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Wild Lettuce

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Wild Lettuce has narcotic and paineasing effects, surprisingly similar to those of opium, but milder. Expect a dreamy state.

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More about Wild Lettuce

Lactucarium, or Lettuce-Opium, suppresses the activity of the central nervous system. In folk medicine wild lettuce was used as a remedy for bronchitis, irritable cough, nervousness and insomnia.

Natural painreliever

Wild lettuce is a plant that can grow up to 1.8 meters in size. The plant can withstand frost and grows in different parts of the world. The whole plant is rich in a milky juice, it contains 'lactucarium' and is used medicinally as a painkiller, anaesthetic and for its anti-spasmodic properties. It is also used to improve digestion. It is compared to the effects of opium, but they are much milder. It also does not have the addictive properties of opium. Wild lettuce is used to treat sleeping problems, with anxiety, neuroses, hyperactivity, dry cough, rheumatism. In homeopathy wild lettuce is used to treat chronic cataracts, coughs, swollen liver, flatulence and urinary tract problems. The fresh or dried leaves of the plant can be used to make an infusion. Note: even in normal doses, drowsiness may occur.

Ancient Egypt

The use of wild lettuce dates back to Ancient Egypt. Then the fertility god Min was worshipped. This god had a connection with magical plants. He is always depicted with stems of wild lettuce behind him. There was a whole festival around this deity and to this day wild lettuce is used in Egypt in the form of oil for medicinal purposes, for cooking, as an aphrodisiac and for massage. The history of wid lettuce is not limited to Egypt, but also goes to Rome, where Emperor Augustus was cured by an infusion of wild lettuce. In many magic potions and magical rituals wild lettuce is found as an ingredient. In the 19th century, wild lettuce was a much sought-after plant because it was a standard remedy for headaches and as a cough suppressant. Our ancestors discovered that certain plants worked well to combat pain. 

Opium Lettuce

Just a little more information about the name of the plant. The white juice that lettuce  contains  has to do with this. Lettuce owes its name to the Latin word 'lactua', which means 'milk'. The word 'opium' comes from the Greek 'opos', which means juice.  All types of lettuce contain the analgesic substances, but wild lettuce contains them to the highest degree. The more bitter the taste, the higher the amount of these active substances. They have an anti-inflammatory and calming effect.


Wild Lettuce

Scientific name

Lactuca Virosa

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As usual Sirius provided an excellent service, the order is correct and was delivered immediately! Warmly recommending this vendor.

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Fast, excellent service!

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Delivery was a little slow comparing my other experiences in Netherlands and didn't get any tracking code too but overall good service.

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Shipping was very fast, product like described, everything great

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Amazing product. Quick delivery.

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Perfect Service Truffles arrived three days ago, took them yesterday. Had a wonderful time. Package was delivered fast, incognito, well-packed, and provides reliable information. Best wishes.

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fast shipping!

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By: Tibor Bányai | On: 02-08-2020
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Easy to order, god products. Quick delivery

By: Alexa | On: 01-08-2020
Sirius are great

Sirius are great. Good prices and regular communication. Shame they use UPS which don’t then provide a good service. They are often delayed In delivery and have poor communication on delivery times.

By: John Wake | On: 01-08-2020
The delivery was delayed due UPS.

The delivery was delayed due UPS. They informed me a day before the planned delivery and I waited unnecessarily at home complete day. Annoying. Sirius part of the deal was handled excellently and fast.

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Everything as nice...

Everything as nice...

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I love Sirius. The best web site for a lot a reasons : good prices, nice products, large choice. And the most important : a wonderful customer service 👍. I recommand Sirius to everyone 👍. Ps: Always a little gift with every command. Really perfect !

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Great service, could not be happier!

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I found Sirius when searching for CBD oil. I found it was significantly cheaper here and it arrived in good time. Very happy with the service and I think the product looks and seems of good quality. I'd definitely recommend.

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Incredibly fast & efficient delivery. Quality products.

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