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Effects of Syrian Rue: interesting psychedelic trip drug and MAO inhibitor
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In this blog item What is Syrian Rue and how is it used?History of Syrian Rue: an ancient hallucinogenic drugEffects of Syrian Rue at a glanceA trip with Syrian Rue can feel like a dreamPhysical reaction such as vomiting or nausea in Syrian RueSyrian Rue is a powerful MAO inhibitorNausea and Syrian Rue: Tips and TricksAlkaloids in Syrian Rue: harmala and harmaline explainedMAOI and nutrition: what can and cannot you eat with Syrian Rue?

Effects of Syrian Rue: interesting psychedelic trip drug and MAO inhibitor

Some smartshop products, such as magic truffles and magic mushroom grow kits, are flying over the counter like hotcakes. Other psychoactive substances, such as Syrian Rue (Peganum harmala), are less well known. In this blog, I'm going to talk about this psychedelic plant and learn about the effects of Syrian Rue and how you can use it on your spiritual path.

What is Syrian Rue and how is it used?

Syrian Rue, also known as Rue or Peganum harmala, is a plant with medicinal and hallucinogenic properties. Although both the flowers, bark and stems are used, it is mainly the seeds that are involved. 

These seeds are sold in Sirius' Smartshop and can be easily ordered online or picked up at one of our physical stores. However, before buying Syrian Rue, it is wise to learn about this magical plant medicine and what you can do with it.

History of Syrian Rue: an ancient hallucinogenic drug

Scientists have been speculating for some time about the origin of the word Soma. In ancient Persian texts, a ritual drink called Soma was written about in Sanskrit. This magical drink contains a sacred plant, which people still do not know which one it is. Several psychedelic plants have already been reviewed, and Syrian Rue would be a very likely candidate. 
Other possibilities include psilocybe mushrooms, the fly agaric (Amanita muscaria) and Ma Huang (Ephedra).

What we do know about Syrian Rue is that the plant has been used by humans for thousands of years and has spread throughout the world through human actions. Syrian Rue grows in different places around the world, but is originally from Iran. Syrian Rue grows mainly within the Mediterranean region, including Morocco and Turkey.

syrian rue seeds

Effects of Syrian Rue at a glance

Syrian Rue has been used by humans as a psychoactive drug for a very long time for a variety of reasons. Below is an overview of the possible effects of Peganum harmala and what this plant offers in terms of psychedelic experience.

syrian rue

A trip with Syrian Rue can feel like a dream

A characteristic of Syrian Rue is its dream-like nature. It may feel like you are in a sleep state. It is also possible that your body feels heavy and you prefer to lie down, or have difficulty moving. A paddotrip combined with Syrian Rue can therefore feel more lethargic.

Hearing voices "outside yourself" is also common. This voice outside yourself may coincide with certain visions.

Physical reaction such as vomiting or nausea in Syrian Rue

Nausea, vomiting or diarrhea are all fairly common effects of Syrian Rue. So don't think of a trip with Syrian Rue as one for pleasure. This effect is also called purging, where your body gets rid of negative energy. Usually a user feels relieved afterwards. For some, the nausea lasts a long time; for most, it passes after half an hour to an hour. 

Syrian Rue is a powerful MAO inhibitor

Syrian Rue's power lies largely in its MAO-inhibiting properties. This makes it possible to make psychedelic substances stronger and intensify a psychedelic trip. 

A good example of an MAOI is Banisteriopsis caapi, the climbing plant found in the drink Ayahuasca. To make DMT orally active, an MAOI is added to the DMT-containing plant Psychotria viridis. 

An MAOI makes certain substances less easily broken down in the body. When DMT is taken orally, the body does not get a chance to absorb the substance because monoamine oxidase takes place. This is a bodily process in which enzymes break down DMT and other substances. An MAO inhibitor (mono-amine oxidase inhibitor) slows down this process. 

Syrian Rue works in a similar way. Psychonauts therefore like to combine Syrian Rue with other psychedelics such as magic truffles and magic mushrooms, as well as DMT. A trip can become many times more intense because the psychedelic substances, such as psilocybin, are not broken down as quickly.

magic mushrooms

A popular way Syrian Rue is used is in Psilohuasca. In this, magic truffles or magic mushrooms are combined with an MAO inhibitor, giving you a more intense trip that goes in the direction of Ayahuasca. Usually Psilohuasca sessions are held in groups under the guidance of a shaman. 

Always be very careful about committing to such a ceremony and inform yourself before participating in this. 

It is very important to inform yourself well before experimenting with combining Syrian Rue and psychedelics.

Nausea and Syrian Rue: Tips and Tricks

There are several ways you can use Syrian Rue seeds. To minimize nausea, here are some tips:

  1. Combine Syrian Rue with a plant against nausea. An example is cannabis: this plant is known to reduce nausea. It is important to note, however, that cannabis obviously has psychoactive effects and can affect the trip.
  2. Other plants that counteract nausea are ginger, mint, etc. CBD can also be used against nausea. Take a few drops of CBD oil.
  3. Grind the Syrian Rue seeds with a coffee grinder. Then make capsules of the powder and take Syrian Rue half an hour before taking the psychedelic (e.g. magic mushrooms). 3-6 grams of ground Syrian Rue is sufficient.
  4. Avoid the smell of Syrian Rue by, for example, pushing mint or another strong-smelling herb into both nostrils when using Syrian Rue. This is especially intended if you have worked with Syrian Rue before. The smell of something that has made you nauseous in the past may trigger this again. Hence, it may help to mask the smell as much as possible.
  5. Eat only light meals and fast for a few hours before taking Syrian Rue. This can help combat nausea.
  6. As a final tip, embrace the effect of Syrian Rue and see it as a way to help yourself along your spiritual path. Nausea may be experienced differently that way. In other words, give it a positive spin and accept what happens.

Alkaloids in Syrian Rue: harmala and harmaline explained

Syrian Rue consists of numerous alkaloids. Science has been able to dissect a number that are largely responsible for the effects of Peganum harmala. The following is an overview of the main constituents of Syrian Rue and some explanation of their effects.

By the way, the information about the ingredients of Syrian Rue comes from Alexander Shulgin. This pioneer, together with his wife Ann Shulgin, has moved mountains in the discovery of the psychedelic world and its contents.

buy syrian rue

Harmaline: This substance has an anti-bacterial effect and is also a hallucinogen.  Also, it is an MAO inhibitor. Harmaline was formerly used to treat Parkinson's disease. This is partly because it has a stimulating effect on the central nervous system. 

Possibly harmaline plays a role in accelerating the conversion of serotonin to melatonin. In this way, the substance could contribute to the dream state that often occurs during a trip with Syrian Rue.

Harmine: Has hallucinogenic effects in high doses. 
Stimulates the central nervous system and also acts as an MAOI. Health benefits are also attributed to harmine. It is said to have anti-tumor and anti-cancer effects and to have a strengthening effect on the bones. Harmine could also be used in the treatment of type 1 and type 2 diabetes. 

Tetrahydroharmine: May play a less significant role in the action of Syrian Rue. Nevertheless, the effect of this alkaloid could be present.

MAOI and nutrition: what can and cannot you eat with Syrian Rue?

As discussed earlier, the MAOI effect of Syrian Rue causes certain psychedelic substances to remain in the body longer. In fact, this is not just about substances such as psilocybin and DMT, but also about other substances found in various foods. 

Some substances in food are perfectly healthy for our bodies and are broken down by our system without any problems. However, as soon as we let an MAOI do its work, certain substances in food suddenly become available in our body in larger quantities, up to dangerous (and in the worst case even deadly) amounts.

It is therefore very important to pay very close attention to what you can and cannot eat, the days before and after a trip with Syrian Rue (or any other MAOI).

The following is a list of foods that interact dangerously with an MAOI. Please note that this list is not exhaustive! 

  • Cheese
  • Wine 
  • Chocolate
  • Nuts

Also, certain medications and drugs should absolutely not be combined with an MAOI such as Syrian Rue. This can cause complications such as serotonin syndrome. Too much serotonin then continues to circulate in the body which can cause shock.
Dangerous combinations of medications or drugs and an MAOI like Syrian Rue include antidepressants, nicotine and caffeine and other stimulants.


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