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Which Bong do you choose? Glass Bong, Acryl, with Percolator and how to use them
In this blog item
In this blog item Choosing a bong: where to start when finding the right bong?Advantages of bong smoking over a regular pipe or jointA bong gives you a smooth smoking experience with a big kickA cheap bong or an expensive bong: there is an option for every budgetGlass bongs: go for quality, durability and a beautiful designSimple cheap glass bong with no extra optionsUnique bongs with beautiful glassware and diffuser for extra smooth smoking experienceBuying an oil bong for dabbing? Find a bong suitable for wax, honey, resin and THC oilParts for bongs: adapters, cooling chamber, male and female jointsBong with kick hole or not?Bong online order at

Which Bong do you choose? Glass Bong, Acryl, with Percolator and how to use them

Using a bong always feels like a party to many stoners. It is a powerful experience where you can get a large dose of delicious cannabis in one hit. Only suitable for the experienced! Find out which bongs are popular and where your preference lies when choosing a bong at Sirius Headshop.

Using a bong is very simple, but requires specific maintenance and knowledge. In this blog I will explain to you which standard bongs are popular and why you should choose a glass bong, a simple acrylic bong or a very advanced oil bong for dabbing.

Choosing a bong: where to start when finding the right bong?

If you've always rolled joints and have never been the proud owner of a bong, it can be quite a quest to find the right bong to suit you. Still, many stoners choose to use a bong because it has several advantages over other ways you can consume cannabis.

biscotti mintz

A bong - not to be confused with shisha -  is an instrument for burning and inhaling herbs, including cannabis and tobacco. A bong differs from a regular pipe in part because it uses water. This makes the smoking experience more pleasant for the throat.

Also, the shape of a bong means that you can take a big hit in one go and get pretty stoned in no time. Be careful!

To choose the right bong, it is important to have an overview of the different possibilities. This blog is dedicated to just that: we focus on the most popular bongs, made of different materials and with different properties. For example, there are inexpensive bongs made of plastic, with beautiful colors and shapes. There are also more expensive bongs made of glass. 

glass bong

Glass bongs come in all shapes and sizes. Giant glass bongs that allow you to take monstrous hits of silky smooth smoke thanks to an ingenious cooling system, or tiny glass bongs with a cute design as the perfect gift for your beloved stoner friend.

In addition to glass bongs, Sirius also sells a whole range of bongs made of plastic, or acrylic. These bongs are less sturdy and generally break faster (although you shouldn't drop a glass bong, of course), but they do have the advantage of being much cheaper. 

neon bong

Finally, of course, there are the bongs meant for dabbing. We will talk about this too, as you may want to go for a bong that also allows you to use THC oil, wax and crystals.

Advantages of bong smoking over a regular pipe or joint

There are a number of significant advantages to bong smoking over a joint, spliff, blunt or pipe. 

However, I should make an immediate comment: if you are looking for a way to use cannabis primarily for health reasons, I highly recommend investing in a herbal vaporizer. This is an essential tool for using cannabis in a medicinal way. 

pax 2

But enough about vaporizers, because there are also a lot of benefits associated with bongs, which I will list below:

A bong gives you a smooth smoking experience with a big kick

The nice thing about a bong is that you get wonderfully smooth smoke and still get a decent dose of THC in one go. 

If you don't like the sore throat you can get from smoking a joint or pipe, opting for a bong is a smart idea. In doing so, you minimize the negative effects of inhaling smoke. 

A cheap bong or an expensive bong: there is an option for every budget

Whether you want to invest in a super unique, decent model or are looking for the cheapest option: both are possible. You don't have to be rich to purchase a simple bong. If, on the other hand, you have room for a bigger expense, it is also possible to opt for an expensive model with extra options.

Of course, if you have the chance, it is recommended to choose a more expensive bong made of borosilicate glass. This is a bong made of durable material that will last a long time. Furthermore, there are additional options available such as a bong with percolator, diffuser cooling chamber, in order to get an extra smooth experience.

oil bong

An additional advantage of a glass bong is the fact that the smoking experience is even more flavorful. This is because you are using glass, a material that does not affect flavors. This allows you to enjoy an incredibly pure experience with cannabis. 

Glass bongs: go for quality, durability and a beautiful design

Among glass bongs, we can distinguish between different models. Which glass bong suits you best?

Simple cheap glass bong with no extra options

For the minimalists among us, there are bongs that do what they need to do, without any extra frills: a glass bong consisting of the bong itself, with chillum and bowl with filter. 

Some cheap glass bongs do have spikes, which allow you to put ice cubes in the shaft. This is for an extra cool smoking experience. Because of this option, we call this an ice bong.

ice bong mini

Good to know: when you order a bong from Sirius' Headshop, you get a pack of free strainers with it.

Unique bongs with beautiful glassware and diffuser for extra smooth smoking experience

If you want to invest in a more expensive model, you have a choice of different diffuser bongs, each with a unique look. 

Much attention is paid to the look of the bong, so that it looks beautiful in your room and is a real eye-catcher at a party. 

A diffuser bong uses a system that distributes the smoke in the bong strongly before you inhale it. This gives the smoke more time to cool and disperse. The result: a silky smooth and more cooling smoking experience.

Buying an oil bong for dabbing? Find a bong suitable for wax, honey, resin and THC oil

If you want to go a step further and delve into the world of dabbing, a bong that allows you to use oil is not a bad idea. 

Sirius sells everything you need to dab yourself. Think parchment paper, resin bags, dab tools, carb caps and silicone jars to hold your sticky resin, THC oil or crystals. Different types of oil bongs can also be found in our Headshop.

carb cap

For example, we sell beautiful, unique designs of small and simple bongs with which to use oil.

Parts for bongs: adapters, cooling chamber, male and female joints

Not only the bongs themselves are for sale with us, of course we also have all kinds of parts for bongs. Think of different cups or 'bowls' developed for bongs of different sizes and shapes. This bowl comes standard with your bong and is fitted with a strainer, on which you put your cannabis. 

There are also adapters for sale; these are intermediate pieces with which you can optimize your own bong, so to speak, and adjust it to fit another piece, such as a cooling chamber. 

Bong with kick hole or not?

An added benefit that many bongs have is a so-called kick hole. This sits on the side of the neck of the bong and is basically a little hole that you can leave closed or open while inhaling the vapor. 

you close it you hold the airflow allowing you to take an even stronger hit all at once. When you open it, extra oxygen comes in and 

So look for a bong with kick hole if you find this an added benefit.

Bong online order at

A quick, easy and discreet way to have a special bong in your home quickly is to order it online in our webshop. We sell bongs throughout Europe and ship them stealthily, i.e. without any print or logo on the packaging.

If you are in the area, it is also an idea to drop by one of our physical stores. We sell several interesting models of bongs in our two physical stores in Maastricht and Roermond.

Want to make sure we have your favorite bong in stock? Check our website first and call or email us with your question. If necessary, we can reserve the bong for you or have it ordered.


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