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Do you want to get healthy and maintain your health in top shape? In the online Healthshop of, you will find natural health products that are good for your body, and mind. Our online webshop is known for promoting a healthy lifestyle, close to nature. That is why many of our natural health products are organic. Not only is this healthy for people, but it is also better for nature. Because people and nature belong together.

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Why choose the Sirius online Healthshop?

Although we do not make health claims, and recommend consulting a doctor for conditions and diagnoses, we can give advice. We sell natural health products that have been used since time immemorial for various complaints.

Many customers are happy to find, often after a long search, that they can go for natural health products without serious side effects or negative effects, like the potential for addiction, withdrawal symptoms or adverse effects.

More and more people believe in the power of natural remedies and rely on the power of nature for their health and well-being. Just as our ancestors benefited from beneficial herbs, vitamins and minerals, we can also be and stay healthy by listening carefully to our body and making healthy choices by choosing health supplements.

Sirius works with respect for nature and that is also reflected in our Healthshop. Our health supplements, which include nutritional supplements, have natural ingredients, do rarely produce any side effects, and are not addictive. Our expert team is happy to provide you with advice about our Healthshop products. So do not hesitate to contact our customer service with questions about our natural health products.

Order your healthy nutritional supplements in our online Healthshop

Are you looking for ways to improve your health and would you like to try vitamin pills, healthy nutritional supplements and medicinal herbs? Take a quick look at our online Healthshop for inspiration, tips and natural health products to order online. In our online Healthshop you can order healthy herbal tea, capsules containing medicinal herbs, mushroom supplements and books about health products.

Selected for best price/quality ratio

You can buy nutritional supplements of the best quality in our online Healthshop. Sirius chooses products with the best price/quality ratio. In our Healthshop you will find quality health supplements for the best price.
You can go for nutritional supplements that strengthen your immune system, help you concentrate better and improve your stamina. You will also find herbs in our online Healthshop that you can use as tea to make an herbal tea with health benefits.

Medicinal herbs and plants in capsule form

The range of our Healthshop is regularly supplemented with high-quality nutritional supplements and health capsules with medicinal herbs and plants. You will not easily find these in an ordinary pharmacy, but they certainly belong in the range of a naturopath. Of course, Sirius is inspired by the healing arts of all kinds of peoples around the world. For example, we sell drinkable silicon, spirulina tablets, magnesium MetaRelax energy tablets, acai and camu camu. Are you curious about these natural health products and do you want to learn more? On our website, you will find a lot of information about these interesting health supplements and advice about their use and effect.

Medicinal mushroom supplements in online Healthshop

Our online Healthshop is a treasure chest of medicinal mushroom supplements. You can use these nutritional supplements for all kinds of ailments and disorders. For example, lion's mane is used to improve cognitive functions. It might help with having more focus and better concentration. Sirius sells different products, for example lion’s mane powder. Check out this Lion's Mane Organic Mushroom Powder Bio.

In our online Healthshop you will also find other medicinal mushrooms such as reishi, chaga and maitake. Each of these health products has benefits. These medicinal mushrooms are available in capsule form, in powder and as an extract. We also offer blends of multiple medicinal mushrooms, such as the Chill Mix Mushrooms Extract. The products are certified organic.

Check out our online Healthshop to discover our wide assortment of medicinal mushroom supplements! 

Buy Health supplements in our Healthshop

Nowadays, many people become vitamin deficient, whether it is due to aging or a sub-optimal diet. Vitamins are essential for a functioning body, as are minerals and healthy fats. In Sirius' online Healthshop you will find nutritional supplements that complement your diet. Puori vitamin D3 (also known as the sun vitamin)  is such a health supplement that almost everyone in the Netherlands should take, especially in winter. We also offer a Puori vitamin C3 effervescent tablet and a vitamin B12 Berry Booster (extra important for vegans and vegetarians, as this is a vitamin that is primarily found in meat and related products).

List of health supplements for sale at Sirius

  • Vitamin B12 supplement
  • Vitamin D supplement
  • Vitamin C supplement
  • Vitamin K supplement
  • Multivitamin supplement
  • Magnesium supplement
  • Fish oil supplement

Nutritional supplements for sale in our Healthshop

The special substance curcumin can be found in the turmeric root. Protect your body against inflammation and increase your resistance by taking your daily dose of health from mother nature! Turmeric is a special spice that has been used in Asian cuisine for hundreds of years. But turmeric is also a popular plant as a medicine.

The turmeric root is seen in Ayurveda as an important part of a healthy lifestyle. For example, turmeric is used within Ayurvedic medicine to fight inflammation. In our Healthshop, you will find various nutritional supplements with turmeric. We also sell Taka Turmeric's cookbook, containing healthy recipes with turmeric and other Ayurvedic ingredients.

Please contact our customer service if you have any questions

Do you have a specific question about the natural health products for sale in our Healthshop? On our blog page and in our online encyclopedia you will find a lot of information regarding medicinal herbs and plants, mushrooms and healthy nutritional supplements. We also sell various books about, among other things, the effect of medicinal mushrooms, the power of cannabidiol (CBD) and medicinal cannabis. If you would like personal advice, please contact our customer service by telephone or call one of our physical stores. This way you can receive very personal help and they receive tailor-made advice about the products from our Healthshop.

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