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PAX Labs

PAX Labs has established itself as a pioneer in the cannabis vaporizing industry. With the dedication to a sleek design and technological advancement, their range of vaporizers provides a modern and discreet solution for all cannabis users. The vaporizers offer efficient heating technology, ensuring smooth and flavorful hits in every session. Whether you are looking for a vaporizer for dry herbs, concentrates, or oil extracts, PAX Labs remains a symbol of innovation, pushing the boundaries of what vaporizers can achieve.

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Pax Labs

Pax 3 Complete Kit

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The history of PAX Labs

PAX Labs is an American electronic vaporizer company that was founded by James Monsees and Adam Bowen in 2007. Under the name of Ploom, the two Stanford University graduates invented a new kind of e-cigarette Juul as part of their thesis project. The unique approach behind Juul was recreating the smoking experience of a regular cigarette by utilizing nicotine salts. In 2012, the first PAX device was launched that could be used to vaporize dry herbs, and it quickly gained popularity as a cannabis consumption method.  In 2017, Juul was spun separately from PAX Labs as an independent company.

PAX vaporizers have grown in popularity since, in fact, they are now considered one of the best electronic vaporizers you can buy in 2023. PAX Labs strongly believes that marijuana can be beneficial to us all, particularly for those who require it for medicinal use. That is why PAX Labs manufactures vaporizers with high-quality and durable materials to provide the best vaporizing experiences for all cannabis users. 

More than just a vaporizing manufacturer

PAX Labs brandname peace

Did you know that PAX means peace? PAX Labs, known for its groundbreaking vaporizers, goes beyond innovation in vaporizing technology. The company also commits to safe access, social reform, and sustainability. 

The mission of PAX Labs entails efforts to celebrate the benefits of cannabis as best as possible. Besides recreational use, many cannabis users rely on the plant for medicinal purposes. PAX has a team of toxicologists, chemists, and engineers who perform tests to ensure the highest safety standards for product safety across the industry. Moreover, they strive to incorporate sustainable practices in manufacturing, aiming to reduce their environmental impact through cannabis. They achieve this by developing design principles that prioritize durability and longevity. 

PAX Labs stands as an example of how a vaporizing company can bridge progress with social responsibility, aiming for a more informed, sustainable, and inclusive future. 

PAX Labs vaporizers

PAX Labs PAX 2 PAX 3 PAX Mini PAX Plus

PAX Labs vaporizers are renowned for their innovation, offering a sleek blend of design and technology. These portable devices provide users with a discreet and efficient way to enjoy various forms of cannabis - dry herbs, concentrates, and oil extracts. With features such as automatic and precise temperature control, and sleek, modern aesthetics, PAX vaporizers have gained a strong reputation among cannabis enthusiasts for their performance and user-friendly vaporizing experiences.

Discontinued models: the PAX 2 & 3

Released in 2015, PAX 2 was designed to feature a smaller size of the PAX 1. Besides that, it offers improved features in heating time, design, LED lights, and battery life. Nevertheless, it did not take long for PAX Labs to upgrade the PAX 2 with the PAX 3. Within a year, they came up with a vaporizer that heats content in just half of the time compared to its previous version. What was most interesting about the PAX 3 is its compatibility with the PAX app. Supported for Android and Apple, PAX users can download the app on their device and fine-tune the temperature settings to their wishes. The app also allows the control of vaping modes and the possibility to lock your vaporizer. Moreover, thanks to the additional concentrate insert, the PAX 3 also supports concentrate vaporizing.
So, while PAX 2 is a reliable and straightforward vaporizer, the PAX 3 offers a more advanced vaping experience with faster heating times, customizable temperature settings, dual-use compatibility, app connectivity, and some additional accessories.
Even though PAX 2 and PAX 3 are discontinued models, Sirius still offers PAX 2 and PAX 3 vaporizers, and accessories as long supplies last. 

PAX Labs - PAX 3 Complete Kit 

PAX Labs PAX 3 complete kit

Investing in a new vaporizer can be quite expensive, so purchasing the PAX 3 complete kit can be beneficial, giving you the ability to utilize an electronic vaporizer plus all the extra components and supplies. At Sirius, we offer different PAX Labs kits to accommodate various wishes for purchasing a vaporizer with extra luxuries. Besides the PAX 3 complete kit, we offer PAX 3 kit without accessories and the PAX Labs maintenance kit. This way you can buy exactly what you need without the necessity to purchase everything separately - and this for a more reasonable price.


Released alongside the PAX 3, PAX Labs released the PAX ERA. It was the first cannabis PAX vape pen, utilizing the PAX Pod cartridges. A THC vape pen is an electronic device that uses battery energy to heat cannabis oil. Nowadays, it is common to see more people using oil vape pens than lighting up an old-fashioned joint. Compared to smoking, more terpenes/aromas and cannabinoids are present when vaped. The PAX Era is one of its kind because the batteries are substitutable, and the advanced temperature technology allows for heating the oil (not burning it).

The PAX Plus: High-End Highflier

PAX Plus in three different colors

The new generation of PAX Labs vaporizers, the PAX Plus, is a pocket-sized powerhouse with a slim, advanced, and simple design. The PAX Plus is their most functional and user-friendly device. You could almost say it is one of the best dry herb vaporizers out there! It vaporizes any type of content and is easy to use from start to finish. Discover their latest built-in feature of Experience Modes where you can customize your personal vaporizing needs.

Creative design
PAX Labs is known for its revolutionary design that seamlessly blends aesthetics and practicality, and the PAX Plus is the pinnacle of vaping technology. The sleek and discrete appearance of the PAX Plus has been expertly designed and conceals the powerful technology inside. There is no better solution to carry in your pocket than the Pax vaporizers in terms of mobility.

Heating proficiency
The heating chamber is a critical component designed to provide effective and equal vaporization of your material of choice. It is constructed of high-quality materials and provides maximum heat distribution and retention, resulting in smooth and delicious vapors. PAX vaporizers heat flowers rather than burning them, preserving more of the natural terpenes, cannabinoids, and tastes. Your dried flowers are heated in 22 seconds with only one push of the button for tasty and pure hits.

Intelligent batteries
PAX Labs ranks highly in battery technology. The 3300 mAh lithium-ion batteries in the Pax Plus can be charged in 2.5 hours using the magnetic USB charging port on the back. The batteries may last up to 2.5 hours, which is enough time for about 10 vaporizing sessions. Moreover, you'll never have to worry about your batteries running out if you forget to switch off the vaporizer. The built-in sensors detect motions and inhales, and it enters standby mode after one minute of inactivity. It then entirely shuts down to preserve as many batteries as possible.

Updated oven mesh
When compared to earlier Pax 3 displays, the Pax 3D screen fits better inside the oven and enables improved ventilation. The original Pax screen design was flat and easily clogged, reducing the vaporization experience. The new screens are curved and feature wider cutouts, making them easier to inhale and less likely to become clogged, requiring less cleaning.

Experience Modes
At PAX Labs, innovation is the heartbeat, continuously aiming to improve the next generation of vaporizers. Get full control of all your vaporizing sessions with the newest feature of the Pax vaporizer: the Experience Modes. To switch modes, hold down the button until the lights (petals) shift to the desired mode. The Experience Modes can be summarized as follows:

STEALTH (182°C / 360°F)

Highlighted with one illuminated petal, it provides ultimate discretion. In this mode, the LED lights and heating elements are configured to emit as little vapor as possible. 

EFFICIENCY (193°C / 379°F)

Highlighted with two illuminated petals, it maximizes vapor generation for pleasant vaporizing sessions.  This mode allows you to extract all of your herbs at a slow and pleasant pace.

FLAVOR (204°C / 399°F)

Highlighted with three illuminated blood petals, it emphasizes subtle flavors. This mode delivers the most intense flavors of any mode, allowing you to experience even the most subtle and mild spices.

BOOST (215°C / 419°F)

Highlighted with four illuminated petals, it is the ideal setting for concentrates. This setting is ideal for quick and intensive vaporizing sessions when the amount of vapor produced is maximized. This mode is ideal for vaporizing concentrates when using the concentrate insert. 

The Pax Mini: The Napoleon of Vaporizers

Pax Labs Pax 3

PAX Labs unveils the PAX Mini, a new member of their line. This vaporizer is ideal for individuals who want brief, solo vaporizing sessions. Because the Pax Mini is pocket-sized, you can take it with you wherever. Thanks to its design, the contents are kept safe under a magnetic oven lid, so you will not lose your flowers during consumption or travel. The batteries were designed for the modern vaper, combining portability and power. With quick charging features, you may enjoy prolonged battery life on a single charge while keeping control.

Outstanding heating technology

The heating chamber of the PAX Labs Mini is a crucial component designed for effective and even evaporation of your herbs and spices. It is made of high-quality materials and has a good heat distribution and retention rate, resulting in smooth and delicious vapors. More of the natural terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavors are retained when vaped compared to smoking. Your flowers are ready in just 22 seconds and you are one press of a button away from pure hits.

Revamped 3D oven screen

With their clever oven design, you can take your vaporization sessions to new heights. The oven mesh, which is designed for even heat dispersion, unlocks the maximum flavor potential of your herbs. The sleek and economical design maximizes surface area and delivers consistently powerful clouds and pleasurable draws.

Minimal maintenance

The Pax Mini is ideal for people who wish to spend as little time as possible on maintenance. This vaporizer has a large oven mesh that is simple to load and clean. The screen may be easily removed for thorough cleaning.

PAX Labs merchandise 

Discover our world of PAX Labs merchandise in our Merchandiseshop! From sleek accessories to stylish rolling trays, PAX Labs provides the perfect blend of form and function. With our carefully picked collection, you can elevate your vaping experience while also displaying your PAX pride. PAX Labs accessories are the perfect companions for those who demand excellence in every detail. Shop now and embrace the PAX lifestyle - in style.

PAX Labs merchandise stash bag rolling trays

The Premium PAX Labs Stash Bag

Made with advanced odor blocking technology, lined with activated carbon, the Premium Stash Bag from PAX Labs ensures that no escaped odor will ever betray its contents. Whether you want to keep herbs, spices, or tea safe, the storage bag keeps everything safely hidden. Equipped with a lock, no one but you can access the contents. 
The Stash Bag is not only functional, but also stylish! If you are looking for something that is slim and stylish to take with you, the PAX Labs Stash Bag is the perfect choice. Thanks to its size, multiple items can be stored in it while keeping it safe in your backpack or gym bag, hence making it an ideal companion for your active lifestyle. The Stash Bag has two separate compartments inside for added organization. Lastly, as you are used to PAX Labs, the Stash Bag is made with high-quality materials so it will last a long time while protecting your valuables. 

Order your Stash Bag from PAX Labs today and experience the convenience of odorless and worry-free storage.

How to use the PAX?
How to use the PAX?
How to use the PAX Plus?

Watch the previous video or read the following.

Step 1: Grind your herbs to medium-coarse consistency.

Step 2: Tightly (but not too tightly) pack it into the oven.

Step 3: Press and hold the mouth piece to turn on until the X turns green and then release. 

Step 4: Draw gently to produce the vapor and enjoy.

My Pax device is not producing much vapor, what can I do?

Depending on what type of Pax device you have, it can influence vapor production. For example, the PAX 2 has the smallest herb chamber of all the Pax dry herb vaporizers which could result in little vapor production. Nonetheless, there are a few things you can do to increase the amount of vapor:

  • Keep it clean, even more so when using concentrates;
  • Make sure you do not pack your oven too tightly!
  • Try grinding your herbs finer.
How long is the warranty?

Depending on which PAX Labs vaporizer you own, the PAX Plus has a warranty for 10 years while the PAX Mini has it for 2 years.

What to do when my PAX device is not functioning anymore?

It is highly recommended to register the electronic device at the PAX Labs manufacturer upon purchasing a new PAX vaporizer. When you are under the impression that your vaporizer is not working anymore, you are welcome to visit our store in Maastricht or Roermond. The warranty policy at Sirius states that within 6 months you will receive a completely brand-new device from us. Within 2 years, you can hand in your old device at one of our stores and we will arrange a new one. However, because this process can take some time to complete, you will not be in possession of a vaporizer for some time. Therefore, we recommend that you register your device with the manufacturer and that you make the necessary arrangements yourself so you can vaporize as soon as possible!

How to register my PAX vaporizer?

We highly recommend you register your PAX vaporizer at PAX Labs which will only be beneficial for potential future repairments or replacements. We also recommend you read the warranty policy of PAX Labs. Upon purchasing a brand new vaporizer, create an account on the official site of PAX Labs and fill in the serial number that you can find on the box and on the back of your PAX vaporizer.

PAX Plus vs. PAX 3?

Production of the Pax 3 has been discontinued and it is being replaced by the Pax Plus and the Pax Mini vaporizers. However, if you still have access to the Pax 3, these are the main differences:

  • The Plus has a larger size than the Pax 3;
  • The Plus features better airflow due to their improved oven screen design;
  • The Plus has an improved multi-tool;
  • The Plus heats up faster than the Pax 3;
  • The Smartphone application has been removed.
PAX Mini vs PAX Plus?

If you have doubts between the Pax Mini and the Pax Plus, the main differences are:

  • Use: With the Pax Mini you can only vaporize dried materials while the Plus allows you to vaporize concentrates as well.
  • Size: The Pax Plus is also easy to transport but it is a bit larger than the Pax Mini. The capacity of the oven of the Pax Plus is larger which produces thicker vapors.
  • Usability: The Pax Mini is ideal for beginner or light vapers who want a no-fuss vaporizer that is ready to use with just one click, without struggling too much with other settings. The Pax Plus is of interest to those who like to play around with multiple vaping options. The Plus features a refined feature set with four preset experience modes.
  • Warranty: The Pax Mini has a 2-year warranty and the Pax Plus has a 10-year warranty. 
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