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Growers Choice

Growers Choice is a high-quality cannabis seed brand with the mission to provide growers with the ultimate collection of premium cannabis seeds. Growers Choice strives to serve high quality cannabis and provide knowledge how to grow it. You can buy a large assortment of Growers Choice seeds in the Seedshop at

The history of Growers Choice 

With a strong emphasis on quality and customer satisfaction, Growers Choice has become a top choice among cultivators and enthusiasts alike. It all started in 1996, when the hobby growers, who are now the founding fathers of Growers Choice, experimented with new cannabis seeds for their own use. During the following years, they started to feminize and cross different cannabis strains to create new weed. The company Growers Choice was founded in 2012 and today, it consists of a team with a lot of knowledge through practical experience but also from a skilled background in horticulture.

Growers Choice seeds

From 2012 to today, the catalog of Growers Choice seeds has been largely expanded. At Sirius we sell over 70 different Growers Choice seeds, and we are sure that there is the perfect strain by Growers Choice for everyone. Whether you look for feminized, autoflowering, or even CBD cannabis seeds - Growers Choice got it for you. With a vast selection of premium cannabis seeds, their catalog covers a wide range of strains, ensuring there's something for every grower, regardless of their experience level or preferences. 

Growers Choice feminized seeds

Growers Choice feminized seeds are cannabis seeds that are 99.99% female, meaning they grow into THC-producing plants. This ensures that you can harvest potent buds that are free from seeds and give you a pleasant high and aroma. Feminized seeds are recommended to every grower that does not want to cultivate their own cross breeds but focuses on a high-yielding harvest of buds that are free from seeds and full of THC! Buy your Growers Choice feminized seeds at Sirius today! 

Growers Choice autoflowering seeds

Growers Choice autoflowering seeds, are cannabis seeds which are also feminized, but they have been further crossed with genetics of the ruderalis plant. This has the results that the plants automatically enter the flowering phase (hence the name autoflowering), making it easier to harvest THC-rich buds when the weather and light conditions are not optimal. Growers Choice autoflowering seeds are perfect for those who are growing cannabis for the first time, but also experienced growers can profit from their autoflowering genetics.

Growers Choice seeds are also known for their exceptional germination rates. Their seeds are carefully handled and packaged, which maximizes the chances of successful germination. This attention to detail assures that growers can successfully germinate their Growers Choice seeds and make them grow to high-yielding cannabis plants.

cannabis seeds

Exotic strains with Growers Choice cannabis seeds

One of the standout features of Growers Choice is their dedication to sourcing and breeding top-notch genetics. Each seed undergoes a rigorous selection process, ensuring that only the most robust and genetically stable specimens make their way into the hands of growers.

Nowadays, the hype for unique and exotic cannabis strains, for example from California, is booming as never before. If you are looking to grow some of these modern cannabis plants yourself, then Growers Choice seeds are the right choice for you.

Just consider Forbidden Runtz, a new Growers Choice strain that is so fruity and tasty that it will even surprise the most experienced smokers.
Or how about some Pink Magic – a sativa dominant strain that turns pink before harvesting and induces a strong cerebral high.
Other exotic strains by Growers Choice include Naranja Biscotti, Red Banana Berry, Ultra Violet GMO, or Tropical Cookies Double XL Auto.   
Mentioning all the premium Growers Choice cannabis seeds would take too long, so just browse through our seedshop yourself to find the right one for you! 

The best selling seeds of Growers Choice

While all of their cannabis seeds are a good choice, there are a few strains that people always go back for. One of their best-selling feminized cannabis seeds is the Wifi Punch. The Wifi Punch is a potent cannabis strain (with a THC percentage of 30%!) known for its energizing and uplifting effects. This sativa-dominating strain is a cross between White Fire OG and Purple Punch, resulting in a unique and flavorful smoking experience. Wifi Punch’s aroma is a delightful blend of earthy, fruity, and sweet notes, while the incredibly high THC content appeals to experienced cannabis enthusiasts seeking a balanced yet powerful high.
The Amnesia (the Real) is the favorite amongst the autoflower growers because it is one of the strains that comes closest to the legendary Amnesia. It has the typical Amnesia flavor profile of bursting citrus and earthy notes. In terms of THC potency, novice users should be warned by the name. Buy the Amnesia (the Real) from our Seedshop and grow the legendary strain yourself.

Growers Choice Growing Products

Besides high-quality cannabis seeds, Growers Choice also offers nutrients for growing cannabis. This includes for example the Growers Choice organic grow kit that combines products that are perfect for beginner growers that want to start growing cannabis themselves. It includes a soil booster, a root stimulator, some basic nutrients, and a flower booster. The Growers Choice organic grow kit is also suitable for expert growers that prefer purchasing one convenient product, including everything they need, rather than buying everything separately.

Additionally, there is the Growers Choice germination kit that helps you to germinate your new cannabis seedlings in an easy manner, and slow released guerilla nutrients - perfect for ‘slow-moving’ growers who do not want to add fertilizers to their cannabis plants all the time.

If you want to find similar products from other brands, make sure to check out the Sirius Growshop.

Buy Growers Choice seeds in the Sirius online Smartshop is proud to offer a large assortment of premium Growers Choice seeds. In our Seedshop you can find over 70 different cannabis seeds by Growers Choice. There also is a blog about Growers Choice seeds written by one of our employees, click the following link if you want to read more: “Growers Choice cannabis seeds review

If you still have any questions about Growers Choice, other cannabis brands, and/or growing cannabis, then don't hesitate to contact our customer service - we at are always happy to help you!

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