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Everything you need to know about weed edibles
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In this blog item What are edibles?What are the effects of weed edibles?How to calculate THC dosage in edibles?How long do the effects last?Different typesIndica vs. Sativa ediblesWeed strain recommendationsHow to make edibles?How to dose edibles?Are weed edibles dangerous?Tips for eating weed ediblesConclusion

Everything you need to know about weed edibles

If you've ever been to a stoner birthday party, you've probably come across them: edibles. As the word suggests, we're talking about edible cannabis. Whether you want to make your own cannabis edibles and are looking for a recipe, or want to know what the effects of edibles are, in this article you will read all about this tasty but potentially risky cannabis product.

What are edibles?

Edibles stand for food that contains cannabis. It is also called cannabis-infused food. Cannabis is consumed orally rather than smoked. Edibles provide a different high, compared to smoking a joint. 

For people who do not like smoking, but who do like the (medicinal) effects of cannabis, edibles may be ideal. Cannabis is used for a variety of purposes. Examples include reducing physical pain symptoms, relieving depressive feelings, warding off inflammation, promoting sleep, and inducing appetite.
However, dosing cannabis edibles is often difficult. This increases the chances of having an overly strong experience, more on that later.

Edibles come in many shapes and sizes. There are many sweet edibles, such as cannabis cookies, candy, cake and pie. But even a drink such as chocolate milk can be transformed into an edible. There are also savory edibles, such as pizza with cannabis. There are countless edible recipes online. It is possible, in places where it is legal, to buy edibles in various coffeeshops or cannabis stores.

Why do almost all recipes with cannabis involve some form of heating, you might wonder.
Eating raw cannabis does not produce a significant high. Get ready for some chemistry class:
When you eat cannabis, it’ll only get you high when it’s decarboxylated. This involves a chemical reaction in which the cannabinoids in cannabis, including THC, transform from an acidic and inactive form, to an active form. This is done through heating, for example when smoking, but also by heating cannabis in an oven or in a pan. THC-A thus becomes THC.

What are the effects of weed edibles?

Unlike smoking a joint, or using a vaporizer, you eat cannabis. Because the active ingredients, including THC and CBD, have to take quite a journey in your body, it takes longer for the effects to emerge. When you smoke a joint, the cannabinoids are absorbed into your bloodstream through the lungs very quickly. When eating a cannabis edible, the active substances must first pass all the way through the digestive system until they are absorbed through the stomach, into the bloodstream. It can take up to an hour before you begin to notice anything, sometimes even longer. This depends.

The effects of edibles are different from smoking a joint. They are often more intense and last for longer. Why? The body, including the liver, converts THC into a more potent form, than when it is smoked.

The effects of cannabis edibles at a glance:

  • Relaxation
  • Euphoria
  • Drowsiness

It is also possible for psychedelic effects to occur, including visual effects. Colors may be more intense, or objects distorted. Noises may also sound different than normal.

You may also feel dizzy, nauseous or paranoid. These effects occur mainly in people who have no experience with edibles, or have taken a dose that’s too high.

How to calculate THC dosage in edibles?

Determining the amount of THC in edibles can be a challenge. With homemade baked goods, it can be difficult to know exactly how strong a portion is. This has to do with the fact that each weed strain differs in the amount of THC, as well as how well you decarboxylated the weed. This all determines how strong the end result is. 

There are several calculations you can use to determine the amount of THC in your edible, all of which will not be 100% accurate.

To find out the strength of your edible, you can use the following formula: 

If your end result is 1000 grams of space cake, for which 6 grams of cannabis starting material has been used, you know that per 1000 grams/ 6 grams of cannabis has been used. Converted this is 0.006 grams of cannabis per gram of cake.

Suppose the cannabis material is a powerful strain, for example Amnesia Haze of about 15-20% THC. Then the calculation continues: per gram cake is 0.006 grams of cannabis x 0.20 = 0.0012 grams or 12 mg THC. 

You can also choose to follow an edible recipe and then divide the recommended serving into four. Take 1/4th and see how you react to it. Build up until you arrive at the desired effect. Now you can use this personalized dose in future recipes.

How long do the effects last?

The effects of cannabis edibles last much longer than smoking weed. Depending on the dosage, personal use and metabolism, the effect lasts several hours, up to 6 hours, sometimes even longer. Keep that in mind, and plan it in your schedule so that you don't have any obligations if you want to use edibles. As with a psychedelic trip, such as magic mushrooms, the after-effect can take quite some time. 

It can take up to 45 minutes - 1 hour before you begin to notice anything, sometimes even longer. This depends on several factors, including:


Everyone's metabolism is unique. Therefore, it may well be that your friend experiences effects from the cannabis edible much faster than you do. The faster your metabolism works, the sooner the active substances will do their work.

Full or empty stomach

Have you eaten a heavy meal beforehand? Then it will take even longer before the effects of the edible are felt. If you have eaten very little beforehand, you may actually experience the edible much faster and more intensely. It is wise to eat a healthy and hearty meal several hours before taking an edible.


A small dose probably makes for a somewhat less intense and short experience. A large dose can make for a very long high. 

A usual dose for users who do not have much experience is between 2 and 6 mg THC. Strong doses are between 4 and 8 mg THC.

Different types

The effects of cannabis are highly dependent on the amount of active ingredients present. There are countless different varieties, each with its own unique properties. Responsible for this are largely the substances called cannabinoids. Cannabis possesses as many as over 100 different active substances, in varying amounts. The most well-known cannabinoids are THC and CBD.

What types of edibles are there? Besides sweet and savory edibles, there are also differences in the weed strain used, the dosage and the effect. The effect of edibles is partly determined by the strain of weed and how much THC and other cannabinoids are present.

THC edibles

Edibles usually contain THC, and even more often, a considerable amount. This is why edibles quickly get a bad name, because someone gets a bad experience (or bad trip, for example), due to too much cannabis.

CBD edibles

CBD edibles do not give you a high and are available legally in many places. You can also find all kinds of CBD edibles, including CBD candy, in Sirius' CBD Shop. One of our most popular products is the CBD lollipop. This treat contains a dose of CBD and is used for a variety of purposes. CBD is taken for sleeping problems, anxiety, depression and pain, among other things. Check out our CBDshop for all kinds of interesting CBD products.

cbd lolly


Indica vs. Sativa edibles

With edibles, there are all sorts of different cannabis strains that can be used. A distinction is sometimes made between sativa and indica. Mind you, this distinction is a traditional way of thinking. There isn’t hard evidence on this, other than findings from cannabis users. The concentration of terpenes (aromatic compounds) and cannabinoids, appears to be more important when it comes to different effects. 
Generalized, the biggest differences between indica and sativa are stated as follows:


  • Relaxing
  • Analgesic
  • Physical high
  • Couch-lock
  • Munchies


  • Psychedelic
  • Mental high
  • Creativity

Weed strain recommendations

Some top weed strains to use in your edible recipes. Everyone reacts differently to different cannabis strains, keep that in mind!


With Critical, Royal Queen Seeds has a winner on offer. This strain is a true classic. Strong THC levels and very suitable for use in edible recipes. Critical is easy to grow in our area, an extra plus for novice growers!

critical weed

Fat Pete's Cookies Auto

An autoflower with a great aroma and interesting genetics. Specially developed by Super Sativa Seed Club, with an eye on taste and effect. This autoflower is a hybrid, meaning a mix of sativa and indica. With 20% THC, Fat Pete’s Cookies Auto is a strong strain that will produce strong edibles.

autoflower weed


Last, but not least: A.M.S from Greenhouse Seed Company. This is another hybrid and produces an intense high. The aroma of this strain is sweet, so it goes wonderfully with cakes and cookies.

hybrid weed

How to make edibles?

With an edible recipe it is possible to create your own cannabis-infused food. There are countless ways to cook with cannabis. The most common foods with cannabis are sweets, like cake and cookies. 

An important tip: make sure you stay below a temperature of 190 degrees Celsius. Above this temperature you harm the active ingredients in cannabis.

How to make cannabutter?

For almost all edible recipes you will need one thing, and that's cannabutter. Whether you're making cookies or a cake, cannabis butter will definitely be on the list with ingredients. You can make it with regular butter, or you can make a vegan alternative by using coconut oil, or any other vegetable oil. 

It is not recommended to mix decarboxylated ground cannabis buds through your batter, because (in most cases) it is not particularly tasty. Instead, it is suitable to make cannabis butter and use this. Another option is using cannabis oil or concentrate.

Most importantly: your cannabis needs to be combined with something that has a lot of fat. This way, the THC molecules can bind to the oil, so you can discard the remaining plant material. Now you'll have a smooth result, instead of a cake tasting like plants, containing chunks of weed.

Now you can use any cake or cookie recipe to make cannabis-infused food. Substitute regular oil or butter in the recipe for cannabutter.

Want an edible recipe to make your own cannabutter? Then click here and read this blog.

How to make cannabis oil?

Another way to get stoned from cannabis is to make cannabis oil. Often this is a concentrated oil with THC. Because of this it is also called THC oil. You use this oil orally and usually take it through a pipette. But it is also possible to make a recipe with cannabis oil. Because of the strong concentration, you usually only need one to a few drops to have an effect. The possibilities for cooking with cannabis oil are endless!

Cannabis chocolate milk recipe

A fun way to make cannabis infused food, or drinkable, is by preparing cannabis chocolate milk. This is a very simple and effective edible recipe. Milk contains enough fat to absorb the active ingredients. You gently simmer the cannabis with the milk over low heat, then strain the mixture through a sieve. And voila!

Space cake (and/or) weed brownies recipe

Many a stoner will love a home-baked space cake or weed brownies. There are many ways to make these treats. If you have your cannabis butter in stock, you can turn any classic cake into a real space cake.

How to dose edibles?

Dosing edibles is the hardest part and this is where things often go wrong. To prepare yourself properly, having a digital scale is essential. With this, you weigh your weed accurately. That way you know how much THC is in your bake and then per serving.

precision scale

It helps tremendously when you make your own edibles and know how much THC is in your edibles. 

To find out the strength of your edible, you can use the following formula: As mentioned above, you must first find out which cannabis strain is used so you can determine the strength. 

If your end result is 1000 grams of space cake, for which 6 grams of cannabis starting material has been used, you know that per 1000 grams/ 6 grams of cannabis has been used. Converted this is 0.006 grams of cannabis per gram of cake.

Suppose the cannabis material is a powerful strain, for example Amnesia Haze of about 15-20% THC. Then the calculation continues: per gram cake is 0.006 grams of cannabis x 0.20 = 0.0012 grams or 12 mg THC. 

Not unimportant: by doing some research and from your own experience you can find out how different cannabis strains work. It will never be a black and white story, some cannabis strains are simply stronger, more psychedelic or more relaxing at one moment than at another. This has to do with all kinds of factors. Still, you can learn to distinguish between different kinds as well as possible. In the coffee shop it is best to ask the staff about the THC and CBD percentage. If you've bought cannabis seeds to grow your own plants, ask for advice and read enough information about the strain. THC percentages can vary considerably. Stronger strains will of course result in a stronger edible.

Are weed edibles dangerous?

In short, no, edibles are not dangerous. They contain cannabis, and even in large quantities, weed is still "safe" for your body. Mentally, though, edibles can have a big impact, especially if you end up in a bad trip. The most important thing is to know what you're eating. How many milligrams of THC are in your edibles? If you really don't know, start with 1/4th of the serving.
Although cannabis infused food is not dangerous, you can have a hangover from edibles. You may also get red eyes from edibles and be a little groggy the day after. Drink plenty of water and eat healthy to get fit again quickly.

Tips for eating weed edibles

  • Make sure you have eaten a healthy and hearty meal a few hours beforehand, that way you will have enough energy to spackle without a too full stomach.
  • Be careful when dosing. If you are a beginner, or don't have enough information about the edible's dose, take less.
  • Wait at least 45 minutes after you take the first portion of your edible. Wait even longer if you’ve eaten beforehand. If you want stronger effects after that, take another piece like that.
  • Have plenty of water and tasty snacks on hand. When the munchies occur, have something on hand to satisfy your hunger, rather than taking more space cake. 
  • Have a bad trip? The best thing you can do is just sit it out. Drink some hot tea and try to breathe calmly. It may help if someone is with you and speaks to you calmly. That way you won't panic and the unpleasant feeling will pass quickly.


Cannabis edibles are a great way to enjoy cannabis. You can buy cannabis edibles at several places, and it is also possible to make your own cannabis edibles with homegrown cannabis. 

Pay close attention to dosing edibles and wait long enough before taking a second serving. The cannabis choice affects the high, as does your metabolism and whether you've eaten or not.

Keep all these factors in mind and eat in moderation!


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