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Skullcap is known for its sedative effects. It's a relaxing herb that also promotes sleep.
Many female users indicate that it is very effective against menstrual pain.
Use 1-2 teaspoons for one cup of tea.

5 grams.
25 grams of shredded herb.
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More about Skullcap

Skullcap can be used in case of mental confusion, hysteria, insomnia, etc. It is also used to treat menstrual pains, headaches or heart palpitations.

Relaxing herb with a long history of use

Skullcap is found in different parts of the world. In the wild, it is found mainly in North America and Canada. In North America, the indigenous Cherokee tribe attributes different properties to skullcap, including soothing menstrual pain and irritation. During the colonization, other applications for this herb were discovered, namely the calming of the nervous system. Also in Asia there is a long history of medicinal use of this soothing plant. For a long time skullcap has been one of the 50 most used medicinal herbs in China.  There it is known for its beneficial effects in cardiovascular diseases, liver problems and chronic hepatitis. It was also used for all kinds of disorders such as digestive problems, including diarrhea. It is traditionally prescribed for people with diabetes. Nowadays, phytotherapy uses skullcap to treat eczema, hay fever, hives and asthma. The plant's above-ground parts as well as its roots can be used.

Medicinal properties 

Skullcap is anti-inflammatory and has a beneficial effect on the liver. In phytotherapy, skullcap is used for jaundice, loss of appetite and bloating. Another characteristic of skullcap is that it has an anti-allergic effect. It can be used for food allergies and food intolerances, as well as for hay fever, for example. The effect of skullcap is subtle but effective: the mind and body are brought to a greater state of rest and stress levels can drop. Perfect for use during the exam period, or in the evening, before going to bed.

Create your own calming mix

To enhance the effects, skullcap can be combined with passion flower, blue lotus, valerian, cannabis...
Another property that is attributed to skullcap is that it provides relaxation and promotes sleep. It can be drunk as a tea in the evening, to calm down before going to bed. 



Soak in hot water for 15 minutes to make tea.



Active substances

The active substances found in skullcap are the flavonoids baalein, wogonin, chrysin, oroxylin A and skullcapflavones I and II.

Scientific name

Scutellaria Galericulata
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