and cold pretty quickly. This can be an annoying time because we are not used to [..] 11-06-2021 5 minutes Blog user reports Microdosing and personal healing Today I am 28. But this story begins more than 15 years ago. When I was still in school I strongly felt that conventional education was a deliberate a [..] 02-06-2021 7 minutes Blog user reports Lessons from the Teachers I just had my fourth trip experience and am still enjoying the experiences I had there.  A week or two ago I ordered some truffles from Sirius [..] 03-05-2021 11 minutes Blog user reports Mazatapec growing process and trip report (50 grams fresh) Firstly let me discuss why I decided on growing mushrooms. Growing up I had a really hard upbringing at the hands of my father but it strengthened my [..] 13-04-2021 6 minutes Blog user reports First time Magic Truffles (Dolphins Delight Freshbox) Sirius is a TOP SHOP!!! For me this was the first time I wanted to consume truffles. The employee who spoke to me on the phone really took the time fo [..] 24-02-2021 6 minutes Blog user reports User Report: Bionix Cocoa Power For this trip report, I share my experience with a natural smartdrug based on a pure cocoa extract, supplemented with plant extracts of bitter orange, [..] 06-12-2020 9 minutes Blog user reports Musical journey with Golden Teacher For many psychonauts, music is an important aspect during a psychedelic experience. Tones seem to float right through you, you feel emotions of the si [..] 05-08-2020 8 minutes Blog user reports Calamus: Mysterious Hallucinogenic People like to try new things, not only to become wiser, smarter or better, but sometimes just for the experience itself. Sometimes you do something y [..] 22-07-2020 6 minutes Blog user reports Salvia: an exploration into the unknown At first I thought it wasn’t going to work. Then, the world got foggy and, all of a sudden, I was transported to a different place. First came t [..] 14-07-2020 8 minutes Blog user reports My Ayahuasca journey When I was little, I used to tell people I wanted to be an Indian when I was older. When I was big enough, I would build a boat, cross the ocean and l [..] 15-06-2020 6 minutes Blog user reports Magic truffles: the first journey This was during winter, or maybe it was the beginning of spring. It was cold, but one could sense the smell of flowers. I had decided that that day I [..]
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