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Dabbing 101: how to use cannabis concentrates and what do you need to dab?
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In this blog item Getting extremely stoned with dabbingWhat is dabbing and where does it come from?What do you need to dab?1. Cannabis concentrate2. Water pipe or dab rig3. Nail4. Dabber/dab tool5. Torch lighter6. Carb cap7. A silicone containerAdvantages of dabbing with a cannabis concentrateDisadvantages of dabbing with a cannabis concentrateHow should you dab?

Dabbing 101: how to use cannabis concentrates and what do you need to dab?

Dabbing, what’s that exactly? As a cannabis enthusiast, I had never really delved into it in all these years. Until I met someone who is totally into dabbing. And he could tell me a thing or two about this sublime art of getting high. With dabbing you are able to create an intense high with the most flavorful vapor.

In this blog you can read about what you can expect from dabbing and the most important points to keep in mind if you want to use cannabis concentrates safely. 

Getting extremely stoned with dabbing

I will not beat around the bush: you can get extremely stoned with dabbing. It is definitely not suitable for novice cannabis users because the high can almost literally blow you off your socks. 

For the advanced stoner who has already built up a high tolerance for THC, dabbing can be very interesting. With one hit you can get the strength of a strong joint. 

Furthermore, dabbing is also very interesting for patients who really use cannabis as a medicine, for example to treat pain and insomnia. For them, a very powerful dose is sometimes desired and they achieve the best results with dabbing. 

What is dabbing and where does it come from?

Dabbing involves heating a surface, usually a "nail" of quartz or metal, to very high temperatures. Usually the temperature is between 315 and 377 degrees Celsius. A small amount of cannabis concentrate is applied to this nail. 

This immediately explains the name "dabbing". It comes from the English verb 'to daub'. When you 'daub' the nail with the concentrate, it evaporates very quickly due to the heat and turns into a gas, which is then inhaled through a special dab rig. Usually this also contains a special chamber with water, to soften the inhalation of the vapor.

What do you need to dab?

Of all the ways you can use cannabis, dabbing requires the most preparation.

Okay, the nail, dab rig, water chamber or chamber... all terms that I will translate and explain step by step for a moment. To dab, you need a number of tools and of course cannabis concentrate. Let's start with that.

1. Cannabis concentrate

Unfortunately, the legislation in most countries is still very strict regarding the use of cannabis. Because of this, most of the production and sale remains in the illegal circuit. No one has a clue what is happening here and the chance of impurities or problems is therefore increased.

I trust that the customers of Sirius also value good quality cannabis. The best way to do this is to grow your own organic cannabis and be assured of medicinal quality. Or finding someone to do this for you. Even in the coffee shop you are often not sure if the cannabis you buy is really pure. It is still a business and people want to make money fast. So plants can be sprayed with poison, which will then affect your high. 

Make your own cannabis concentrate?

You can. This way you are self-sufficient and not dependent on other parties to do it for you. At Sirius you will find everything you need to make your own cannabis concentrate. This process requires knowledge of chemistry and wisdom. You are working with an extraction system that can be dangerous. So only do this if you are knowledgeable and inform yourself! If you have any questions, you can always contact our customer service. 

In the US it is now possible to buy all kinds of cannabis concentrates safely and legally in special dispensaries. As with many things, Europe is following the US closely. The chance that this will become a reality in the Netherlands in the near future is real!

The advantage of a cannabis concentrate over dried buds is the fact that your high can be so much more intense and you can get the maximum amount of active ingredients in a short period of time. A concentrate can contain THC percentages of up to 40-80% THC. While buds "only" contain 10-23% THC. Not bad either, and very suitable for people who are not looking for a (too) strong high.

A cannabis concentrate is (or should be) incredibly pure. Working with it yourself requires the necessary know-how, so that no residue is left behind that could contaminate the final product. Poorly made concentrates still contain residues from the extraction process and this is certainly not the intention! You don't want to heat and inhale toxins. 

2. Water pipe or dab rig

To dab, you need something in the nature of a bong. At Sirius you can find a wide range of bongs that are great for dabbing. For this you need to buy the right parts to transform your existing bong into a suitable instrument for dabbing. 

Enjoy the beautiful designs of small handy dab rigs. A dab rig is specially designed for dabbing. It looks like a regular bong, but has a special connector for the nail. Some are pricey, so think twice before going for the highest quality model.

3. Nail

The nail is made of a heat-resistant material, such as quartz, ceramic or metal. It is heated to a high temperature, using a torch lighter. On the nail the concentrate is "dabbed" and in this way the active ingredients can be released and inhaled in the form of vapor.

You can compare the nail with the bowl of your bong, where you normally put your crumbled weed to heat. 

4. Dabber/dab tool

An easy way to tackle your cannabis concentrate is to use a special tool, also called a dab tool. This allows you to apply the sticky substance to the nail without a problem. You have them in different shapes and sizes, depending on your personal preference. They are available at Sirius for a very low price, a must-have for every dabber!

5. Torch lighter

An ordinary lighter for your joint or cigarette will not work for dabbing: you need a powerful torch lighter to heat the nail. The torch flame is blue in color and heats up the quartz, metal or ceramic to high temperatures. A warning is in order here: do not underestimate that you are working with fire! Therefore, be extra careful to avoid fire hazards.

Within the range of torch lighters you have higher and lower quality. A cheap model will only last a short time, while the stronger gas torches will last a little longer. Fortunately, you don't have to throw them away! Refill them afterwards with gas torch fluid. Always have this on hand so there are no unpleasant surprises. 

6. Carb cap

With the carb cap you can cover the nail (partially) when you inhale. This way you block the air supply and the vapor becomes more concentrated. This way you inhale thick and flavorful vapor with even more powerful results.

A carb cap is not necessary for dabbing, but recommended. You can enrich your dab experience even more and work economically and get everything out of your cannabis concentrate. 

7. A silicone container

To store your cannabis concentrate, you'll need a container. For short term storage, these jars are ideal. Silicone is the perfect material for this sticky stuff. Whether you choose hash, wax, honey, crystal or any other form of concentrate, make sure you can store them conveniently and safely.


If you want to store concentrates for longer, it's best to store them in an airtight jar wrapped in some parchment paper

Advantages of dabbing with a cannabis concentrate

Less is more! You need very little material to get super high. So this is a very economical way of using cannabis. Even though buying a cannabis concentrate (or the supplies to make it yourself) and the materials to be able to dabble is quite pricey, you'll have a long period of enjoyment without having to go to the coffeeshop every other day to get new weed.

You can expect an intense taste experience with dabbing. Are you a cannabis connoisseur and do you love the different taste profiles of marijuana strains? Then dabbing is a whole universe of nuances in taste and aroma of the different terpenes that make the character of a cannabis strain so unique. 

Take a look at the assortment of cannabis seeds, for sale at Sirius! No wonder if you get a little overwhelmed, because there are so many different sativas and indicas to try. From sugary sweet to minty to earthy notes of musk and pine. There is something for everyone. Tantalize your taste buds and scent and get to know the wonderful aromas of cannabis even better. 

Disadvantages of dabbing with a cannabis concentrate

Dabbing is not for everyone. Learning how to use a bong or dab rig is definitely a challenge for beginners. How do you know if your nail is heated properly? And where do you get your cannabis concentrate? These are questions you need to get the answers to first. Once you've mastered the basics, dabbing is a piece of cake and a new dimension to the cannabis high opens up.

Furthermore, it is important to dose very accurately. You only need a very small amount of concentrate to get stoned. Half a grain of rice is often enough to get heavily intoxicated. Once you know how much cannabis concentrate you need and how long to heat the nail, dabbing becomes a lot easier and everything eventually goes on autopilot.

How should you dab?

In an upcoming blog, I'll explain step-by-step how to dab yourself with these supplies. Are you ready for it?


Did you enjoy reading this article and do you like to write yourself? We are always looking for people who share our passion for natural products, who can also translate this into great texts. And we have an interesting reward for this. View all information for writers.

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