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When you want to order online from Sirius, you may face a number of restrictions:

- The minimum age to order is 18 years. By agreeing to be 18 years of age or older, you declare that you have entered your actual date of birth when creating your account. 

- We do not ship to countries outside the EU. You can order from a country outside the EU if you have the order delivered in a country within the EU.

- Certain products in our webshop are not allowed in all EU countries. If we know that a product is prohibited in a certain country, it is not possible to order that product for a delivery address in the country concerned. For each product it is stated which countries it can be sent to.

- An additional account check is required for some products. Because of possible risks, we prefer to contact you personally before shipping, in order to avoid dangerous situations. If this is the case, this will be stated with the product.

- For the same reason, some products are subject to a maximum order quantity or a maximum number of orders in a certain period. When this maximum is reached, you will receive a notification from us.


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