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O.G. Kush Royal Queen Seeds

Royal Queen Seeds
Royal Queen Seeds O.G. Kush Royal Queen Seeds O.G. Kush Royal Queen Seeds O.G. Kush

O.G. Kush, a name that is known by cannabis connoisseurs all around the world, continues to be a top choice for weed enthusiasts. O.G. Kush Royal Queen seeds, esteemed for its potent effects and delicious flavors, is a must-have in any weed smoker’s collection. The aroma of strong citrus can already be sensed from a distance, and the high OG Kush Royal Queen Seeds provides relaxation and comfort.

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In order to be able to claim our germination guarantee, the proof of purchase, the packaging and any unsprouted seed(s) must be kept. In case a seed does not germinate, we ask you to mail these documents and photos and a description of how you proceeded to [email protected], so that we can determine whether you are entitled to our germination guarantee.
If we determine that you are right to claim our germination guarantee, we will replace your non-germinated seeds for new ones.

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More about O.G. Kush Royal Queen Seeds

The genetic background of OG Kush RQS is not as clear as you may think, which adds to the legendary status of this strain. OG Kush RQS is believed to be a complex hybrid with a 75% indica and 25% sativa ratio, possibly stemming from a Pakistani Kush strain, ChemDawg, and Lemon Thai. This intricate genetic profile combines the best of various worlds in the cannabis field, creating a strain that is both unique and familiar to smokers worldwide. The acronym “O.G.” itself is also a topic of debate: Some say it stands for ‘Original Gangster’, referring to the authenticity and intensity associated with this strain, others believe it means ‘Ocean Grown’, a reference to its cultivation near the Californian coast. Whatever you think is the best fitting description, one thing is clear: OG Kush RQS is among the top cannabis strains out there!

Growing Royal Queen Seeds OG Kush

Cultivating Royal Queen Seeds OG Kush requires attention, particularly regarding adequate ventilation due to the strong aroma this plant produces. Make sure to buy an active charcoal filter in Sirius online Growshop to be safe from nosy neighbors! When growing Royal Queen Seeds OG Kush inside an indoor grow tent, the plant reaches a moderate height of 90 to 160 cm, making it suitable for most indoor growers. Outdoors, the plants can grow taller, between 180 to 220 cm. When the plant receives sufficient light, whether sunlight or artificial, it can yield an impressive 425-475 grams per square meter indoors and about 500-550 grams per plant outdoors. The flowering time of Royal Queen Seeds OG Kush is typically between 7 to 9 weeks, with outdoor harvest ready by October. Generally, Royal Queen Seeds OG Kush can be grown by both beginner and experienced growers, as long as they have the right equipment and treat their plants with care!

RQS OG Kush – Characteristics 

RQS OG Kush is well known for its highly versatile aroma and flavor profile, a high (but not too high) THC content, and a legacy of genetic phenotypes!

OG Kush Royal Queen Seeds - Aroma and Flavor Profile

The Aroma of RQS OG Kush is a complex blend of lemon, fruit, and pine notes, creating a refreshing yet deep cannabis experience. The complexity of its aroma extends to the flavor of OG Kush Royal queen seeds: When you smoke this strain, you will taste citrus with earthy undertones. The overall sensory experience of RQS OG Kush is as layered as its genetic makeup.

OG Kush Royal Queen Seeds - THC and CBD Content

With a THC level of 19% and an average CBD content, OG Kush Royal Queen Seeds balances potency with a nuanced cannabinoid profile. This composition assures well-rounded effects, providing relaxation but not necessarily limiting your productivity. Because of its cannabinoid profile, RQS OG Kush is suitable for both recreational and medicinal users – however, if you want to smoke weed with a low THC and high CBD content, you should check out our CBD medical seeds.

OG Kush Royal Queen Seeds - Legacy and Phenotypes

As the genetic origin of many West Coast cannabis strains, OG Kush’s impact on the cannabis world is monumental. It has given rise to numerous famous strains like Girl Scout Cookies and Headband. Diverse phenotypes of OG Kush, such as Tahoe OG, FFV OG, and Ghost OG, each offer a unique twist on this classic strain, ensuring that every cannabis connoisseur can find the weed that is perfect for him or her. 

OG Kush Royal Queen Seeds – Effects

OG Kush Royal Queen Seeds delivers effects that are predominantly physical, inducing a strong sense of relaxation. This strain should be approached with caution by beginner cannabis users, as it can have a narcotic-like influence, locking you into your couch. Experienced users often find this deep physical relaxation very pleasant, making it a favorite for evening or nighttime use. If you have a high tolerance and dose it correctly, you can also use OG Kush Royal Queen Seeds in productive settings – just be careful to not smoke too much! The potent effects of this train also make it suitable for those whoseek relief from physical discomfort and sleep disturbances.

Buy OG Kush Royal Queen Seeds with a germination guarantee at

If you want to buy OG Kush Royal Queen Seeds, then you are on the right page. In Sirius’ online Seedshop, you will not only find seeds of your favorite weed strains for the best price, but we also provide a germination guarantee, ensuring that all the seeds you buy sprout into plants, and if not, they will be replaced! Feel free to contact our customer service if you have any questions about OG Kush Royal Queen Seeds, our germination guarantee, or anything cannabis related!


  • Genetics: Chemdawg x Lemon Thai x Pakistani Kush
  • Sativa: 25% Indica: 75%
  • Yield plant indoor: 425-475 grams per m2
  • Yield plant outdoors: 500-550 grams per plant
  • Height inside: 90 - 160 cm
  • Height outdoor: 180 - 220 cm
  • Flowering time: 7 - 9 Weeks
  • Harvest: October
  • Effect: Relax
  • Aroma: Lemon, Fruit, Pine
  • THC: 19%
  • CBD: Average

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O.G. Kush Royal Queen Seeds € 8,50
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