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How do I prepare for a trip on Magic Mushrooms?
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In this blog item Recharging energy with a Magic Truffle tripPsilocybin therapy for depressionReboot your mental health5 tips for your Magic Mushroom journey

How do I prepare for a trip on Magic Mushrooms?

Every time, I am delighted by the tricks Mother Nature pulls to usher in the season of spring. Even if you live in a busy city and walk on concrete most of the time, it is still good to make extra connections with nature and go with the rhythm of the seasons. A trip with Magic Mushrooms can be a perfect way to make that connection with yourself and with the universe!

Meanwhile, I have been traveling for almost a year. Because of the restrictions I don't travel, but stay for a longer period in one place, where I feel good. Currently I am staying in a small community, in the middle of nature. I am outside most of the time, walking barefoot as much as possible and working on the land. In a short time I have become even more of an "outdoors person" than I already was. 

I can't imagine anymore what it feels like to stay inside for hours, especially when the sun is shining!

Yet I know all too well that a lot of people mainly 'need' to be inside. With a futuristic view, I expect that people will start to see more and more the importance of being connected to nature, which will make people value 'being outside' more. Hopefully in the future there will be more opportunities for students to take classes outside, where they will have freedom of movement and fresh air. And who knows, maybe there will be more opportunities for office workers to enjoy working in the grass, if they feel like it. 

Recharging energy with a Magic Truffle trip

Back when I lived in a city and spent most of the week sitting inside on a chair, I yearned to recharge my energy on the weekends by taking a long walk or bike ride, in the woods or through the fields. Magic Truffles are my teachers in connecting with nature. They were my medicine during that time to not go completely crazy with city life. 

Right now I feel more connected than ever to nature and therefore to myself. I listen much better to my body, to what it needs. Living in this community makes me understand better the responsibility we have as humans to take the best possible care of the earth. The people who live here could all be labeled as goat-wild hippies. They walk around barefoot, urinate and defecate in a compost toilet and eat lots of lettuce that sometimes still contains a small snail. And they love to talk about natural alternatives, compost, gardening and a healthier world. I get tremendously motivated when I listen to them and study their lifestyles. From my own experience, I can say that this way of life makes me much healthier and happier and has strengthened my faith in humanity!

When I was not so convinced, Magic Truffles were my lifesavers, along with cannabis, good friends and music. And of course the singing birds, budding flowers and waves of the sea. 

Psilocybin therapy for depression

Science is abuzz with psychedelics and the promising results that come from studies. Although there is still hard opposition from various conservatives and people of the old school, more and more people, scientists, patients and therapists, are cheering for the unprecedented possibilities of substances like psilocybin, when it comes to the treatment for depression, among others.

People who had almost given up hope, who were at the end of their strength, found in psilocybin therapy a healing power that made symptoms disappear like snow in the sun. Now I'm not just talking about people with depression, but also eating disorders (including anorexia, bulimia and binge eating disorder), PTSD (post-traumatic stress syndrome), anxiety disorders and (alcohol) addiction. 

A study, published in November 2020 had presented the results of using psilocybin to treat patients with major depression. 71% of the participants saw a reduction of more than 50% in their symptoms and complaints within the 4-week period. 

Half of the participants were excluded from the label "major depressive disorder" after the study. Several follow-ups showed lasting positive change in several participants.

The indigenous peoples of South America have known about this for a long time: Magic Mushrooms are medicines that can help cure a person of many (mental) illnesses. 

Reboot your mental health

From my own experience I can say that I was able to give my mental health a real 'reboot', partly thanks to psychedelics. Things like self love, taking good care of the earth and determining what I really find important in my life, took more shape thanks to trips with psilocybin. This form of 'therapeutic use' of Magic Mushrooms is of course very different from being treated with synthetic psilocybin for scientific research in a hospital under the supervision of professional psychotherapists. 

I would therefore like to emphasize that Magic Mushrooms, just like Magic Truffles, but also other psychedelics like Peyote, LSA, LSD, DMT and 5-MeO-DMT are all very powerful drugs and plant medicines. 

5 tips for your Magic Mushroom journey

Do you want to experience the power of Magic Mushrooms or Truffles? There are some tips I can give you, to make the most of your experience.

Be respectful

The most important thing in proper preparation for a trip, is by being respectful. I think you understand this even better, when you have experience with psychedelics already. You feel during that experience what unprecedented power psychedelics contain. Even if you're an atheist, or have a bad head for "spiritual talking" there's no denying that there's something in these substances that transcends our material world. Opening yourself up to this is part of the job. 

Clean up your body before the trip

When I was preparing for an Ayahuasca ceremony, I followed a diet for several weeks. There are several ways you can "clean up" your body in preparation for the trip.

I chose to stay away from alcohol and drugs (including cannabis), refined sugar and caffeine, and eat vegan food for this period. Pretty strict, in other words! I found it valuable to follow this 'diet', because I felt that the psychedelic experience can reach even deeper, when you are open and clean. 

Plan your trip

Although I am someone who likes to live in the moment and doesn't keep track of all my doings in a calendar, I can recommend choosing a date for your trip. This way you can work towards it, both with your mindset, and with the physical conditions. Choose a day when you have no obligations. The last thing you want is to be called in the middle of a psychedelic experience by your mother, who accuses you of being late for the Easter celebration. 

Decide at what time you want to start the trip. Keep in mind that a trip with Magic Mushrooms lasts about 6 to 8 hours, after which an "afterglow" takes place, in which it is nice to quietly let the trip sink in, without too many external stimuli. After the trip it is nice to sit on the couch and listen to good music, take a walk, look at the stars and/or cuddle with someone. 

You can choose to trip during the day, but tripping at night also has its advantages.

  • Daytime tripping: Especially when the weather is nice, I prefer to trip during the day. For me, the sun is a very good influence to make the trip full of golden energy. During the day you have more possibilities, but you also increase the chance of too many impulses.
  • Tripping at night: As happens during veladas (mushroom ceremonies) in Mexico, you can also choose to trip at night. The night gives a completely different dimension to the trip. It may be true that at night you can turn inward even better, which in turn can provide a deep healing experience. Choose a room in your house that you provide with enough pillows, blankets, and whatever you need to decorate the room nicely. You may feel a bit more tired in the days that follow, but at the same time, the aftermath of the trip can also provide wondrous energy.

Go with the flow

Of course with psychedelics it is all about surrendering to the experience itself as much as possible. You cannot control this. Every time I trip, I make myself vulnerable and try to allow what the psychedelic wants to show me. I have hardly any (or no) control over this. Especially in high doses it is very important not to resist, because this will only hinder your growth and cause an unpleasant (bad) trip. Even when this happens it is good to see this as 'necessary'. 

Also interesting: "Magic truffles: the first journey."

Sufficient water and food

It is best not to eat anything at all for at least a few hours before you take the psychedelic. This ensures that your body is clean and can best absorb the psilocybin. It can also prevent nausea or stomach aches.

Throughout the entire period, drink plenty of water! This prevents dehydration and headaches the next day.

A few hours into the trip, and certainly after, it is good to eat some healthy and tasty food. Favorites are fresh fruits, such as oranges, mango, apples and grapes. Nuts, seeds and dried fruits are also recommended, as is dark chocolate. 

Cocoa enhances the intensity of the trip, thanks in part to the synergistic effect between chocolate and psilocybin.


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