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Cola Nut Capsules

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Need an extra boost on the go?
Cola nut is an excellent substitute for coffee and is now also available as a high quality extract in capsules. 
Take 1 capsule on an empty stomach, 45 minutes before the desired result.

1 capsule
25 or 50 capsules
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More about Cola Nut Capsules

The Cola tree belongs to the Cola genus. This genus, the Sterculiaceae family, contains more than 120 species. There are two types of trees that are most commonly cultivated for the edibility, taste and effects of their seeds: the Cola acuminata and Cola nitida. The trees produce yellow flowers with purple spots. The fruits are star-shaped. By opening the fruit about 12 seeds become visible, the cola nuts, surrounded by a white skin. The smell is quite floral and sweet. The taste, however, is bitter.
The trees have their origin in the tropical rainforest in Africa. They like a humid and warm climate but also survive drought, as long as there is enough water in the ground. The trees can withstand extreme conditions, for example by growing at high altitudes.


The stimulating effect of cola nut has been used for a very long time to stay awake, to arouse more alertness, to promote concentration. It was also used for fever, nausea and vomiting.
Many people drink one or more cups of coffee a day to improve their ability to concentrate. Coffee contains caffeine and this substance stimulates the central nervous system, makes you more alert and gives you energy. Some people are sensitive to coffee and can become tense and restless. The effect of Cola nut is partly due to two active substances: caffeine and theobromine. The first substance is present in cola nut three times as much as in a cup of coffee. The latter substance is also present in cocoa (this is also where 'theo' comes from, which means divine. Cocoa is seen as divine food). Theobromine gives energy, although it is much less than caffeine. A piece of dark chocolate can give a fine, warm feeling thanks to theobromine. Cola nut is also said to increase libido. Theobromine relaxes the bronchi in the lungs and affects the vagus nerve. Theobromine appears to be more effective than codeine in suppressing coughs. 


The cola nut is the seed of the cola tree. They are white and red coloured and have a bitter taste. They can be eaten as such, but usually they are either dried and processed or stored in water. They can be made into tinctures, extracts and powders. has processed high quality kola nut in powder form into capsules that are easy to take.


Cola nuts have a royal reputation in Ghana and are chewed on official occasions. In West Africa the nut is used to restore vitality. The nut itself occupies an important place and is seen as a religious object. It is sacrificed during prayers and ceremonies. The Malinke and Bambara in Mali and Senegal use the cola nut as a means of payment. In South America, cola nuts are an important part of the Santeria and Candomble religions. 

Flavour enhancer

In the 19th century, pharmacist John Pemberton mixed extracts of cola nuts with coca, sugar and other ingredients. The well-known drink Coca Cola that came out of this mixture contained cola nuts as an ingredient, as well as coca (the coca plant used to make cocaine). Nowadays this is no longer the case.


Take 1 capsule on an empty stomach, with plenty of water, soft drinks or fruit juice.


Cola Nut

Each capsule contains:

- Colanut extract 11.5% (600mg)
- Cellulose (60mg)
- Siliciumdioxide (1mg)

Scientific name

Cola Nitida

More information

It worked and shipping was great!

By: Thomas Manning | On: 21-01-2020
wie immer alles perfekt

wie immer alles perfekt, superschnelle Lieferung.

By: Ludger Boor | On: 21-01-2020
fast and reliable

fast and reliable

By: Peter | On: 21-01-2020
The Best shop!!!!!

The Best shop!!!!!

By: Pawel Napora | On: 20-01-2020
gewoon goed

gewoon goed.

By: Eisso Van Nieuwburg | On: 20-01-2020
Zoals ze beloven

Zoals ze beloven: goede snelle verzending, met kleine coolpaks in de doos zodat het op de juiste temperatuur bij je aankomt... Het blijft soms lastig dozeren met truffels (persoonlijk issue waarschijnlijk), waarbij ik zelfs soms op een zwakkere truffel van 15 gr harder ga dan bijvoorbeeld op 10gr van Mother's finest... De truffels zijn wel gewoon natuurlijk van goede kwaliteit, de opmerking gaat hier alleen maar om het exact doseren voor een bepaalde fase. Desalniettemin, goeie service (met track and trace) en precies dat aangekomen wat ik wilde hebben!

By: Rinus Timmermans Zoals ze beloven | On: 20-01-2020
Alles na behoren gegaan

Alles na behoren gegaan, uitstekend!

By: Wout Bomer | On: 20-01-2020

Ben supersnel geholpen geweest!

By: Jan DeHaene | On: 19-01-2020
Super betjening service i absolut top…

Super betjening service i absolut top klasse

By: Allan | On: 19-01-2020
Fast shipping and good Quality :)!

Fast shipping and good Quality :)!

By: Markus Winkelbauer | On: 19-01-2020
Gratis aansteker altijd +1

Gratis aansteker altijd +1

By: Jari | On: 18-01-2020
Excellent service highly recommended

Excellent service highly recommended

By: Darren Norton | On: 18-01-2020
An eshop i would like other take example on

Great price delivery by ups is fast very good products availability

By: Fivet Luc | On: 18-01-2020
Super schnelle Lieferung und gute…

Super schnelle Lieferung und gute Qualität zum günstigen Preis

By: Hilde | On: 18-01-2020
Excellent service

Excellent service! I highly recommend them! In 1 day i had my order delivered!

By: Panos | On: 17-01-2020
Duidelijke site

Duidelijke site Goede prijs voor mijn cbd olie Snel geleverd... Aanrader

By: Debby C | On: 17-01-2020
Everything all right

Everything all right Tks

By: Lemaire Daniel | On: 17-01-2020
top en heel snel

top en heel snel

By: joppe | On: 17-01-2020
everything good

everything good

By: Błażej | On: 16-01-2020
Perfekt 👌

Alles Perfekt und schnelle Lieferung

By: Stefan Prützel Panderia | On: 15-01-2020
Cola Nut Capsules € 12,50
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