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Arizer Air MAXArizer Air MAXArizer Air MAXArizer Air MAX

At Sirius, we're thrilled to present the Arizer Air MAX, a high-end portable vaporizer that sets new standards in vaping on-the-go. The Air MAX vape, with its massive interchangeable battery and fast heat-up times, delivers exceptional vapor quality, a hallmark of Arizer’s devices. With no worries about battery life, you can enjoy advanced heating technology and delicious flavors that rival even desktop vaporizers, making every session uniquely satisfying. It’s a top choice if you are seeking a premium portable vaporization experience.

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More about Air MAX

The Arizer Air MAX features enhanced airflow, ensuring superior vapor production and taste. With an advanced rapid-heating ceramic technology, it reduces wait times significantly, allowing for more immediate vaporizing sessions. The high-capacity, rechargeable batteries provide up to 2 ¼ hours of use, and the inclusion of a USB-C charge port and dark mode for low-profile use, adds to its versatility. Its multi-purpose use for dry herbs and aromatherapy, along with the glass pod system, makes it a standout in its category. Elevate your vaporizing sessions with the Air MAX vape, designed to meet your highest expectations for quality and performance.

Great temperature controls and interface of the Arizer Air MAX

The Arizer Air MAX's user-friendly interface allows for precise 1-degree temperature control over various session parameters. Its broad temperature range, from 50 – 220°C, and rapid heating technology of approximately 60 seconds, ensure a tailored vaporizing experience, from stealthy sessions to powerful, cloud-rich hits. The Air MAX vape pen ensures great versatility. Experience unmatched control and performance with the Air MAX Arizer, crafted to enhance your vaporizing journey like never before.

Faster and stronger heater in the Arizer Air MAX vaporizer

The Arizer Air MAX vaporizer boasts an improved heater, offering faster heat-up times and allowing quicker draws. This enhanced functionality positions it as a leading portable vaporizer, suitable for a range of vaporizing styles, from light to strong pulls and hits. Whether you're a casual user or a connoisseur, the Arizer Air MAX caters to your specific vaporizing preferences, ensuring that each session meets your exact needs.

The Air MAX dry herb vaporizer comes with great airflow

The Air MAX dry herb vaporizer features an isolated air path, delivering fresh airflow for smooth, delicious vapor. An isolated air path in the vaporizer ensures that the air drawn in does not come into contact with any electronic components. This design ensures that you inhale only the pure vapor produced, without any other unwanted substances. The Air MAX Arizer’s air flow also benefits from four convection air intake ports in the stainless steel chamber, ensuring optimal performance. 

The Air MAX vape pen is perfect for dry herbs

The Air MAX vape pen is optimized for dry herbs, offering efficient extraction and outstanding vapor experiences. While not designed for concentrates, some users employ the ‘sandwich method’ for such purposes, although caution is highly advised to avoid damaging the device. If you choose to do so, we highly recommend that you use our premium vape wool, and please be aware that it is at your own risk. The 'sandwich method' in vaporizing means layering dry herb and concentrate in the heating chamber. Start with a layer of dry herb or vape wool, add a small layer of concentrate, and top it off with more dry herb. At Sirius, we know that the vape Air MAX is an outstanding dry herb vaporization portable device. For guidance on the Arizer air MAX and how to use it, feel free to contact us for detailed tips and tricks, ensuring you get the most out of your device safely and effectively.

Arizer Air MAX and how to use it properly

Using the Arizer Air MAX is straightforward, thanks to its glass stem chamber mouthpiece design. Loading the chamber and setting the desired temperature is simple, with a quick heat-up time signaled by a beep. The vape Air MAX’s display even auto-adjusts when inverted, for example, for use with a bong. So, when you flip the Air MAX upside down to connect it with your third-party glass or one of our premium bongs, its display automatically inverts, ensuring easy and convenient viewing. Also, by using the glass aroma tubes, you can very quickly and easily pre-load precise doses. If you're curious about how to use the Arizer Air MAX, at Sirius we're always available to provide expert advice.

The Arizer Air MAX for maximum extraction

The Arizer Air MAX vaporizer excels in extracting the maximum potential from cannabis and dry herbs. While not as compact and pocketable as the PAX Plus, its size is well-suited for efficient and potent vapor production, making it a favorite for both aromatherapy and dry herb vaping. The Arizer Air MAX rivals devices like the Crafty + in vapor production and quality, making it ideal for those seeking consistent, powerful hits. Its suitability for outdoor adventures and discreet sessions adds to its appeal.

How to clean the Arizer Air MAX vaporizer

Maintaining the Arizer Air MAX vaporizer is very easy. Regular cleaning after each session prevents residue build-up, and the vaporizer's design minimizes maintenance. The glass aroma tubes can be soaked in isopropyl alcohol and rinsed with warm water for a thorough cleaning. After cleaning any residue and the glass aroma tubes, ensure that everything is completely dry before using it again. Proper and regular cleaning not only prolongs the life of your device but also guarantees that it will continue to perform excellently for many years. When you're ready to experience this level of reliability, buy the Arizer Air MAX and enjoy a premium vaporizing experience with minimal upkeep.

Durability and convenience

The Arizer Air MAX is built to last. Its construction with medical-grade materials and isolated air path ensures great durability and reliability. Its compact size, combined with a powerful battery and fast charging, makes it an ideal choice for those who value mobility without compromising on quality. The Arizer Air MAX will definitely be your long-term and sturdy companion for portable vaporization.

The Arizer Air MAX price and warranty

The Arizer Air MAX is a worthy investment, offering long-lasting quality and performance. Despite the fragility of its glass mouthpieces, its overall durability, backed by Arizer’s renowned warranty and customer service, makes it a very smart purchase. It comes with a 2-year warranty that covers any workmanship and defect issues. We believe that our current Arizer Air MAX price is a total value-for-money opportunity, considering the great quality and technology it has. 

The Arizer Air MAX in the vaporizing community

Within the vaporizing community, the Arizer Air MAX is recognized for its quality and performance. Its reputation as a reliable and efficient portable vaporizer makes it a popular choice among knowledgeable enthusiasts.It also presents a healthier option compared to traditional smoking methods like joints. Many believe its efficient vapor production and precise temperature control lessen the inhalation of harmful combustion byproducts, making it a safer choice, though this is not scientifically proven. However, it's important to acknowledge that no form of vaporization is entirely risk-free.

Investing in the Arizer Air MAX

Choosing the Arizer Air MAX is an investment in quality, portability, and performance. Its combination of advanced features and robust construction ensures a satisfying and long-lasting vaporizing experience. In our stores, you can also buy Arizer Air MAX authentic accessories and parts like our premium Arizer Air glass aroma tube with tip.

At Sirius, we believe that the Arizer Air MAX is an exemplary portable vaporizer, offering a perfect blend of innovation, convenience, and durability. We're quite confident that the Air MAX will meet the needs of discerning vapers seeking a high-quality, portable device. For further inquiries or guidance, our team at Sirius is always ready to assist. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.


  • Digital temperature display
  • Temperature range: 50 ℃-220 ℃
  • Heating time: 3 hours
  • Battery life: 2 hours and 15 minutes
  • 26650 Lithium-ion batteries

Warranty: 2 years


  • 1x Air MAX 
  • 1x Battery
  • 1x USB-C charger/power adapter
  • 1x Glass aroma tube (70mm)
  • 1x Frosted Glass aroma tube (14mm)
  • 1x Glass aroma dish
  • 2x Silicone stem caps
  • 2x PVC Travel tube with cap (70mm size)
  • 1x PVC Travel tube with cap (aroma dish size)
  • 4x Stainless steel stirring Toolst
  • 1x Sample aromatic botanicals
  • 1x Manual

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Air MAX € 199,00
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