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28-05-2022 8 minutes Blog psychedelics Salvia Divinorum Trip: This You Need to Know Salvia divinorum, the magical plant with hallucinogenic effects, is known among many a psychonaut. But have you learned about its history and properti [..] 26-02-2022 8 minutes Blog psychedelics History of Psychedelics – From Primate Chimpanzees eating Shrooms to Modern Research in the 21st Century The History of Psychedelics – A story that starts before the first Homo Sapiens wandered the earth, a story that includes ancient indigenous civ [..] 08-07-2021 8 minutes Blog psychedelics Meet the Godfather of MDMA: Alexander Shulgin Thanks in part to the Internet, I've learned that there are many more sides to one story. As an adolescent, a door opened for me when I realized h [..] 09-06-2021 7 minutes Blog psychedelics Scientific research on psychedelics: What's going on in 2021? Even your grandmother has most likely heard something about research on psychedelics, a subject that is gaining popularity. Scientific research into s [..] 23-04-2021 7 minutes Blog psychedelics Spring and psychedelics: the season of rebirth Can you feel it in your fingertips and at the tip of your nose? Spring is dancing around us again and we rejoice! The orchestra of birds, the budding [..] 22-01-2021 7 minutes Blog psychedelics Shamanism: Trance with or without psychoactive substances Psychoactive substances are unfortunately still overly linked to the negative term "drugs", where it is interesting to note in this context, [..] 18-01-2021 7 minutes Blog psychedelics Amanita Muscaria, Shamanism and Santa Claus I think I was about seven years old when I found out that Saint Nicholas doesn't exist. Around the sixth of December we had a visit from the good [..] 31-12-2020 8 minutes Blog psychedelics Good Intentions for 2021 by a Psychonaut To test how well we know ourselves, we can ask ourselves some questions. Do you know who you are? Do you know your strengths and weaknesses? Are [..] 03-12-2020 8 minutes Blog psychedelics Can psychedelics help manifest my dreams? Although you can say a lot of bad things about this strange time in which we live, as a positive note I can say that it strikes me that it makes peopl [..] 09-11-2020 9 minutes Blog psychedelics How can you have a trip with DMT? DMT can produce powerful visual and auditory effects and cause profound inner transformation. It is with reason that the substance is referred to as & [..] 07-07-2020 7 minutes Blog psychedelics The rise, fall and rise again of psychedelics “To make this mundane world sublime, Take half a gram of phanerothyme”  “To fathom Hell or soar angelic, Just take a pin [..] 09-06-2020 8 minutes Blog psychedelics Are psychedelics literal gates to our inner selves? Here is an interesting thought: What if what we see during a trip isn’t just something ‘made-up’ by our brain but real, ‘concr [..] 27-05-2020 10 minutes Blog psychedelics An introduction to the salvia dimension I inhale some smoke. It comes from an old plastic bottle, an improvised bong. I feel the smoke inside my lungs, and the breeze outside, touching my ch [..] 21-02-2020 5 minutes Blog psychedelics Are you ready for Salvia divinorum? This particular plant was until quite recently very rare and could only be found in the state of Oaxaca (Mexico). It was first described botanica [..]
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