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Wild Lettuce

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Wild Lettuce has narcotic and paineasing effects, surprisingly similar to those of opium, but milder. Expect a dreamy state.

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More about Wild Lettuce

Lactucarium, or Lettuce-Opium, suppresses the activity of the central nervous system.In traditional medicine.

Natural painreliever

Wild Lettuce was used to treat bronchitis, cough, nervousness and insomnia. Wild lettuce is a plant that can grow up to 1.8 meters in size. The plant can withstand frost and grows in different parts of the world. The whole plant is rich in a milky juice, it contains 'lactucarium' and is used medicinally as a painkiller, anaesthetic and for its anti-spasmodic properties. It is also used to improve digestion. It is compared to the effects of opium, but they are much milder. It also does not have the addictive properties of opium. Wild lettuce is used to treat sleeping problems, with anxiety, neuroses, hyperactivity, dry cough, rheumatism. In homeopathy wild lettuce is used to treat chronic cataracts, coughs, swollen liver, flatulence and urinary tract problems. The fresh or dried leaves of the plant can be used to make an infusion. Note: even in normal doses, drowsiness may occur.

Ancient Egypt

The use of wild lettuce dates back to Ancient Egypt. Then the fertility god Min was worshipped. This god had a connection with magical plants. He is always depicted with stems of wild lettuce behind him. There was a whole festival around this deity and to this day wild lettuce is used in Egypt in the form of oil for medicinal purposes, for cooking, as an aphrodisiac and for massage. The history of wid lettuce is not limited to Egypt, but also goes to Rome, where Emperor Augustus was cured by an infusion of wild lettuce. In many magic potions and magical rituals wild lettuce is found as an ingredient. In the 19th century, wild lettuce was a much sought-after plant because it was a standard remedy for headaches and as a cough suppressant. Our ancestors discovered that certain plants worked well to combat pain. 

Opium Lettuce

Just a little more information about the name of the plant. The white juice that lettuce  contains  has to do with this. Lettuce owes its name to the Latin word 'lactua', which means 'milk'. The word 'opium' comes from the Greek 'opos', which means juice.  All types of lettuce contain the analgesic substances, but wild lettuce contains them to the highest degree. The more bitter the taste, the higher the amount of these active substances. They have an anti-inflammatory and calming effect.


Wild Lettuce

Scientific name

Lactuca Virosa

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quick and discreet

quick and discreet

By: oyee | On: 22-01-2020

It worked and shipping was great!

By: Thomas Manning | On: 21-01-2020
wie immer alles perfekt

wie immer alles perfekt, superschnelle Lieferung.

By: Ludger Boor | On: 21-01-2020
fast and reliable

fast and reliable

By: Peter | On: 21-01-2020
They gifted a nice CBD lollipop :)

They gifted a nice CBD lollipop :)

By: Luigi | On: 21-01-2020

Everything was up to my expectations.

By: Sebastian B. | On: 21-01-2020
Was weer om de juiste tijd geleverd wat…

Was weer om de juiste tijd geleverd wat was aangegeven en zelfs nog beter verpakt dan anders het flesje is nu verpakt met noppenfolie en weer een lolly er in

By: Hanneke Jansen-Kok | On: 21-01-2020
Fast shipping

Fast shipping. Good products

By: S?? J?rgen | On: 21-01-2020
Everything was up to my expectations.

Everything was up to my expectations.

By: AlGreen | On: 21-01-2020
The Best shop!!!!!

The Best shop!!!!!

By: Pawel Napora | On: 20-01-2020
gewoon goed

gewoon goed.

By: Eisso Van Nieuwburg | On: 20-01-2020
Zoals ze beloven

Zoals ze beloven: goede snelle verzending, met kleine coolpaks in de doos zodat het op de juiste temperatuur bij je aankomt... Het blijft soms lastig dozeren met truffels (persoonlijk issue waarschijnlijk), waarbij ik zelfs soms op een zwakkere truffel van 15 gr harder ga dan bijvoorbeeld op 10gr van Mother's finest... De truffels zijn wel gewoon natuurlijk van goede kwaliteit, de opmerking gaat hier alleen maar om het exact doseren voor een bepaalde fase. Desalniettemin, goeie service (met track and trace) en precies dat aangekomen wat ik wilde hebben!

By: Rinus Timmermans Zoals ze beloven | On: 20-01-2020
Alles na behoren gegaan

Alles na behoren gegaan, uitstekend!

By: Wout Bomer | On: 20-01-2020

Ben supersnel geholpen geweest!

By: Jan DeHaene | On: 19-01-2020
Super betjening service i absolut top…

Super betjening service i absolut top klasse

By: Allan | On: 19-01-2020
Fast shipping and good Quality :)!

Fast shipping and good Quality :)!

By: Markus Winkelbauer | On: 19-01-2020
Gratis aansteker altijd +1

Gratis aansteker altijd +1

By: Jari | On: 18-01-2020
Excellent service highly recommended

Excellent service highly recommended

By: Darren Norton | On: 18-01-2020
An eshop i would like other take example on

Great price delivery by ups is fast very good products availability

By: Fivet Luc | On: 18-01-2020
Super schnelle Lieferung und gute…

Super schnelle Lieferung und gute Qualität zum günstigen Preis

By: Hilde | On: 18-01-2020
Wild Lettuce € 9,00
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