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Growkit Mushbag

Innervisions Growkit MushbagInnervisions Growkit Mushbag

Spores are not included, but are available separately.

The Mushbag is a good option for those who would like to reproduce mycelium in a fast, safe, and simple way. The Mushbag contains a heat-treated substrate, suitable for the spawn production of most mushrooms. Psilocybe cubensis varieties perform best on rye. The mushbag can lead up to a yield of 1000-1500g!


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More about Growkit Mushbag

This growkit contains no spores, so they have to be bought separately, click here for our offer in spores. 

This growkit contains rye which is especially good to cultivate certain Psilocybe cubensis varieties. Rye kernels minimizes air flow in the substrate and are very absorbent so it is generally easy to work with rye.

The yield is up to 1000-1500 g of Psilocybe cubensis (per flush).


  • 1x Mushbag with sterilized rye (+/- 1400 g).
  • 1x Alcohol swap.
  • 1x Manual.

Other requirements

  • Lighter.
  • Spoon.
  • Scissors.
  • 10 ml spore syringe.


Once you have grown, harvested, (and potentially dried) your mushrooms, they are ready to be consumed. It is best to consume magic mushrooms on an empty stomach. Not only do you minimize the chances of getting nauseous and vomiting, but the mushrooms also work better.

Take 5 to 12.5 grams of fresh or 1 to 2.5 grams of dry mushrooms for a mild to strong trip.

Do not use during pregnancy or lactation, when taking medications, during depression or driving motorized vehicles, and when you are under than 18 years of age. Do not combine with stimulants or alcohol.


Step 1 - Preparing

0.0 - preparation

Before you start, it is important to clean your hands and your working space thoroughly. Wash with soap and dry up with clean towels or kitchen paper. You can also wear gloves. If possible, close up the room to minimize air current.

1.1 - Clean the injection port

Use the supplied alcohol swab to disinfect the injection port. Do not touch the port afterwards.

1.2 - Flame the needle

Shake the spore syringe really well for 5-10 seconds for even distribution of the spores. Take off the protective cap and heat the needle of the syringe until it is red hot. Then let it cool for 15-20 seconds.

1.3 - Inject

Carefully insert the needle through the rubber injection port and inject the contents of the syringe. If the flow blocks, gently pull the needle a bit back. 

Step 2 - Mycelium growth

Put the bag in a warm, entirely dark place like a cupboard. See tip #1. Make sure nothing is blocking the filter (including the back of the bag), so that air exchange is possible.

A temperature of 20°C is acceptable, but growth can be slow, so if possible, aim for a higher temperature - ideally around 28°C. Temperatures of 15°C and below will halt the growth of mycelium.

Your job is done for now. The spores need time to grow into mycelium. This takes about 2-4 weeks.

When all grain kernels are covered with mycelium. See tip #3. The spawn is ready for use.

Tip #1: A good place to store the Mushbag would be the cupboard above the refrigerator. The heat produced by the refrigerator rises and increases the temperature by a few degrees. Heat pads can also be used, but be careful. Too much heat will cause the mycelium to dry out, and it will fail to produce mushrooms. Therefore, make sure to leave some space (5 cm or more) between the Mushbag and the heat source. Never place the Mushbag directly onto a heat source.

Tip #2: After about 2 weeks, blocks of mycelium will have started to form. You can speed up the growth process by letting some of the uncovered grains slide between the plastic bag and the mycelium blocks. This increases the contact surface area between the mycelium and the nutritious grains. Be careful not to crush the grains. Repeat until all grains are covered with mycelium.

Tip #3: If you see any other color than white (like green or black) you probably have a bacterial contamination. However, because of the rye, some brownish patches are to be expected. You will have to trust your senses here. If the Mushbag contaminates, it unfortunately cannot be saved and will have to be discarded.

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Growkit Mushbag € 29,95
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