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Celebrating Psychedelic New Year with Magic Truffles from Sirius smartshop
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In this blog item Celebrate New Year's Eve according to spiritual Germanic belief: the Yule festCelebrating New Year with magic trufflesWhich magic truffles are best to celebrate New Year?Space Shuttles for laughs and a cozy New Year among friendsGolden Teacher for a spiritual New Year with intentions for the New YearFreshbox Special Edition BronzeRapé as a way to purify yourself with New Year's EveGood resolutions for 2022: finally grow my own weedWhat do you need to grow your own weed in 2022?A joint to close the old year and welcome 2022

Celebrating Psychedelic New Year with Magic Truffles from Sirius smartshop

Celebrating New Year's Eve is an important event of the year for many. How do you prefer to celebrate New Year? Can you still remember the unforgettable parties at New Year, as if it was a previous life? With the current covid pandemic, nothing can be taken for granted anymore. In this blog I will tell you how you can still celebrate New Year and start the new year in a positive way. For this you can use mind-altering smartshop products and psychoactive herbs. Celebrate New Year with Sirius!

Celebrate New Year's Eve according to spiritual Germanic belief: the Yule fest

The Germanic winter solstice is a spiritual tradition that goes back many hundreds of years. Celebrating New Year was already a time of new beginnings back then. Perhaps your ancestors participated in these rituals, which have their origins at this time of the year.

While writing this blog, on December 22, I find myself in the darkest period of the year. According to the old Germanic people, this was logically the end of the year, around the 21st! After this, the days get a little bit longer again and therefore the new year is celebrated from now on. Sounds plausible. Yet in our tradition and according to the current calendar counting, it is a different date, namely January 1. 

Celebrating New Year with magic truffles

For many of us, celebrating New Year will be more peaceful this year. Many countries are in lockdown again and measures around covid-19 have been tightened up. Don't worry! In this blog I will give you ideas for celebrating New Year in a psychedelic way, for example with Magic Truffles. It is possible to celebrate New Year's Eve in a fun and meaningful way. How about celebrating New Year with a few friends or loved ones? Keep it to a small bubble and celebrate New Year in miniature.

Magic truffles can provide an unforgettable and spiritual experience. New Year's Eve can be the perfect setting for this, provided you take it easy. Tripping can be a spiritual way for you to connect with yourself and the universe. Celebrating the end of the year and welcoming the new year feels like a fresh start. With this intention you can enter the magic truffle trip. A trip in which you can let go of the old and open up for what is yet to come. 

Which magic truffles are best to celebrate New Year?

If you choose to keep New Year small and cozy with a few good friends, then a magic truffle trip can be a wonderful way to end this time of year. Which magic truffle you prefer depends entirely on your intention. Tripping on a celebration like New Year's is usually social, so usually a lighter magic truffle is appropriate. Below are some magic truffles from Sirius' Magictruffleshop that are suitable for a small, fine and psychedelic New Year's celebration. 

Space Shuttles for laughs and a cozy New Year among friends

If you are a little familiar with the range of magic truffles from Sirius you also know that it all starts with the Space Shuttles. This magic truffle is extremely suitable for the beginning psychonaut, because it provides intense laughter kicks and a nice body high, but it does not yet send you far into the psychedelic cosmos as is the case with our stronger magic truffles. It is a perfect first trip for someone who has no or very little experience with psychedelics. Space Shuttles are therefore very popular as a social magic truffle. 

Golden Teacher for a spiritual New Year with intentions for the New Year

Are you ready to leave 2021 behind and look ahead to the New Year? Celebrating New Year's Eve is a special time when you reflect on the past year. What has happened in your life? What people have come into your life, who have you said goodbye to? New Year is a time when you think about intentions for the coming year. Good intentions, these are also called.

The Golden Teacher magic truffle gives a philosophical and introspective trip, which suits philosophizing about the past and the future. But, don't get stuck in it! The only moment that matters is NOW. Perhaps the Golden Teacher can teach you this. Living in the now is a great intention for New Year. 

Freshbox Special Edition Bronze

Sirius' Magictruffleshop has expanded and welcomes four new magical truffle editions: Freshbox Special Edition Bronze, Silver, Gold and Palladium! These magic truffles have Sirius smartshop to thank for its 25th anniversary. Ideal magic truffles to celebrate a party like New Year's Eve with. But beware: the Bronze is also a very strong magic truffle. 

The Special Editions are all strong magic truffles suitable for the psychonaut with experience. They all provide intense visual effects and have a strong therapeutic effect. Freshbox Bronze is available in doses of 15 grams. This is a strong hallucinogenic trip and for New Year's with friends, you might consider dividing this dose of magic truffles between two people. Then each has 7.5 grams and is going to provide a less strong psychedelic experience, but nevertheless bring about a trippy New Year. Bronze Special Edition Magic Truffle from Sirius is a true psychedelic treat!

Rapé as a way to purify yourself with New Year's Eve

An original way to celebrate New Year is by using rapé. Sirius smartshop sells different blends of rapé according to recipe from traditional indigenous tribes of the Amazon forest. Rapé is a snuff consisting of various herbs, flowers and seeds dried and ground into powder.

Rapé is blown into the nose with a special pipe called a kuripe. Rapé is a suitable smartshop product to celebrate New Year because of its strong cleansing effect. Rapé is traditionally used in ceremonies. The body is purified of negative energy and is open for the powerful effects of for example psilocybin or DMT. 

Rapé is ideal to use during a cleansing ritual at New Year's Eve. This way you can cleanse yourself for the new year.
Note: rapé can have a strong cleansing effect. It is quite normal for your intestines to start working and you have to go to the toilet, or get nauseous and vomit. 

Rapé is also suitable to use before starting a trip with magic truffles.

Good resolutions for 2022: finally grow my own weed

For the cannabis lovers among us, there is nothing like enjoying homegrown cannabis. It tastes better anyway because you've put your energy and love into it. New Year's Eve is a perfect time to put your good intentions into action. 

Although the new year has only just begun and nature is still at rest, this is already the perfect time to think about the coming season and browse through the Seedshop at Sirius. You can let our team advise you on the best cannabis seeds and which organic grow nutrition you need. Order cannabis seeds and everything you need to grow your own cannabis for the year 2022. 

You can also think about where to put your cannabis plant(s). If you own a piece of garden, you can think about where you want to have your marijuana plants in the coming year. What else do you need to grow your own marijuana? Below is a list of what you need to grow your own weed.

What do you need to grow your own weed in 2022?

Cannabis seeds

Choose from the wide range of cannabis seeds available at Sirius Seedshop. Our experienced staff will be happy to advise you. Visit one of our physical smartshops for advice on the best cannabis seeds. You can also contact us by phone and read our blog and encyclopedia for answers to your questions. The most important question: what is the best choice of cannabis seeds for you?

Germination Kit

A must for every beginning cannabis grower. A Spongepot germination set is also recommended for advanced cannabis growers: your cannabis seeds are guaranteed to germinate, giving your cannabis plant a good start.

Biotabs Starterpack cannabis growing formula

The handy thing about the Biotabs Starterpack is that you have all the cannabis growing supplies in one convenient package. Think of organic NPK nutrition, beneficial soil bacteria and soil improvers. Everything from the Growshop range at Sirius is organic.

A joint to close the old year and welcome 2022

When I celebrate New Year's Eve, I like to take it easy and a joint certainly goes well with that. If the weather is nice I will celebrate the new year by taking a night walk and watching the possible fireworks. Then I will smoke a joint (or vape in my case) indoors and get high to end the year. Maybe a glass of champagne or wine... it is New Year after all!

On behalf of Sirius I wish you a wonderful new year with many opportunities. Happy New Year!

Image: The Rocket by Middleton Manigault


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