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Gezond met CBD

Unbranded Gezond met CBDUnbranded Gezond met CBDUnbranded Gezond met CBD

Cannabidiol (CBD): everyone is talking about it. But what is it and how does it work on our body? How is it possible that it seems to have an effect on so many different conditions? Is it addictive? Will it make me high? What is the difference between CBD oil, weed oil and medicinal CBD? What about legislation? How do I make an extract myself? Where can I go if I do want to use THC? This book answers all these questions. With an extensive glossary, information on administration forms and dosage tables, this extensive reference work is a must-have for anyone who wants to know more about this special dietary supplement.

Healthy with CBD is the book that answers all questions about cannabidiol. It covers more than 24 different indications of what CBD may be effective for, contains no less than 8 different ways to make an extract and also refers to the various social clubs and patient associations in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Only available in Dutch (NL).

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More about Gezond met CBD

This book is written for anyone looking for information about cannabidiol (CBD). CBD is currently available as a food supplement in the Netherlands. Yet for many people it turns out to be of medicinal value. CBD is a 'cannabinoid', a substance found in cannabis. This raises questions for many people: will it make you high? It is only in recent years that CBD (in the form of oil) has become enormously popular in the Netherlands. But what it is, and how it works, is still unclear to many people.

However, CBD is not the only beneficial cannabinoid: more than 110 different cannabinoids have now been discovered (according to recent reports > 140 ), all of which have unique medicinal properties. For example, THC (psychoactive substance) also offers a solution for many people. However, THC is an illegal substance and can therefore not be sold online or at the drugstore. However, this can be found, for example, at the pharmacy, but also at the coffee shop or social club. Where exactly you can go for products with THC is included in this book.

There are so many types of products. The CBD oil alone has different contents (diluted with olive oil, coconut oil, hemp seed oil,... the percentage of cannabinoids may differ,... etc.). How do you know which one is the right one? And how do you know, for example, if there is any in the product, what is on the packaging? There are also many different methods of administration, how do you know what is right for you?

The legal status of CBD is uncertain, partly because 'hemp oil' is on List I of the Opium Act. Also, CBD may not be produced in the Netherlands, which resembles the same front and backdoor policy that currently applies to coffee shops. Various organisations try to contribute, in the form of advice for patient/medical professionals, or more focused on destigmatisation or policy advice. The most important organisations are listed in this book.


  • on cannabis (history, plant, effects)
  • what is CBD
  • CBD vs THC
  • cannabinoids
  • endocannabinoids and the endocannabinoid system
  • medicinal properties
  • terpenes
  • indications
  • academic studies
  • methods of administration 
  • dosage
  • Extraction methods (incl. 8 methods for DIY extraction)
  • statute law
  • organisations in the Netherlands and Belgium
  • glossary

Contra indications

The authors

Writer Dyveke Kok is an expert based on experience and uses CBD oil since the birth of her first child against nerve pain and postnatal depression. Dyveke gives lectures and provides information about CBD and about hemp in general. She is involved in various organisations, including the Hemp Collective and the WIC cannabis.

"I am not a doctor nor a scientist. Nevertheless, I hope that with this book I can offer a good (basic) manual for both patients and medical professionals."

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