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Miraculix MDMA-QTest

The MDMA-QTest of miraculix allows you to measure the total amount of psychoactive substance MDMA within 15 minutes! 

If you also would like to measure other psychoactive substances, including 2C-B, amphetamine, methamphetamine, MDA, PMMA, and PMA, then get the advanced MDMA-QTest.

Atytention: for SINGLE-USE only!

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More about MDMA-QTest

MDMA testing is easy, fast, and affordable thanks to Miraculix' new drug tests. These test kits are the first scientifically verified test kits for MDMA so you no longer need to send it to a laboratory because now you can test it yourself at home!

With this drug test you can NOT measure other psychoactive substances such as 2C-B, amphetamine (speed), methamphetamine (crystal meth), MDA, PMMA, or PMA, buy the advance kit if you would like to do so.

Short information

Mobile rapid testing to determine the concentration of MDMA in pills and crystals with additional detection of auxiliary materials. 

  • Fast detection in only 15 minutes.
  • Detection ranges between 40 and 320 mg of active substance content.
  • Evaluation can be done with the naked eye.
  • Testkit is meant for single-use only.

Storage and shelf life:

Cool storage of the reagents at 2°C to 8°C, with protection from direct sunlight (e.g. refrigerator), guarantees a 12-month shelf life for the consumables if stored properly.


  • 1x Pair of protective gloves.
  • 1x Extraction vessel with a 2-phase purification, with a black lid.
  • 1x Large glass jar with detection reagent, with a white screw cap.
  • 1x Pipette.
  • 1x Evaluation scale. 
  • 1x Manual.

Manual in 3 steps

1. Preparation

It is possible to test MDMA in both crystals and pill form. If you are testing crystals, take 30mg as a test material and 50mg for pills. 

Clean your hands and put on the safety gloves. Remove the contents from the box and put them in the destined holes in the box for easy filling throughout the testing process. Now make sure the pill is clean from the outside, brush any impurities gently off with the delivered piece of sandpaper, if necessary. Take 50 mg if you have powder or 20 mg if you have crystals as starting material. If you are testing crystals, it is still necessary to crush them beforehand. 

2. Extraction

Put the test material in the extraction vial with the black top and shake well for 5 seconds. This causes the content to separate from each other. Make sure that the surface of the 2-phase purification liquid is clear (if not, you can tilt the bottle a little to get rid of the bubbles). 

Then, use the pipette to extract some of the lowest liquid in the vessel. Make sure you put your pipette in the middle part of it to ensure you are not taking anything from the top part or any debris from the bottom. 

Drop 2 droplets back into the same vessel and drop 3 droplets in each reagent solution (all three of them). If there is not enough, repeat the previous step where you take some of the middle part of the bottom layer of liquid. 

Filling the large glass vessel → Close the large glass vessel with white screw cap and give it a quick shake. Put a timer on for 12 minutes. 

Filling the two smaller vessels → Open the dropper bottle with developer and put 14 drops in it. Close it and rotate it 2 to 4 times.

Now wait until the 12 minutes have passed.

3. Detection & Evaluation

Compare the large glass vessel with the evaluation scale and determine concentration.

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