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Smartshop Tilburg is a webshop and also a wholesaler that supplies a wide range of products to various smartshops in Tilburg. The webshop is part of Sirius, a Dutch company that is a supplier and producer of various smart products, such as grow kits, nöotropics, herbal extracts and more. 

In 1995 we started with a physical store in the south of Limburg. Currently we have two physical stores: one in Roermond and one in Maastricht. However, thanks to our shipping options we also deliver throughout the Netherlands and several foreign countries!

We supply various smartshops in Tilburg 

Sirius is, among other things, a wholesaler of Smart Products. The assortment is delivered to numerous smartshops in the Netherlands. Below you will find an overview of smartshops in Tilburg that we currently supply. So you can easily buy your favorite Sirius products on a physical location! 

We deliver Sirius Smart Products to the following smartshops in Tilburg:

Tabak en Lifestyleshop Twiety
Noordstraat 66
5038 EK, Tilburg
0031 13 5425455
Leonard van Vechelstraat 3
5041 HD, Tilburg
0031 13 5321808

Prefer to order online?

The webshop has everything you would expect from a smartshop and more. In our web store you will find supplements, herbs, mind-altering and stimulating substances, CBD products, magic truffles, mushroom grow kits and psilocybe cubensis spore syringes. In addition, it is possible to buy all the supplies you need to grow your own cannabis plants from us. 

The supply of is 100% legal throughout the Netherlands. That's why we also have the possibility as a smartshop in Tilburg to deliver our finest products.

Discreet shipping, fast delivery and savings for free products!

Also in Tilburg, Sirius smartshop products are shipped in a quick and discrete way. From 15 Euros and up, no shipping costs are charged in the Netherlands and the package will be delivered within one to three working days. Besides a small gift with your order, you also save for free Spacemiles. For every 5 euros of order value you will receive one Spacemile. A full card of 20 Spacemiles results in a shopping credit of 25 euros that you can freely spend in our Spacemiles shop!

Do you still have questions or do you want to know more about Sirius? Don't hesitate to contact us. You can reach us by mail at and by phone at +31464575800.

Soon we will deliver to a smartshop in Utrecht. Keep an eye on the website.

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FREE shipping in NL from € 15,- Delivery in EU within 1-3 working days* Always a free gift with your order
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Current status of our physical Sirius Smart Shops
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