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Strain Hunters

The Sirius online Seedshop is proud to offer an exclusive collection for Strain Hunter seeds, which are cannabis strains that were selected and bred by the renowned breeder Arjan Roskam, the man behind Strain Hunters and the Greenhouse Seed Company. Strain Hunters is not just a brand; it’s a mission to explore, document, and preserve rare cannabis genetics from around the world. To achieve the goals of this mission, Arjan and the Strain Hunter Seeds team, aka the Strain Hunters, have been traveling the world with the quest of finding the strongest, prettiest, and most exotic cannabis strains. With a commitment to genetic excellence and biodiversity, Strain Hunter Seeds are a testament to their passion for cannabis cultivation. Now, some of these Strain Hunter Seeds are available for you to buy online or in our shops. 

Arjan started collecting genetics and landraces from all over the world 25 years ago, and the hunt is still on!

 Arjan Roskam – The man behind Strain Hunters

Arjan Roskam, also known by some as the “King of Cannabis”, is the main force behind the Strain Hunters endeavor. As the founder of the Green House Seeds Company and the Green House coffee shops, it is clear that Arjan has a lot of experience and passion when it comes to cannabis. Especially with Green House Seeds, Arjan has proven his capabilities when it comes to breeding and cultivating the best cannabis strains, which is shown by the fact that he won multiple High Times Cannabis Cups with his creations. Strain Hunters is a project by Arjan, where he and a small team explore the world in order to protect, document, and (cross)breed rare landrace cannabis strains, so that they become available for cannabis connoisseurs in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe. For that, Arjan has traveled to Africa, Jamaica, India and many other places where cannabis grows naturally. He then brought some of these strains back to Amsterdam, and they can now be bought as Strain Hunter seeds in the Sirius Seedshop.  

The Strain Hunters Mission

Strain Hunters is more than just a cannabis seed brand – it embodies a profound mission to discover and safeguard the rich biodiversity of cannabis. The Strain Hunters mission is driven by the relentless pursuit to explore, document, and conserve rare cannabis genetics from all around the globe. The plants that carry these genetics, often referred to as landraces, are indigenous cannabis strains that evolved and adapted to special environments over centuries.

To find these landraces, Arjan Roksam and his colleagues are traveling to some of the most remote places where cannabis is grown. They do this because many landrace genetics are now at risk of extinction because of various factors such as urbanization, climate change, and commercial cannabis crossbreeding.

The Strain Hunters team, led by Arjan Roksam, recognizes the invaluable genetic treasure these landraces hold – and therefore started a series of expeditions to locate and preserve these strains. Their journeys take them through some of the most beautiful but challenging terrains, from the high-altitude regions of the Himalayas to the dense jungles of Africa.

The primary objective of Strain Hunters is not just to collect rare landrace strains, but to ensure their survival for future generations. This allows scientists and healthcare professionals to study and apply a broader genetic pool of cannabis plants, enabling more research and understanding of the great medicinal potential the cannabis plant holds. The journeys of the Strain Hunters team are documented with a bunch of video cameras, and these documentaries aim to educate the public about the versatility of the cannabis plant and the importance of preserving the cannabis ecosystem. 

Team Strain Hunters sitting on mountain
Team Strain Hunters with Arjan showing a cannabis leaf

Why Strain Hunters Seeds are so special 

Strain Hunter Seeds stand out because of their unique genetic profile. They do not just represent a brand – they represent the mission behind Strain Hunters that aims at making exotic cannabis genetics available to cannabis connoisseurs all around the world. Selected and bred by the Kind of Cannabis himself, Strain Hunter Seeds provide qualities and characteristics that cannot be found in any other weed strains. Keep reading if you want to know more about the Strain hunter Seeds available at Sirius. 

Strain Hunters, Greenhouse Seed Company and more – explore the online Seedshop of

From the unique Strain Hunter Seeds to the cup-winning strains from the Greenhouse Seeds Company, the online Seedshop of presents one of the largest assortments of cannabis seeds. If you are still looking for the perfect weed that suits just your personal preferences, then also make sure to check out the cannabis seeds from the other high-quality brands available in our Seedshop. If you have any questions about Strain Hunters, or cannabis in general, then don’t hesitate to contact our customer service 

Exclusive Strain Hunter Seeds available at our Seedshop A sneak peak into some of the super exclusive Strain Hunters' Seeds:
Money Maker

Money Maker: This winner of the cannabis cups from the early 90s got its name from the fact that it provides an incredibly high yield in a short amount of time. Genetically, it is a combination of Master Kush, Hindu Kush, and Skunk - perfect example of the genetic complexity offered by Strain Hunters!

Money Maker


Caboose: Caboose by Strain Hunters is created by crossbreeding Trainwreck and Salmon Creek Bid Bug. This exotic genetic profile guarantees complex aromas and flavors, as well as unique psychoactive effects.

Strain Hunter Caboose Cannabis Strain


Damnesia: As the name suggests, this Strain Hunters plant is a combination of an Amnesia strain with A.M.S. This powerful sativa is said to hit even old school stoners with an uplifting effect.

Strain Hunter Damnesia Cannabis Strain

Flowerbomb Kush

Flowerbomb Kush: This indica dominant is a treat to all OG Kush fans. Created by Strain Hunters from OG Kush and Green Crack, this strain combines exotic genetics to create a unique profile.

Skunk Autoflowering

Skunk Autoflowering: There is nothing new we can say about Skunk weed here – this all-time classic, specifically its landrace form, is now available as an autoflowering variant from Strain Hunters. 

Strain Hunter Skunk Autoflowering Cannabis Strain

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