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LSA vs. LSD: what are the differences in psychedelic trip?
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In this blog item What is LSA and what effects can you expect?Psychedelic effects of LSADreamy psychedelic stateSpiritual insights and trippy thoughtsPhysical side effects such as nausea and vomitingVisual trip effectsHistory of LSA: psychedelic medicineWant to buy LSA seeds?Determine the dose of LSA seedsHow do you use LSA seeds?Tripping on LSA with Space Trips: a strong psychedelic experience from the smartshopDid you know that LSD comes from a fungus?Buy LSA seeds online in our smartshop

LSA vs. LSD: what are the differences in psychedelic trip?

Have you ever tripped on the LSD? The effects of LSD are similar to those of LSA, but what exactly the differences are I will explain to you in this blog. The two substances are related and both produce a psychedelic experience. Sirius sells natural LSA, derived from morning glory and hawaiian baby woodrose, among others.

What is LSA and what effects can you expect?

LSA is an alkaloid and is found in a number of plants. Other examples of plant alkaloids are morphine and nicotine. 

If you are interested in natural psychedelics, LSA is definitely for you. Like magic mushrooms and magic truffles, LSA is found directly in nature. The psychedelic substance is found in the seeds of a number of plants, which is why it is called LSA seed. LSA seeds are available at Sirius from the plants morning glory and hawaiian baby woodrose. LSA can also be found in a certain type of grass, some fungi and other plants that belong to the vine family. 

Morning glory is a climbing plant and produces beautiful trumpet-like flowers in different colors, mainly pink and purple. 

Hawaiian baby woodrose, also called elephant plant, is native to India and also produces beautiful flowers, the seed of which thus produces the psychedelic effects. 

The scientific name of LSA is D-lysergic acid. This name leans towards that of LSD (Lysergic acid di-ethylamide). The two psychedelic substances are related and give a similar trip. Yet there are a number of important differences that I will list below:

Psychedelic effects of LSA

LSA is the precursor to LSD and produces similar effects, although there are also important differences between the effects of LSA and LSD. One important difference is that LSD is much stronger than LSA. Another important difference between the two psychedelic substances is that LSA comes directly from nature, while LSD is synthetically manufactured in the laboratory. Like magic mushrooms and magic truffles, LSA is a product of Mother Nature. This can be an important reason for many psychonauts to trip on LSA. 

Dreamy psychedelic state

A common feature of an LSA trip is its dreamy nature. According to several users this is an important difference with LSD in the atmosphere of the trip. LSA is physically more present and can cause a heavy feeling in the body. Fatigue can also occur and it is nice to lie down. An LSA trip can create a calming, dreamy state. 

Spiritual insights and trippy thoughts

Psychedelics can give you wonderful life lessons and insights into certain themes. From my own experience, I know that psychedelics such as psilocybin, DMT, LSA and LSD can have life-changing effects. Not for nothing have these substances been given divine status by indigenous tribes who have been using these psychoactive substances for thousands of years. Today, science is all about psychedelics and the mainstream is open to concepts that play on the divine healing powers of these medicines from Mother Nature. LSA can lead to very interesting spiritual insights and is therefore used by many users as a tool to gain more insight into certain problems, connect with reality and find themselves again. 

Physical side effects such as nausea and vomiting

It is not strange if during an LSA trip you experience nausea and maybe even vomit. This is seen as a positive thing, as it cleanses your body of evil energy. Just like in an ayahuasca ceremony, in an LSA trip you may need to "purge". Let it out and feel how much lighter you feel. Nausea often occurs at the beginning of a trip and subsides after a while. It is also normal not to feel nauseous at all.

Visual trip effects

As with magic mushrooms and truffles, it is common to have visuals and see trippy colors during an LSA trip. Yet the visual trip effects of LSA are found to be less intense than, for example, psilocybin from magic truffles. The psychedelic effects of LSA are mostly noticeable 'internally'. 

History of LSA: psychedelic medicine

Humans have known about the psychedelic properties of LSA for thousands of years. In various parts of the world, there is a rich history known of the use of psychedelics for spiritual purposes. Unfortunately, much of this information about our ancestors' use of psychedelics has also been lost due to witch hunts and the Inquisition in the Americas.

We know that indigenous people from Mexico used the seed of morning glory and considered it sacred. We find a beautiful example of this on the statue of Xochipilli, also called the prince of flowers. We see a prince, seated on a throne and surrounded by images of a number of sacred psychoactive plants including psilocybe mushrooms, peyote cactus, the tobacco plant and also the LSA seed of morning glory. In Mexico, LSA seed is known as ololiuhqui and is also known as badoh negro. 

Hawaiian baby woodrose has a long history as a medicine within Ayurveda, or the traditional medicine of India. Hawaiian baby woodrose (Argyreia speciosa) is used as a medicine for rheumatism and neurological complaints. In Sanskrit, Hawaiian baby woodrose is labeled as an anti-aging plant. 

Want to buy LSA seeds?

In the smartshop assortment of Sirius you can buy LSA seed that is suitable for an intense psychedelic trip. Sirius sells LSA seeds from morning glory and hawaiian baby woodrose. There are differences in intensity. The seed of hawaiian baby woodrose is more potent than that of morning glory. Check out all our psychedelic smartshop products and order LSA seeds online. 

Determine the dose of LSA seeds

For beginners it is good to know that LSA seed, in addition to a psychedelic effect, usually causes physical side effects including nausea and vomiting. Often these side effects occur at the beginning of the trip and ebb away after a while. For novice users it is wise to always start with a low dose of LSA.

Hawaiian baby woodrose dosage

  • 2-3 seeds (mild)
  • 3-4 seeds (Medium)
  • 4-6 seeds (strong)

Morning glory

  • 50-100 seeds (1,5-3 grams) (mild dosage)
  • 100-250 seeds (3-6 grams) (medium)
  • 250-400 seeds (6-10 grams) (strong)

How do you use LSA seeds?

LSA seed can be compounded in several ways. A common way is to simply chew the LSA seed to make the active ingredients available. Swallow the seeds when they are finely ground with some water or juice. Make sure you are tripping on an empty stomach. 

Another method is to grind the LSA seeds and then pour them over with hot water to make a tea. Filter the liquid after half an hour and drink up.

Tripping on LSA with Space Trips: a strong psychedelic experience from the smartshop

Sirius sells a unique product based on LSA: smartshop capsules with a psychedelic effect. Space Trips give you a trippy experience that is hard to compare with any other hallucinogenic product like magic mushrooms or magic truffles. Space Trips are a specially formulated psychedelic product from the smartshop. In addition to LSA, Space Trips also contain guarana and green tea for an enormous boost of energy from natural caffeine. In addition, Space Trips also contain an extract of passion flower, which adds to the psychedelic and floaty effect.

Make no mistake, Space Trips can provide a strong psychedelic effect. A standard dose consists of 2 capsules. Space Trips give an LSD-like trip, with a strong energy that then becomes very psychedelic. A strong bodyload is common, and at the beginning of the trip you may feel a bit nauseous. 

Space Trips are psychedelic capsules with the addition of LSA from Hawaiian baby woodrose, supplemented with natural caffeine from guarana and green tea. Space Trips are among the most popular smartshop capsules for sale in the Sirius smartshop and are very popular among psychonauts.

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Did you know that LSD comes from a fungus?

Although LSD immediately conjures up an image of the laboratory, the origin is still natural. This, of course, is the case with anything we can think of. Yet many people do not know that LSD originally came from a fungus that grows on grain. Back in the day, before LSD was synthesized by Albert Hofmann in the 1940s, its effects had already been experienced by humans, albeit not in its synthetic form. 

It sometimes happened that the grain being grown became infected with the ergot fungus. When people unsuspectingly ate bread made with this psychedelic grain, they began to behave very strangely. For example, once an entire village started tripping by eating bread contaminated with the ergot fungus.

Buy LSA seeds online in our smartshop

Are you curious about the effects of LSA seed? Buy LSA seed from hawaiian baby wordrose or morning glory in Sirius' smartshop. Or go for Space Trips, strong psychedelic capsules. For questions, please contact our customer service. 


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