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PAX Plus

Pax Labs
Pax Labs PAX PlusPax Labs PAX PlusPax Labs PAX PlusPax Labs PAX PlusPax Labs PAX PlusPax Labs PAX PlusPax Labs PAX PlusPax Labs PAX Plus

After more than a decade's worth of innovation, PAX Labs have developed the PAX Plus, a portable vaporizer that brings the best for all of your vaporizing needs. The PAX Plus is more flexible, functional, and flowerful than any of its predecessors. Explore the new feature, Experience Modes for an improved experience. No wonder that the PAX Plus is a pocket-sized powerhouse!

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More about PAX Plus

What is the PAX Plus?

The new generation of PAX vaporizers, the PAX Plus, is a pocket-sized powerhouse with a slim, smart and simple design. The PAX Plus is their most functional and user-friendly device. You could almost say it is one of the best dry herb vaporizer in the Netherlands! It vaporizes any type of content and is easy to use from start to finish. Discover their latest built-in feature of Experience Modes where you can customize your personal vaporizing needs.

Innovative Design

The Plus vaporizer has an innovative design that harmoniously combines style with functionality. The sleek and discreet exterior is made with meticulous attention to detail and hides the advanced technology inside. In terms of portability, there is no better solution to carry in your pocket than the Pax vaporizers. 

Heating excellence

The heating chamber is a crucial component designed for efficient and even vaporization of your chosen material. It is made of high-quality materials and ensures optimal heat distribution and retention, resulting in smooth and flavorful vapors. PAX vaporizers heat flowers instead of burning them so that more of the natural terpenes, cannabinoids and flavors are retained. With just one tap of the button, your dry flowers are heated in just 22 seconds for flavorful and pure hits. 

Smart batteries

The Pax Plus features 3300 mAh lithium-ion batteries that can be charged within 2.5 hours using the magnetic USB charging dock on the back. The batteries can last up to 2.5 hours which is good for approximately 10 vaporizing sessions. Thereby, you never have to worry about your batteries running down if you forget to turn the vaporizer off. The built-in sensors track movements and inhales and after one minute of inactivity, it automatically goes into standby mode. It then turns itself off completely to save batteries as much as possible.

Renewed oven mesh

The Pax 3D screen sits better inside the oven and provides better airflow compared to the previous Pax 3 screens. The old Pax screen design was flat and quickly became clogged, negatively affecting the vaporization experience. The new screens are now curved and have larger cutouts, making it easier to inhale and less likely to get clogged. This also means less cleanup.

Preset temperatures of the PAX Plus - Experience Mode

Get full control of all your vaporizing sessions with the newest feature of Pax vaporizers: the Experience Modes. To change the mode, press and hold the button until the lights (petals) change to the desired mode. Below is a brief look at each Experience Mode:

  • STEALTH (182°C / 360°F - highlighted with 1 illuminated petal) provides ultimate discretion. In this mode, the settings of the LED lights and heating element are adjusted to produce as little vapor as possible.
  • EFFICIENCY (193°C / 379°F - highlighted with 2 illuminated petals) optimizes vapor production for relaxing vaporizing sessions. This mode allows you to extract all your herbs, and at a relaxing slow pace.
  • FLAVOR (204°C / 399°F - highlighted with 3 illuminated blood petals) emphasizes subtle flavors. This mode produces the strongest flavor of all the other modes so you can enjoy even the subtle and mellow spices.
  • and BOOST (215°C / 419°F - highlighted with 4 illuminated petals) is the ideal setting for concentrates. This mode is extremely suitable for the fast and intense vaporizing sessions where producing vapors are maximized. Using the concentrate insert, this mode is best for vaporizing concentrates.


  • 3D screen - for easy removal and cleaning (NEW)
  • Standard oven lid
  • Flat mouthpiece
  • Raised mouthpiece
  • Half-pack oven lid (for smaller sessions, 0.25g)
  • Concentrate insert - for use with waxy/solid concentrates
  • Multi-tool - for packing and cleaning the oven (NEW)
  • Charger
  • Wire brush

Warranty: 2 years

Technical specifications

AVAILABLE COLORS: green, blue, black, dark red

EXTERIOR MATERIAL: anodized aluminum

BATTERY: 3300 mAh lithium-ion battery, charged in 100-120 minutes

BATTERY DURATION: up to 2.5 hours


DIMENSIONS DEVICE: 3.1 x 2.2 x 9.8cm


VOLTAGE: 100-120 volts


1. Dry Herb/flower

  • Grind herb/flower to a medium-fine consistency, pack it firmly in the oven. For a quick session use the half-pack oven lid.
  • Press and release the mouthpiece to turn it on. 
  • Wait for the X to turn green.
  • Put your lips around the mouthpiece and draw gently.

2. Concentrates

  • Load your concentrate adaptor by putting a small amount of waxy or solid concentration into the adaptor.
  • Load adaptor into the oven.
  • Turn it on and cycle it to Boost Experience Mode (4th petal) en wait until the LED turns green.
  • After usage, let it cool for 15 minutes before removing the insert. The adaptor might be too hot so handle with care.

3. Experience Modes

  • Turn on: press mouthpiece to turn it on.
  • To enter Experience Modes: press the mouthpiece for 2 seconds and release.
  • To cycle through modes: quick press on the mouthpiece, quick press again for the next mode.
  • To set mode and exit: long-press the mouthpiece again or shake the device.

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PAX Plus € 199,00
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