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Clean & Healthy Teeth

Black Detox
Black Detox Clean & Healthy TeethBlack Detox Clean & Healthy Teeth

Activated carbon, the most powerful in the world, cleanses your mouth. Also improves the condition of your gums.

20 grams
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More about Clean & Healthy Teeth

Activated carbon is a black powder made from charcoal. Black Detox activated carbon is extracted from Organic Willow (salix viminalis), a willow species and contains no impurities.Activated charcoal is a food supplement and has the property that it cleans your gastrointestinal tract. For decades it has been one of the most common remedies against discomfort in your digestive system.

Extra powerful

The activated charcoal in Black Detox Clean and Healthy Teeth is with an absorption capacity of 7.500m²/gram the most powerful activated charcoal in the world. It has been specially developed because the effect of normal activated charcoal has never improved over the years, while the number of harmful substances that enter our body and its concentrations have increased.

Application of Black Detox Clean and Healthy Teeth

With "Clean and Healthy Teeth" you care for your teeth and improve the condition of your gums. It also makes your teeth whiter.

How do I use „Clean & Healthy Teeth”?
Dip a clean, wet toothbrush into  powder. Brush for 2 minutes. Keep your lips closed while brushing. Spit out gently and rinse very well.
TIP: To avoid a dirty washbasin, you can first put some toothpaste on your toothbrush and then dip it into the "Clean & Healthy Teeth".
Use "Clean & Healthy Teeth" daily but do not inhale it, because the powder is extremely fine.

Is „Clean & Healthy Teeth” safe for my dental enamel?
Yes, it will strengthen the enamel and remineralize it.

How long will a jar of „Clean & Healthy Teeth” last?
A jar of "Clean & Healthy Teeth" is good for about 90 to 100 cleanings. It depends on the size of your toothbrush. For example, if you brush electrically, you will have enough for at least 110 times brushing your teeth in 1 jar of "Clean & Healthy Teeth".

Can I swallow "Clean & Healthy Teeth" after brushing?
In itself, swallowing the carbon does no harm. In fact, because of its incredible adsorbent surface (7.500 m²/gram ) it will also adsorb all the impurities in your body such as toxins and heavy metals.

Please note!

Do not use activated carbon in combination with medication. The strong detoxifying effect of the activated carbon does not distinguish between harmful and beneficial substances in your digestive system. According to Ka-Chun Cheung of the pharmacists' organisation KNMP, the charcoal also absorbs medicines. Including, for example, the active substances in the contraceptive pill. If you take the PIL or other medication, we recommend that you spit out "Clean & Healthy Teeth" after brushing.

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