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Do you want to grow your own organic cannabis and are looking for a premium Growshop you can trust? Our online Growshop has all the necessities to grow your own organic cannabis, both indoors and outdoors. Think of organic fertilizer, such as NPK fertilizer, bud boosters, and germination kits to easily germinate cannabis seeds. You can also buy grow tents and grow lights, whether LED or HPS, and everything you need for climate regulation, in our online Growshop.

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Extensive online Growshop assortment of Sirius to grow your own cannabis

You can visit our physical smart shops for Growshop supplies: Sirius in Maastricht, Roermond and Venlo. Furthermore, in our online Growshop, you can also find everything you need for the small-scale cultivation of cannabis for personal consumption.

In our online Growshop we only sell products of the highest quality to ensure safety. Germination, growing, flowering, harvesting, drying, and curing: in our growing store you'll find everything you need for a complete cannabis cultivation. Are you a novice grower or do you already have some experience growing cannabis on a small scale? What are your favorite Growshop products that every cannabis grower needs?

At Sirius Growshop you'll find the right germination kits, cannabis growing nutrients, Growshop grow lights and light bulbs. Everything you need for the successful cultivation of organic weed. In addition to our extensive online range of Growshop items, you can also consult our cannabis encyclopedia or read blogs on growing cannabis and organic growing nutrition. Visit one of our physical smart shops for all your questions about Growshop products and professional advice on growing cannabis. You can contact our customer service for all your questions about organic cannabis growing and what you need from the Growshop to get started with your cannabis project.

Organic plant nutrition and bud boosters for optimal cannabis growth

Indoor and outdoor cannabis growing without chemical fertilizers and pesticides but with organic Growshop products is what you can expect at the online Growshop by Sirius. Our goal is to provide the supplies and information for the small-scale cultivation of organic cannabis for personal consumption. Sirius offers Growshop products specifically for the ecological and healthy cultivation of cannabis for personal consumption.

Grow organically and without pesticides. Go for the best organic grow nutrition from Biotabs and BAC. Growing cannabis is officially prohibited in the Netherlands. Therefore, grow on a small scale and only for your own consumption!

Can you buy potting soil in the Sirius online Growshop?

Our physical smart shops are located in the inner cities of Maastricht, Venlo and Roermond. Because of the negative stigma on cannabis, we do not like the image of bags of potting soil being loaded into cars in front of our Smartshop. Also, sending potting soil through the online Growshop is an additional difficulty. Good potting soil is not difficult to obtain. Always pay attention to the RHP quality mark. The RHP is a non-profit foundation that has been one of the leading European knowledge centers for growing media since 1963.  The RHP quality mark is a prestigious certification indicating that the potting soil meets the highest standards for safety, quality, and sustainability in the substrate industry. It assures the soil is free from diseases and harmful substances, evidenced by rigorous testing from raw materials to the finished products. This mark makes sure that the soil you buy promotes healthy plant growth and maintains optimal water and air balance. This together with biological fertilizers from Sirius makes sure that you can provide essential nutrients while keeping a sustainable pH value, which is crucial for successful biological cannabis cultivation.

In our growing store you will find the best cannabis grow nutrition and boosters for the growth and flowering of a cannabis plant. Sirius only gets supplies from the top brands in the field of organic grow nutrition in order to guarantee a successful and clean cultivation.

Growshop essentials to grow your own organic cannabis

Growing cannabis is not difficult at all, but it does require the right supplies that you can buy in our online Growshop.

What do you need to grow your own cannabis? Make a list of Growshop essentials, but also check out Sirius' Seedshop for the best cannabis seeds to grow your own organic weed. Do you want to grow Amnesia Haze? Or rather an Indica? Or do you want to grow medicinal CBD weed?

Furthermore, the online Growshop at Sirius has everything you need to create an optimal cannabis climate control for your indoor marijuana plants. Think of digital hygrometers and digital thermometers, analog timers and PH testers. Order everything you need to regulate temperature and humidity in our online Growshop.

How do you get the best marijuana plants with the biggest yield?

For good cannabis growing, everything starts with a good soil life. A good and airy root system is the foundation of healthy plants. This is important! Without a good root system, your cannabis plants cannot thrive. So the better you take care of the root system, the better your weed will be, meaning higher yields and a better smell and taste of your cannabis.

Are you growing indoor cannabis? By installing a ventilation fan you ensure that the air is sucked out of the growing space and the negative pressure causes fresh air to flow into the vents. In this way an air circulation is created. If the suction is too large, there is a chance that too much heat will be drawn out of the space. And with too little suction, the humidity can become too high. In both cases, this has a bad influence on the cannabis harvest. The Growshop exhaust fans that we supply are perfectly matched to the grow tents in our Growshop range. But we also supply separate parts. In the last weeks of blooming a cannabis plant produces an enormous smell. Therefore, always use an active carbon filter and prevent odor nuisance! By placing a small fan in your growing space you can mimic the wind.

HPS grow lights & LED lamps for cannabis at Sirius grow store

Life needs light to exist, and for a cannabis plant, the sun is the key light source. Choosing cannabis grow lights from a grow store is based on your desired growing location and method. An HPS lamp produces more heat than for example a LUMii LED grow light. This can be a disadvantage, but also an advantage. The suction and ambient temperature are also important here. To keep the carbon footprint as small as possible and to reduce energy costs, you can choose to purchase an energy-efficient LED lamp. Sirius delivers high-quality Growshop cannabis grow lights that meet the strictest safety requirements. With reliable and solid materials to connect, hang and control the grow lights. You can get more information about everything in our Growshop from our knowledgeable staff in our physical stores, or you can also reach out by phone or email.

Cannabis Legalization Germany 2024

Exciting news for all hobby gardeners and cannabis enthusiasts: Cannabis is likely to be legal in Germany by 2024! After lengthy deliberations and discussions, the German Bundestag voted overwhelmingly on 23.02.2024 to adopt the legislative changes regarding the handling of cannabis. This probably opens up a new world of legal cannabis cultivation for private individuals in the Federal Republic of Germany.

According to the current drafts, under certain conditions, an adult may grow up to three cannabis plants for personal use. This marks a significant turning point in European cannabis policy and finally offers cannabis lovers the opportunity to move within a legal framework and avoid risks of criminality. We at Sirius support this political movement as it promotes responsible and self-determined consumption and reduces the dangers associated with black market cannabis. The cannabis ban has evidently not worked, as consumption in Germany has continuously increased and the cannabis has become stronger (with dangerously high THC levels and toxic additives). To prevent criminals from profiting from the black market and to protect young people from potential dangers, a legal and controlled handling of cannabis is essential.

At the Sirius Growshop, we support this step towards legalization and offer you everything you need for the successful cultivation of your own cannabis plants. From high-quality seeds with a germination guarantee to professional grow boxes and organic fertilizers – our range is specifically designed to enable a fruitful and healthy harvest.

For those who want to learn more about the legislative change, we have written a detailed blog about the Cannabis Legalization in Germany. This guide provides you with all the information on the new legislation. If you are looking for practical tips on how to legally start growing cannabis in Germany, check out our Blog about Growing Cannabis for Beginners.

We at Sirius are proud to be a part of your legal cannabis cultivation journey, and we place great value on high quality and customer satisfaction. Therefore, you can buy all the equipment you need from us to prepare for cannabis legalization in Germany.

WARNING: Sirius is not an official government agency and cannot provide officially valid information on the legality of cannabis. Laws vary locally and can change at any time. It is therefore important to inform yourself about the current legal situation regarding cannabis cultivation before ordering seeds or cultivating them.


FAQ: Cultivating organic cannabis with Sirius's online Growshop

What is an online Growshop?

An online Growshop is a digital marketplace where cannabis enthusiasts and cultivators can buy all necessary supplies and equipment for growing their own cannabis.  Sirius's online platform stands out by offering a wide range of high-quality products tailored for both indoor and outdoor cannabis cultivation, focusing on organic and sustainable practices. We promote only organic products, so no chemical fertilizers that pose risks for your cannabis plants, the environment and your own health!

Can I find everything I need to grow cannabis at a Growshop online?

Yes, a comprehensive Growshop online like Sirius provides a complete selection of products for the entire cannabis cultivation process. This includes organic fertilizers, advanced lighting solutions, climate control equipment, and more, catering to both beginners and experienced growers aiming for successful organic cannabis cultivation. Sirius has made the decision to not include soil in our online Smartshop or physical stores. Please understand our decision and buy RHP or otherwise certified soil from licensed distributors.

What makes a growing shop specialized in cannabis?

A growing shop that specializes in cannabis, such as Sirius, offers products specifically designed for cannabis cultivation. This specialization ensures that growers have access to the best germination kits, organic nutrients, and lighting systems that are optimized for cannabis plants' unique requirements. Sirius has been in the Smartshop Business for over 25 years, and since the beginning, we have specialized in cannabis-related products. This not only includes the best cannabis seeds, whether feminized, autoflower, or CBD, but also top-notch cannabis growing equipment!

Why choose Sirius as your grow store?

Choosing Sirius as your grow store means you have a partner dedicated to supporting your cannabis cultivation journey with organic and pesticide-free products. Sirius's commitment to quality and sustainability makes it the ideal choice for growers who prioritize the health and ecological impact of their cultivation practices.

What does a cannabis grow shop offer?

A Cannabis grow shop like Sirius offers a curated selection of cannabis-specific cultivation products, including nutrients, soil, lighting, and climate control solutions. These products are chosen to ensure the healthy growth and flowering of your cannabis plants, supporting both medicinal and recreational cultivation.

How does a cannabis grow store ensure the success of my cultivation?

By selecting Sirius as your cannabis grow store, you gain access to top-tier organic grow nutrition, bud boosters, and grow lights, from the best brands like Biotabs or BAC. This ensures your cannabis plants grow in a clean, controlled environment, leading to higher yields and quality.

Are weed grow stores accessible for beginners?

Absolutely, weed grow stores like Sirius cater to cultivators of all levels, offering products and resources that guide beginners through each step of the cultivation process. Sirius’s online resources, including blogs and encyclopedias, provide valuable insights into organic growing techniques and cannabis care. If you prefer to receive tailored advice regarding your growing adventure, you can visit one of our smartshops in Maastricht, Roermond or Venlo, and receive personal advice and what products are best for you!

Can I purchase potting soil at a weed growing store like Sirius?

While Sirius, as a weed growing store, focuses on products that directly support cannabis cultivation, it does not sell potting soil due to logistical and image concerns. However, Sirius guides on selecting high-quality soil with the RHP quality mark, essential for organic cannabis growing.

How do I choose the right products from a Growshop for my cannabis project?

Selecting the right products involves understanding your specific needs, space, and the type of cannabis you wish to cultivate. Sirius offers a range of products suitable for different strains and growing conditions, and our expert staff is always available to provide personalized advice, whether you're growing Amnesia Haze, an Indica variety, or medicinal CBD weed.

What essentials do you need from an online Growshop for successful cannabis cultivation?

Key essentials include organic growth nutrition, appropriate lighting (LED or HPS lamps), climate control tools (hygrometers, thermometers, and PH testers), and a reliable ventilation system with an active carbon filter to manage odor. Sirius offers these essentials and more, ensuring your cannabis cultivation is a success from start to finish.

If you have any questions about growing cannabis or need assistance with our online Growshop, don't hesitate to reach out to our customer service!

Discover the huge assortment of cannabis seeds at

If you want to buy the best cannabis seeds, then you should check out our online Seedshop. There, you will find a huge selection of Indica, Sativa, and hybrid strains, both regular, feminized, and autoflowering.

Only at Sirius: Our Germination Guarantee. We at Sirius fully stand behind the quality of our cannabis seeds. That's why we offer a germination guarantee. If the cannabis seeds you bought in the Sirius Seedshop do not germinate, we will replace them with new ones so you can grow healthy and strong cannabis plants. This guarantee naturally only applies if you have treated your seeds correctly. To make use of our germination guarantee, we ask you to document your germination process with pictures and as much information as possible. If you can prove to us that your cannabis seeds did not germinate despite proper handling, we will replace them with new ones or refund (a part of) the purchase price.

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