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About Bent 

Bent was born and raised in Germany, near the City of Koblenz. His hometown is surrounded by fields and forests; therefore, he is drawn to nature since he was a child. He loves going for a walk in the forest, or a swim in the nearest lake. When he has the time, he likes to engage in Snowboarding and Kitesurfing. Bent chose to study Psychology & Neuroscience at Maastricht University in 2019, to learn more about drugs and the way they affect our brain.

When Bent was a young child (around 11 years old), he started watching documentaries about Drug abuse. Before he even had his first beer or cigarette, he already knew about drugs like cocaine and heroin and the damage they do to society. When he became a teenager, he quickly realized that the societal views on drugs differ from actual scientific facts; best exemplified by the comparison of (legal) alcohol and (illegal) cannabis. He decided that he should focus on creating a world where drugs are appropriately scheduled, and society is properly educated about effects and risks of different drugs, whether legal or illegal. He wrote his Bachelor Thesis about Ayahuasca’s usage in treating stimulant use disorder and applied for a Research Master in Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience with a focus on Drug Development (currently awaiting response).

Balance is everything

In his day-to-day life, Bent tries to find the perfect work-life balance by combining his job(s) with his (academic) interests, going to the gym as much as possible, and also just sitting on the couch and playing videogames sometimes. He does not like to drink as much as you would expect from a stereotypical German, instead he prefers a joint after a hard day to take the edge of. He has a large expertise when it comes to cannabis and psychedelics like magic Truffles, which was also expanded in his study program.

Bent’s favorite Sirius product, although it was not easy to decide, is the Totem Bong from Blaze Glass. He termed it his ‘special occasion-Bong’, meaning he only smokes on very rare instances, when he has truly earned it, for example after finishing an exam or his Bachelor thesis.

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