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About Elena

As a child, Elena wanted to become an "Indian" and live in the Amazon jungle. Magic was also always an enchanting word. She would go looking for dragon eggs and leprechauns in the forest and then she would write down these adventures in a journal. Besides magic, writing has always been a great passion as well.

When she first came into contact with psychedelics, in the form of magic mushrooms, she was able to reconnect with the adventurous inner child who believes in the magic of the world. Meanwhile, many psychedelic trips have helped her on her path and she is very grateful for that. Ayahuasca has helped her quit smoking cigarettes and microdosing with magic truffles has given her insights into various aspects of her life, including self-love, communication with others and creativity. And the road to growth always continues!

Fascination with cannabinoids

But she doesn't only write about psychedelic experiences, everything related to cannabis also warms her up. Elena is fascinated by this beautiful medicinal plant. She likes to keep herself busy by reading scientific research about cannabis and doing self-study. Learning about the endocannabinoid system, different cannabinoids and terpenes is super interesting. Of course, trying out special cannabis strains and new vaporizers is part of it. 

Education and passion

Elena studies Organic and Biodynamic agriculture because, besides psychedelics and psychoactive & medicinal plants, she also has a passion for healthy food. Even though we live in a strange time, there is also a lot of positivity and she likes to explore and share that. Fortunately, Sirius only sells organic cannabis growing food! We are also adding more and more products with the organic label to our range which you can find in our Healthshop. Hopefully we are moving towards a future where our Smartshop products are all certified organic.

Her favorite Sirius product is the FreshUp Microdosing. Elena loves that Sirius sells fresh magic truffles that are ideal for microdosing. And microdosing is a very nice way to get to know yourself better.

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