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Trip Report: Lively dreaming with Calea zacatechichi 25-08-2020 Dreamherb, or Calea zacatechichi, is a plant used by Aztec shamans from Mexico to help them navigate the dream world. This plant has only recently cau Read more Harvesting Cannabis and Magic Mushrooms with Full Moon 10-08-2020 About every 29th day the full moon is in the sky. Whether it spreads the reflected light brightly over the earth, or hides behind a thick cloud cover, Read more The Jurema Mystery 04-08-2020 ‘Jurema’ back in Brazil is a word full of meanings. For some an entity, for others a beverage, for some more others a practice, ‘jur Read more Catuaba: lost in translation 21-07-2020 J.B., who was already 60 and over, lived in a village in the far regions of Brazil. He was married to a strong woman and the two were known for their Read more Guarana: an overview 15-07-2020 It is difficult to trace back exactly when was the first time I had contact with the guarana plant. Back in Brazil, drinking guarana either in its mor Read more Lessons from guarana and the Sateré-Mawé 15-07-2020 The guarana myth Before things were as they now are, there were three siblings: Ocumáató, Icuamã and Onhiámuá&cc Read more The Yerba mate circle of friendship 23-06-2020 One of the (many) things that I miss the most about Brazil are the never-ending afternoons on the streets around a big bucket of water and a circle of Read more Yerba Mate recipes 23-06-2020 With its origins in the Tupi-Guarani culture, Yerba mate is probably one of the most important beverages in the countries where the Tupi-Guarani influ Read more The perfect match for your joint 18-06-2020 Although it is common practice for people in the Netherlands and other parts of Europe to roll a joint with tobacco, mixing weed and tobacco is not ne Read more Galangal: the energy spice 10-06-2020 This designation covers four different plants, all belonging to the ginger family. Galangal is an ingredient used in Asian cuisine. You can find this Read more Blue water lily: The lost drug 09-06-2020 At the beginning all there was was water. From this water, Nun, one day emerged a water lily from which Atum (the sun god) sprang. From Atum, came Shu Read more Have you heard of kanna? 28-05-2020 Kanna, formally known as Sceletium tortuosum, is a succulent plant originally found in the arid southwestern parts of South Africa. First used by the Read more Kratom 101 21-05-2020 First time I took Kratom I was out at a party. I took about 3 grams of Kratom powder mixed with some water. The taste wasn’t the best, a bit bit Read more What is rapé? 13-03-2020 Rapé is a snuff that consists of finely ground tobacco leaves, combined with various plants, herbs, flowers and tree bark. There are many diffe Read more
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