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Super Sativa Seed Club

With every order of at least 1 SSSC strain, you get a free pack of Lava Freeze, Pineapple Poison, ór OG Lemon seeds. Randomly assigned!

The Super Sativa Seed Club (SSSC) is one of the very first seed banks in the world. In the mid-1980s, every grower knew about SSSC. It all started with Karel Schelfhout, a former squatter and one of the founders of the Super Sativa Seed Club who received the original Haze and Skunk#01 from 'Sam the Skunkman' after he moved from California. He eventually founded the brand Super Sativa Seed club, and the rest is history! In the 90's, Karel and his team shifted their focus to genetic preservation and breeding new cannabis strains for the coffee shops in Amsterdam. And the exclusive seeds of Super Sativa Seed Club are now available for you to buy at Sirius online Seedshop! Below you will find the exotic SSSC seed assortment, which includes strains that you will not find from any other brand. 

SSSC history

The history of Super Sativa Seed Club (SSSC)

The roots of the Super Sativa Seed Club (SSSC) go back to the mid-eighties. Before this brand was recognized as one of the pioneering seed companies, there were two guys with one thing in common: The love for high-quality cannabis.

Karel Shelfhout, also known as ‘Sam the Skunkman’, a former squatter and a founder of the SSSC brought the original Haze and Skunk#01 genetics from California to Europe. These two genetics served as the foundation for the creation of several new cannabis strains under the SSSC brand. Before Super Sativa Seed Club emerged, the only other seed bank at the time was “the Seedbank”, established by Nevel Schoenmaker. Nevil decided to collaborate with Sam the Skunkman, which led to the development of the renowned Neville’s Haze strain, among others.

The Super Sativa Seed Club gained immense popularity between 1985 and 1987, as their seeds reached growers across the USA, Europe and Asia. However, after some very fruitful years, the founders went separate paths, which unfortunately led to the loss of most SSSC seed collections. Still, the legacy of the Super Sativa Seed Club persisted. Karel managed to preserve a special vital plant that originated from the original Haze and Skunk#01. He named this strain ‘Old School Haze’, and if you are a true cannabis connoisseur, this name should mean something to you. Old School Haze became legendary in the cannabis community. In the 1990s, Karel shifted his focus to genetic preservation and breeding new strains for the coffeeshops in Amsterdam. Karel’s son, Kees, later joined his father, bringing a fresh perspective and new commitment to uphold the SSSC legacy.

Kees’ dedication led to the reintroduction of the original Old School Haze and other unique genetics from the old SSSC seed collection.

Today, the Super Sativa Seed Club is known all around the world and honored in the High Times Hall of Fame. SSSC seeds continue to be representative for excellence in the world of cannabis genetics. However, seeds from the Super Sativa Seed club are still quite rare and expensive – Luckily, you can buy some of the most famous SSSC seeds at Sirius for a good price. 

Buy high quality Super Sativa Seed Club seeds at

If you are looking to grow some high-quality, unique and exotic weed strains, with names that will make your friends say: “what the heck is this weed called?”, then Super Sativa Seed Club seeds are the right ones for you. No other brand offers weed that is so novel and genetically preserved. While Super Sativa Seed Club seeds are not the cheapest, they are definitely worth their money, because the weed plants you get from SSSC seeds exceed all expectations. Keep reading if you want to know about some of these strains in more detail. 

Exotic Super Sativa Seed Club (SSSC) Strains in Sirius online Seedshop

Even experienced growers will be surprised by some of the strains that are offered by Super Sativa Seed Club. Below you will find some examples of SSSC weed strains, as well as short descriptions of them.

  • Super Mad Sky Floater: This is a strong hybrid weed with a very complex terpene profile, characterized by fruity and diesel-like tastes with acid and grape notes in its aroma. Because it is easy to grow it, is also suitable for beginner growers. 
  • Fat Pet’s Cookies Auto: This autoflower was created by crossing a fruity and powerful autoflower with Cookies. The plants produce a lot of side branches that carry buds which are covered in frosty THC crystals and smell deliciously sweet. With this SSSC strain, you can get a large yield in a very short time.
  • TnT Trichome: As the name suggests, this short and compact indica will be covered in a ridiculous amount of trichomes by the time it is ready for harvest. Sharing genetics with the classic Afghani strains, this strain will make you physically stoned for a long time, while providing aromas of coffee and sour grapes. 
  • Lava Freeze: Lava Freeze combines earthy, acidic, and fruity aromas with a diesel and mint taste. As this strain is very resilient, it can be grown outdoor almost everywhere in the world. And you don’t even know the best thing yet: With every order of at least 1 Super Sativa Seed Club SSSC strain, you will get a free pack of Lava Freeze Seeds.

If you have any questions about Super Sativa Seed Club SSSC seeds, or growing cannabis in general, then don’t hesitate to contact our customer service – We at Sirius are always happy to help you!

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